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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 2

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7days with my crush




(too demanding)


Kayden’s POV.


what the fu.ck! who was that girl ? she even have the effontery to threaten me..


no! now the news is viral and people are saying she’s my girlfriend.. I was pacing in my room.




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“calm down Kay , we can sort this out” Ryan my best friend said..




“for fu.ck sake, I don’t even know this girl” I shouted…




“oh my y!Kay take a look at that girl, she’s beautiful and you guys looks like a real couple” he said amused while I scoffed..


“okay just call the press to close the news from going more wider” he suggested..




“yeah that’s a good idea” I said and brought out my phone to call Mrs freshers. she’s the head of the magazines and television…


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I told her about it and she promised that the news will die down before evening…


now I need to find everything about that girl, at least she has to pay for what she’s caused. no one messes with me..


I called my private investigator to find everything about her including what she eats , how she walks, her family and everything that’s very important to her..


she mustn’t go unpunished…




I will make her suffer, she will have no option than to go down on her knees to beg for my mercy.. I hate ladies, all of them are the same after all.. not after one of them betrayed me. I will never bring myself to love any girl. there are nothing but gold diggers around just for the money…..




“we have a party to attend in the evening, don’t let this spoil your mood” Ryan said. what’s wrong with this guy? isn’t he bothered for me?



“are you okay Ryan? , I’m talking about my reputation here and you are bringing up a goddamn party” I yelled..




“hey, I have to cheer you up now and one side chick will do” he said laughing, yeah I’m a flirt i sleep with any girl I want but only once thou right now, I’m not in the mood for that. I’m beyond pissed.




“look I…..” I was cut off by the ringing of my phone.. the caller ID was my dad. fu.ck!….




hello Dad




son, you have to bring that your girlfriend you have done enough hide and seek . we are hoping to see her soon.




dad, she’s not my..




I don’t want to hear anything son , we I don’t care whether or not she’s your girlfriend bring her home..




but dad…




let me speak son , you have to bring her home within two weeks or else , you will loose your inheritance to your cousin brother.. period… (hangs up)






what have this girl done? I can’t loose all my inheritance to that filth .. and I can’t marry that girl too. she’s too clingy .


God I hate her..


“what’s the problem ” Ryan queried ..




“my dad, he says I must bring that low life commoner home within two weeks or else I loose my inheritance and you know that’s marriage for sure, I can’t marry the girl I hate.. gosh!she’s not even the type of maid I can hire let alone a wife..” I said with all the frustration in me.




“uhhm, I think I have a plan” Ryan said and my face brighten up..






“that’s a perfect plan very perfect, thanks man ”




“I told you I’m always the genius” he said while I smacked his arm…




The next day, I already have enough information about that Mia girl and I’m on my way to the place she works . I just pray I see her…


I arrived 30munites after. I came down from the car but not without my guards , I don’t want to have anything with those crazy fans ..yet there saw me…


I love you oppa Kay .




please let’s take a short..




he really came to visit his girlfriend




but why is he allowing her to work here!




oppa I want to kiss you..





I touched celeb Mia yesterday




you don’t need to invite me for the wedding, I’m already there oppa anything for you .




Not that I don’t love the attention but there have turned into pests , I can’t even do anything without hearing oppa this , oppa that!eww. I ignored them and entered the shop Immediately the owner sighted me, he came towards me . did he think I will order pizza from this poor restaurant?




“welcome Mr Brooks, pizza?” he asked smilling widely…




“no I need you to send me Mia Lockhart, one of your workers now” I commanded rudely while he just smiled and left..


I took a sit and sat down waiting for the Mia to turn up. I wish she knows what’s coming for her…


minutes later, she again walking to me with those tattered clothes , I hate them, low class people..




“oppa” she beamed . she isn’t even scared, God where is she from .?




“we have an important discussion, we need to leave this place to a more quiet place” I said sternly..




“no, I don’t have anything to discuss with you and it can be done here” she replied nonchalantly.


she’s so stubborn. I need to do something to take her out of here…




“look, it’s damn important” I shouted I was already angry but tried to control it..




“no” she said and folded her hands ..




“okay 50bucks” I said.




“huh” she questioned not understanding what I meant. this girl is trying my patience, Kay calm down, you need something from her…




“I will pay you 50bucks if you follow me” I replied..


She pretended as if thinking for a while before she spoke up…




“okay let’s go” I know the money I offered her is 3times her salary so why will she refuse?


we entered the car and left to my house…..




“so what do you want” she asked …




“sit down miss Lockhart” I ordered..




Mia’s POV..


sit down Miss Lockhart”


what ! he knows my name…




“how?” I asked while he smirked..




“sit down will you?” he said while I sat opposite him on the couch ..




” I didn’t call you here to talk of how I knew you miss, I have a deal for you” he said rudely…


He’s so rude and did he think he can control me like that? I never knew my crush is this rude. .. rude. arrogant, grumpy ah!




“what deal did you have to offer”.. I asked curiously, he shouldn’t tell me what will annoy me else I will teach him a lesson…




“you know, as a pauper you are, I’m offering you a contract of 500 thousand dollars, are you in” he asked watching my expression.






that’s a good amount of money, what contract will make him give me this huge amount of money? he have motives . I said to my self but since Money is involved let me forget about the insult for now.. this money can last for 10years for me and my dad… I’m interested already..




“what’s the contract” I asked. He adjusted in his sit and stared into my eyes..




“Marry me” …….






7days with my crush


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