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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 13

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episode 13




by Authoress Simrah




Kay’s POV continues.


then do me a favor and divorce me” my heart broke into pieces as I heard her say that.. How will she ask me to divorce her? I can do anything but that ? I can’t…




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“please divorce me ” she cried as I stare at her blankly.




I … I’m sorry Mia but I can’t, I love you and you are being inconsiderate here, you wouldn’t listen to me , heck you don’t even know who she is or did you? she’s my ex and she came here unannounced, I didn’t even know when she kissed me because she took me by surprise, you know I hate her don’t you? and she probably did that to break us can’t you get it ? ” I lashed out frustrated while she flinched.


oops ! I have scared her again ..I ran my hand through my hair tiredly. I held her hands and stare at her .




I’m sorry cute dimples I didn’t mean to scare you” I apologize.




it.. it’s okay I understand, I should have listened to you in the first place I’m sorry” I wiped her tears with the back of my thumb….


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” please give us a chance” I said pointing at her then at myself….




” I wish to but…”




the contract?” I questioned without letting her finish her sentence. She nodded , I ain’t bother about the contract anymore , she’s the only thing that matters to me now, not some kind of contract…




I won’t let you go cute dimples, not now , not ever . You are the best thing that ever happened to me , the contract will be terminated” I said .




I love you Kay ” woah ! excited ? check✓


surprised? check✓


amused ? check✓.


This is the very first time she’s confessing her love for me.. I’m beyond elated right now. I quickly engulf her in a long and comforting embrace..


” I love you too baby” ..








Mia’s POV


“bes we miss you” Jen and Henry said as I approach them .. We had our friendly hug …




I miss you guys too ” I squealed as I sat down on the couch , Yeah I came visiting them for the past six days.




your husband stole you away from us I’m hurt ” Henry said dramatically. He really needs to be


given an award of a drama king .




” never , I’m your bes and will forever be okay” I replied….




so tell us , I’m sure you aren’t coming home again, I will never want that you know” Jen said . It’s true I’m not gonna come back again..


Kay and I finalized it yesterday and I’m so happy about it , happy to be with the one I love. I was foolish not to have listened to him the other day but I’m glad it was his ex but I’m just wondering why she’s back… she wants to take my Kay away from me? never , I will never allow it. The next time she will set her filthy foot in my compound again, I will make sure I give her a beating that will leave a scar on her forever . He’s mine and no one else can have him… I won’t allow that..




earth to Mia ” Jen said observing me keenly ..




hmm, I’m sorry I spaced out”




it’s no problem, now tell us everything, I mean everything single thing don’t miss one ” Jen said said elatedly………




Kylie’s POV…


I’m sorry miss Kylie, we no longer need your service here” my manager said ! no no ! how? but I make a lot money in a one night stand for him then why did he say that? did I do anything wrong?




but sir , what have I done?” I asked ..




I’m not in the position to answer that Miss Kylie , I was directed to do so . You may leave now, thank you” he said and entered his office.. This hooker job here is the one that pays most , like I gat rich men who will pay me a very huge amount of money and now there no longer wants me? who did this to me? I didn’t know I was crying till a tear slip down my cheeks… I’m really


done for .. How do I pay my rent and take care of my younger brother? …







I came home and saw that there was another key on my apartment door! who will do that ? is the person crazy?




oh Kylie you are back” my neighbor said ..




yeah and who did this to my door? all my belongings are out here , what’s the meaning?” I asked becoming teary again…




the whole apartment here has been bought by Mr Kayden Brooks and he said he doesn’t want you in his house ! I’m sorry Kylie” he said and began walking away…


No no, this can’t happen to me ! kay did this to me? I wish i had known I wouldn’t have messed with him…


Now I’m jobless and homeless.. Going to club to get a man to sleep with you won’t pay more than 10bucks and it’s not even enough to find an apartment with…


I sat down in front of the door and wailed like I was gonna die soon…..


I’m dead already! ..






Mia’s POV


It’s been two months since my marriage to Kay and we are living fine ! I wouldn’t ask for anything better.. Kay is so loving and caring and our love for each other is increasing every seconds


it’s so great to love and be loved back…


And Kay brought the maids back 6weeks ago..


So my only work is to dress gorgeously for him like he always says .. I’m just happy I did hug him


3months ago. It actually resulted well….






I have been feeling nuance and dizzy lately , I sleep a lot in the morning and become tired even without doing anything! I don’t know but maybe it’s a slight fever, I guess it will go soon…




“cute dimples, I can’t find the file I kept on the table” Kay said coming into the room…




yeah I dropped it in your home office in case you will forget it” I replied smiling lightly at him while he gave me a quick kiss…. He kept me on his lap and began fanning my back with his soft breathe. I think till forever, his single touch will still have effect on me..Hi


hmm Kay let go off me”




I want you baby” he said and bite my neck




but you have work ” I said, I can’t deny , I badly want him too…




the work can wait” he said and swing me falling on the bed and him on top me… He took his hand into my shirt and cupped my b**bs…. I was definitely enjoying it but was cut short by the ringing of his phone…


He let go off me and groaned muttering ‘ fu.ck ‘ while I grin..




” why the hell did you call me?” he shouted over the phone .


I stood up from the bed and dressed myself. I guess this is where today’s end (sighs).


My eyes became heavy as the ground turn upside down! what’s happening? my vision became blurry.


I couldn’t see… what is happening to me ? I asked myself…. I am gonna fall.




” ka..Kay ” I managed to call before I passed out…






7days with my crush

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