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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 12

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episode 12




by Authoress Simrah




Mia’s POV


But he told me he loves me! was it fake? how could he do this to me when I’m head over heels in love with him? tears fell freely down my cheeks as I ran to the guest room and locked the door ..


I shouldn’t have expected anything less, after all we agreed he will be bringing home his sluts ..


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Why I’m I even angry at him? why did he make me fall for him only to bring some girl into the house…




Mia Please open the door” he banged the door and pleaded .




go away , I don’t want to see you, go back to your girlfriend and leave me alone” I snapped. Sincerely I was jealous , it hurts to share the one you love with someone else… it’s hurts you


know .




I’m sorry it’s not what you think please I can explain” he said in a faint voice.


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you don’t have anything to explain, you have the right to do anything you want just let me be” I sniffed and jumped on the bed hugging the pillow tightly.. That’s my only consoler now…


I cried continuously till I slept off ……..




Kylie’s POV


you mean she saw you kissing him?” Lewis asked while I nodded in excitement




that’s a good start , I know that Kayden still has a soft spot for you, you will keep going there till he falls for you again you know before we enjoy , we have to bring him down ” he laughed devilishly . I can’t wait to be in the possession of his properties, Kayden on his own a the richest bachelor in town plus his father’s enterprises he’s handling now, infact he’s a trillionaire




yes boss” I grimaced…




for a job Weldon come here and have a taste of this hot body” he said licking his lips while I jumped on his lap and we began kissing. He’s so good in bed than any other men I have slept with. gush ! I love the way he do the thrusting ..








Kay’s POV


you mean that little whore kissed you in front of Mia ?” Ryan yelled making a disgusting face . like yuck! he has never liked that Kylie not even when we were dating…. I’m so messed up right now, Mia wouldn’t open the door so I rushed here for advice, he’s the only one I can confide in.




and why the hell did you kissed her back?” he yelled again. Yeah I know that was wrong but I don’t know I got lost, the face of Mia was reflecting on her face , I myself I’m confused how I could have thought she was Mia , isn’t that foolish?




yeah I know but what do I do now , I don’t want to loose Mia ” I said calmly sitting down because I have been standing since I bust through the door without knocking…




I knew it, I knew you were gonna fall in love with her ” he said laughing stupidly..


But that’s true , I couldn’t even carry out any of my threats why? because I can’t bring myself to hurt her again.. I admit I love Mia damn so much….The feeling I felt when I’m with her have not felt it for someone else before not even Kylie …




yeah I admit I love her now and I’m the last person she wish to see right now, I don’t want to ever let her go” I confessed .. He looked at me and shook his head ..



what of the contract?” he asked suddenly, oh ! I even forgot all this was a contract… What if she decided to leave in two days time? naa! I won’t allow that happen at all. Not while I’m still Kay …..




I need to see her now, bye” I didn’t wait for his response before I dashed out…






I came home and saw the guest room opened , thank God ! I entered and saw Mia sitting on the floor with her head on her knee .




cute dimples” I called but she didn’t answer..




I’m sorry please listen to me” I tried touching her but she was quick to push my hand away …


What have that evil Kylie done , she won’t go with this I promise, I must make sure I leave her with nothing, her job, her tiny apartment, everything! I will take it from her , she has to suffer for this…




please leave me alone” she said between sobs while I sigh …




I love you Mia and I will never cheat on you , please forgive me , it was a mistake” I said while she scoffed ….




I’m ready to do anything to prove that I’m sorry, anything at all for your attention , I will do anything for you Mia please” I said and squat before her ….




you will do anything for me?” she asked




yes Anything for you Mia ” I replied.. She stayed for a while and said …


” then do me a favor and divorce me” …..






7days with my crush


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