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What Dreams Are Made Of: Episode 43

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Richard came next to her and asked, “Have you got your things?” Chrissy nodded her head, not having any energy left to speak. She knew being here with Richard was a reconfirmation of all the worst that Nikloi imagined about her. She shouldn’t have come here with Richard but at that time it had appeared the most sensible thing to do. She was not sure she would have been able to muster up enough courage to come up to the hotel after all that had happened the last time she was here for the launch party. Also she had no idea that Nikloi would be back from his business trip. She hadn’t planned on meeting him like this, with Richard.


But it was too late now. She had herself given Nikloi reasons to think the worst of her. She had denied having any relationship with Richard when Nikloi had accused her of her deception and here she was, standing in his hotel with the very same man with whom she was supposed to have cheated him.


Chrissy’s heart bled with tears of misery and bad luck. Even though Nikloi had shamed her after the launch party, deep within her heart she had wanted to believe



that he will see her truth one day. She had not openly accepted it to herself but there had been a small flicker of hope that things turning out well when Nikloi would realize his mistake. But by coming here with Richard, she had killed even that small chance of happiness.


Richard tried to hold her hand to support her frail body but she moved away. Dejected with herself, her life and the way things panned out for the three of them, she picked up her bag and silently moved out. In her heart she knew that this time, she had really severed all her connections with this place and with the man who ruled her heart.

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It was around six months since Chrissy and her mother moved to North Hampton. The place was less than two hours away from London so they could continue to be close to Alice who was at her college. Mrs Smith loved the new place. Though it was much quieter, she liked to be with the serene surroundings. They had a small apartment in a friendly neighbourhood with lots of green parks and abbey around. It was perfect for someone who wanted to retire from a hectic London life.


Chrissy had started her life afresh. Within a relatively short life, she had seen enough, not be bogged down with the challenges life enjoyed throwing at her. She didn’t have her antiques collection anymore, nor did she have many contacts in North Hampton. Most of her clients were from London. They would still call her sometime, asking for her advice, cajoling her to be back at London. But Chrissy had moved on.


Since she couldn’t continue with her antiques business, the only thing close to it was to write about her knowledge and experience. She wanted to share it with the world such that if there was another Chrissy somewhere in this world who needed help, she could learn from her experience.


Richard had helped her get a job at the small publication house which focused on archaeological and historical subject. She had avoided taking help from Richard for long but in the end, common sense had prevailed. She had realized that she couldn’t continue forever without a job and she needed a steady pay.



The problem was her lack of education. She had not trained in anything professional and nobody was ready to give a job to an inexperienced person. And while she wanted to pursue a new career, she needed to ensure a steady flow of cash to run the house and Alice’s education. Fortunately, Mrs Smith’s health had been doing very well. Change to North Hampton had proved to be beneficial to her health. But other basic expenses had meant that Chrissy take up this job quickly.


Richard had been quite insistent, forcing her to give up on her meaningless pride and she had finally agreed to clutch the opportunity at the straws. The new job was not easy initially, but Chrissy had quickly learned that she was good at getting h


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er thoughts onto the paper. She had started in the drafts team but because of her knowledge soon had made it to the Editor’s Assistants team.


With time she had also worked hard on her skills to learn quickly how to present a proper story which could piqued up the interests of the readers. Her editor was happy with her progress and would encourage her to write more and more. She had a long way to go but she was content with her new life and new people in it.


She didn’t want anything from her earlier life. Anything that could remind her of Nikloi Swaroski. But the irony was that with every breath and every step, her heart would miss him. She would force herself not to think about him during the day, only to be flooded with his memories at night. Her subconscious mind would take over all her controls and every night she would re-live the pain of loving him and losing him.


But Chrissy made sure that none of her pain was visible to anyone. She would be extremely careful of not mentioning anything that would give anyone, especially her mother, any inclination of the hurt she was living with. Mrs Smith knew much more than her daughter ever told her but she didn’t know how to ease her daughter’s troubles.


She knew the cause of her daughter’s misery was love. Her experienced eyes also gave her an idea who Chrissy had fallen in love with. She had herself liked Nikloi very much but the fact was that she knew him very little. It was too short a time to know him completely. And in spite of all the times that Chrissy had been with



Nikloi, if they weren’t together today, then her daughter surely had a valid reason to be away from him.


Mrs Smith also knew Chrissy would not complain or crib.


Instead she had always continued to endure everything silently to ensure her family happiness. She had grown quieter. But there were times when without realizing her pain would ooze out of her eyes.


The mother-daughter duo would go for walks to the nearby gardens on her day off. And Chrissy would turn blank and stare at things for hours for no reason. But her eyes would be window to her sorrowful heart. Mrs Smith tried to share her grief but Chrissy would close up like a mussel. Mrs Smith tried few times to get her daughter to talk but she would always laugh off her worry saying she was absolutely happy.


In the end, Mrs Smith had realized that this was something Chrissy had to overcome on her own. The way she had taken independent charge of her life, this was also have to be done by her. Only she could help herself. And so Mrs Smith had remained with Chrissy as her solid support system but never interfering in the way she had decided to deal with her pain.


Chrissy was thankful of her new surroundings. She knew she would get over Nikloi one day but till that time, she really needed the serene calm surroundings to ease her troubled heart. She would go for walk in the quiet park. All the trees and greenery would temporarily give peace to her soul.


One such morning when she was walking in one of the by lanes of the large quiet park. Suddenly a familiar voice from behind surprised her. She turned around and found a surprised Henry standing in front her.


“Chrissy, it is indeed you!” Henry cried happily.


Chrissy was pleasantly surprised herself. Her lips turned upwards into a smile, “Hello Henry”. But before she could say anything else, she was swept up in Henry’s arms who was holding her tightly against his chest.


Chrissy was not expecting such a reception from Henry, considering that she had disappeared from his life without a word. She had taken the decision after a lot of



thought and difficulty. It was not easy to severe ties with everything she had but it was important if she wanted to be as far away from Nikloi. She didn’t want to be in touch with anyone who would connect her with Nikloi.


She knew there was no future for her with Nikloi and that he would never see her the way she saw him. So the only way to grow out of this love was to stay away from him and to have no association with him. May be one day, she would able to think about hi


m without experiencing any pain.


So the genuine affection Henry showed her in spite of her ignorance, touched her. Henry finally released her from the tight embrace and said, “I am so glad to have found you. Do you have any idea how I had been searching for you everywhere but you had disappeared into thin air”.


“I am very happy to meet you too, Henry. How is Mrs. Clark? Chrissy asked smilingly.


“She was devastated with your disappearance. None of us knew where you had gone. Neither Linda nor Nikloi could tell me where you were”, Henry answered her quickly but Chrissy was immediately reminded of the one person she wanted to be away from.


Henry was cousin to Nikloi. She had met him for the first time during one of the parties hosted by Nikloi. The thought was enough to alarm all her senses. She turned white at the thought of facing Nikloi.


Henry saw her pale face and was worried. “Chrissy, what happened? You have suddenly turned all white”, he said.


Chrissy quickly tried to recover herself. “Uh.. no.. it’s nothing. I.. am.. m.. fine”, she said turning away from Henry.


“No you are not. Did I say something wrong?” Henry continued.


“No no. You are worrying unnecessarily. I just remembered something. I better get going”, Chrissy tried to escape quickly.



“You really don’t mean that! Are you going to run away again?”


Henry was surprised with the sudden change in her. “I have not even expressed my dissatisfaction of losing you in the first place and you are already planning to disappear again”.


Chrissy didn’t know what to answer him because he was telling the truth.


“I know you don’t want to stay in touch with me and that you ensured our paths never cross by not sharing your contact details with anyone I know of. Obviously I can understand that much. What I don’t understand is why you would do such a thing. Did I push you so much that you had to leave your entire life behind?”


Chrissy could hear the pain in his voice. She was stunned at the way Henry had actually understood the reality of her running away albeit he thought he was the reason of her running away. She was sad to have cause him so much pain.


She tried to comfort him by saying, “No, Henry. It’s not that. I was not running away from you. You never pushed me to do something I didn’t want. I could always freely tell you that I didn’t reciprocate your feelings”.


“And didn’t I understand your feelings even when they completely shattered me. Then why did you deny me even your friendship?”


Chrissy was aghast with the extent of his feelings. This was the first time she realized how much she had hurt him by denying him her love. She never knew his feelings were so deep.


“Oh Henry, please don’t be upset. You know I have always valued your friendship”, Chrissy tried to answer him honestly. She took both his hands in her hands and said, “You know I mean it.”


“Then why did you leave all of a sudden?”


“Henry, I wish I could tell you but I can’t. Pls don’t ask me”, she answered lowering her eyes. She didn’t want to lie to him but couldn’t possible tell him the entire truth.



“I hope you will be able to tell me one day”, Henry said, clearly understanding that she wasn’t ready yet.


They walked around the park for some time. Chrissy told him about her new job but left the finer details out. If Henry was keen on knowing more, he didn’t push her. Finally on reaching the park entrance, he asked her “Are you going to disappear again?”


Chrissy didn’t know how to answer. She didn’t want to lose his friendship but she didn’t want to give him any false hope either.


“Don’t worry, Chrissy. I understand. If it’s not me, then there must be someone else you are trying to avoid. And if you don’t want to meet them, I will not be the reason to cause you any discomfort. I just hope you are not in any trouble”, he asked her tentatively.


She smiled at his concern. “No, I am fine, Henry”.


“And promise me that you will tell me if you face any problem in future”, Henry continued. Chrissy was thankful to have his friendship. If only she could teach her heart to love him too instead of


the arrogant douchebag it had chosen.


“Thank you for being there for me, Henry. It really means a lot”, Chrissy responded to him warmly.


Henry was happy to have finally found her and suddenly had a thought. “I will be going for now. But do you think you can join me tomorrow for visiting a manor house close by?”


“huh.. manor house?” Chrissy asked.


“Yes, actually that’s the reason why I am in North Hampton. I am looking for a


property to buy”, Henry explained.





“Don’t say no. It probably won’t take that long and your suggestions may help me decide”, Henry requested.


Chrissy thought there was no harm in meeting him for some time. He would anyways be back in London soon. Also she didn’t want him to wonder if there was a specific reason for avoiding him.


So Chrissy finally agreed to meet Henry again







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