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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 10

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episode 10




by Authoress Simrah




Kay’s POV


I’m happy to know that Mia has a thing for me also, at least it won’t turn out to be a one sided love.


And since that yesterday, she has been avoiding me like a plague..


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Today is a great day, we are preparing for my Dad’s house where the party is being held. I’m super excited because I will now be the owner of the Brooks enterprises. Isn’t that amazing?


It’s been 5minutes I have been waiting for Mia down here but she hasn’t come, I wonder how ladies dress that it will take such a long time before there are done, I mean isn’t it the same dress we put on there will also do?


now I have been patiently waiting and still no sign of her .. I don’t want to be late and giv them a wrong impression. that’s not a good start at all.


It took her another 5minutes before coming down looking as stunning as ever in the red evening gown hugging her curves..




sorry I kept you waiting” she apologized but my mind wasn’t there at all. why will she wear this tight dress. She’s only mine and mine alone, I need to protect her tonight from those flirts.


I won’t let her leave my side till the end of the event.. That I promise!




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We arrived at the venue not long after because I was driving fast ignoring Mia’s shout.




“welcome my son” dad said giving me a hug..



princess how are you? come give daddy a hug” he said to Mia who gave him a smile before hugging him..




thank you Dad where’s mum?” I asked




she’s with some of the guest , you will see her later ” he replied. We chatted for a while before he left. I held Mia’s hand protectively directing her to the table.






The event started after I met with some of the clients who were lustfully looking at my mia . I wanted ripping their heads off. I almost punched one of thm who was flirting with her making her uncomfortable. Can’t there see she’s my wife?




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evening ladies and gentlemen, we all know why we are here today, as you can see this old man here needs rest and also bringing in my son to take over my business. Without any second thought, I know he will handle the business diligently and he will do more than me..Today I’m pa*ssing the enterprises to my son Kayden” he said as the crowd cheered up. I was nervous scared of going to the stage as everyone was eager to see me .. Mia took my hand and gave me a rea*ssuring smile .ah that meant a lot to me. I was now relieved . I stood up and went to the stage .. I’m just gonna say few words..




good evening everyone, thank you for your time and being here today to witness this … and I’m promising that I will be dedicated to my job and take the enterprises to a higher level” I said and smiled heartily before climbing off the stage. pheew I did it..




now it’s time to celebrate, Kayden Brooks is now the official owner of the Brooks enterprises” my dad said…


you did it” Mia said .




yeah all thanks to you for the very first time” I said while she chuckled..






hello cousin congratulations” that voice, that voice that I dread so much, that voice that have caused me nothing but pain. it’s was my so called cousin Lewiston. The same guy I caught with my ex. I loved him , he was my brother my best friend well not until he betrayed me…




“thanks and no thanks” I replied through gritted teeth..




well hello pretty, are you the new girl he’s screwing? I advice you leave him because he’s a player, he will use and ….” I didn’t allow him to say his next word as I punched him to the floor..




watch your mouth you idiot” I said and punched him again , I began beating him mercilessly, after what he has done to me, he still has the guts to say bad things about me in front of me…




“stop, Kay stop, he’s bleeding already” Mia cried , her soft voice made my face soften immediately.




stay away from me and my wife” I said and held Mia as we began making our way out…




just be prepared Kayden I’m coming for you” he shouted but I didn’t bother to answer..




we are going home , I said to Mia who hasn’t said anything all this while, she nodded and entered the car and I drove off. That stunt have destroyed my happy evening, this is not what I planned …


I don’t know why he never liked me. what have I done to him since childhood?………..




Mia’s POV.


it’s a brand new day! yesterday was nothing to talk about, I mean that Lewis guy I Kay’s cousin? I never heard of him thou . There is something weird about that guy , I don’t like him either . I have to be cautious maybe..


Kay left early this morning to the office to put some files together leaving me all alone in this big mansion.. I can’t wait for him to come back even if he’s annoying sometimes I still like his presence…




hey Mia wake up, I’m home” I stood up rubbing my eyes..




welcome back, you took so long ” I said




yeah I got caught up in some things, I’m sorry , did someone miss me ?” he said and winked at me..God




no! dinner is ready go freshen while I get it set” I said and proceeded to the kitchen…










‘” lets play a game” Kay said …




are you sure you are okay ? you seriously want to play games with me?” I asked amused , he has never asked to before…




yeah I’m serious” he replied…


” okay what’s it about? ”




it’s simple, we ask each other questions, if you don’t want to answer , you take a gla*ss of alcohol” he explained.. it’s gonna be fun anyways…




okay you start” I said ..




when last did you have s3x?” he asked what a question!




well I’m still intact” I replied shyly … he stared at me for a while before nodding..




now my turn , why did you broke up with your ex?” I asked , his expression changed into e very cold one, oh God, I couldn’t have asked that!




I will take the alcohol” he said and gulped down the whole wine..


We continued like that till we both got drunk.. I mean very drunk. I tried standing up but end up falling down..




“crazy Mia, let’s go to bed you are drunk” Kay said , he was the one who was very drunk because he didn’t answer most of the questions…


We manage and take ourselves inside staggering and falling on top of each other .


Finally we made it to the bed. We fell on it as Kay wrapped his hands around my waist…




cute dimples” he called and I giggled, to be honest I love the name…




I love you” he said again and I still giggled..





” I love you too ” I replied.



He made his way on top of me and he began kissing me.. i kissed him back, it was obvious we want each other . he undid my robe and unhook my bra..


he started leaving wet kisses on my body, I’m sure I’m gonna have hickeys tomorrow morning…


He bite m my n*pple making me m0an in pleasure…


He traced his hands into my inner thigh touching the lace of my pant before he began playing


with my cl*t as I rubbed his chest .. I don’t ever want this to stop. I’m loving every bit of it….


I know I might regret it tomorrow but I can’t stop this fun right now, I need to enjoy myself…






7days with my crush

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