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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 15

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episode 15




by Authoress Simrah




Mia’s POV


I woke up in an unfamiliar place, where I’m I and what could I be doing here? I tried standing up but was kick back by someone in the stomach, it hurts badly that tears pricked down by itself..


my baby! baby please be okay for mummy and daddy, we love you!


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I raised up my head to see that it was , what!!



Lewis ?” I asked dumbfounded, thou I’m not surprised, I knew he was a bad news the very day I set my eyes on him ..




yes pretty cousin’s wifey” he smirked. I wish I could slap him to wipe off the smirk from his face


. He’s disgusting..




what have I done ?”



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nothing pretty but your husband” he said evilly.




please don’t hurt my husband I beg of you, please” I said within sobs , I don’t get way he hates Kay this much , I pray I could tell Kay not to come here . God please protect us ..




aww cousin wifey , you know what , let me tell you a little secret ” he said and paused before continuing.




I hate your husband, I wish him nothing but death” ………






Kay’s POV.


It wasn’t long after Mia left for the hospital that Ryan came . I don’t know why I’m having this insecurity..?




oh no! this is so bad ! he died Kay why did Jack died?” he said dramatically about the movie we were watching.. He’s way too emotional and I wonder how a grown up man will cry over a movie.. weird!


I began laughing my eyes out but was stopped by the switching of my phone…


It was an unknown number that called..


who is this?


I asked immediately because no one has this number in particular except for Mia and Ryan , not even my parents..




hello to you too cousin…






I called .




the one and only.


he said.




what did you want


I asked and put the phone on speaker so Ryan could here it… I know it’s going to be a threat or a bad news because nothing good ever comes from him ..




well, your wife and unborn baby are held captive with me right here. I know you will love to see me punch your wife till she loose her baby and I will kill her too.




you fool , if you dare touch my wife , I will kill you myself.


I fumed …




then watch me do it if you are not here in my house in the next five minutes.


he said and hanged up….


I need to go save Mia I can’t loose her or the baby ..




” I’m coming with you” Ryan said.



no Ryan if you don’t here from me in the next ten minutes, you should alert the cops and bring them there okay” I said while he nodded ..




be careful Kay ” I nodded and left into the car. I drove in full speed ignoring the road signs….








you came cousin”




where is my wife you beast” I yelled and punched him .




Did you come to fight me or you came for your wife and baby , did you want them dead?” immediatetly my face soften, I don’t want him to hurt me wife…




what did you want Lewis ” I asked.




good now you are being a good boy, I need your properties, everything” he said expressionless…. what do I have to do ? I’m going to give him if that’s what he wants to release my wife… I didn’t even think twice , I need Mia even when I don’t have anything, I want her..




fine , please release my wife” I begged .


not so fast cousin, follow me” he began walking into a room while I did as he said … I know Ryan will be here anytime soon.






Kay ? why are you here ? why did you come. , please go I don’t want to loose you” mia cried as she saw me. I went to her and hugged her…



shhhh! cute dimples, nothing will happen to me okay I will be fine ” I replied, she held me very tight like she doesn’t want to ever let go…




enough of the lovey dovey, sign this damn paper cousin” Lewis shouted …




no ! don’t sign them he’s a devil , Kay please don’t” I turned to her and gave her a smile and proceed to Lewis’s..


I took the pen with a shaky hand ready to sign.. this is how I’m gonna loose all I worked for .


I was about signing when the cops walked in..




stop right there or I shoot ” one of the cops told Lewis as he was going to run…




if I’m going down Kay , you are going with me ” Lewis said and brought out a gun and shut me in the stomach before the cops got to him and arrested him..


I stumble and fell to the floor holding my bleeding stomach. At least I’m satisfied he’s out of the way .. He got handcuffed and and taken away by the police.. Thanks to Ryan..




Kay please don’t leave me ” Mia cried …




come on Mia let’s rush him to the hospital” Ryan said as Mia cried uncontrollably…




I love you Mia ” that was the only thing I could say before I blacked out….






7days with my crush



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