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What Dreams Are Made Of: Epilogue

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Chrissy was dressed in an exquisite white silk gown flowing in masses of volume around her delicate frame. It was a shoulder-less gown, showing off her creamy white shoulders. Chrissy was initially concerned about the shoulder cut but finally gave in to the allure of the dress. She paired it with a short white jacket covering her skin show. The jacket served one more purpose.


Nikloi wanted her to go for one of heavily crafted gowns while she preferred the more simple and subtle look with its beauty lying in the magnificent folds around the skirt, especially at the back, leaving a beautiful tail. In the end, they had agreed



for a heavily embroided and sparkling bodice however, having minimal work around the skirt. Instead, the skirt of the gown was covered in folds of soft white satin. The jacket helped her cover the glittering bodice, giving her a more subdued & delicate look.


Her hairs were tied up in a fashionable bun at the back of her head. The only jewellery piece she was wearing was her mother’s pearl earrings she had worn for her first party at Nikloi’s hotel and the engagement ring Nikloi had put on her finger less than three weeks back. In all, she was looking like an ethereal beauty. She was an angel, Nikloi’s angel.


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As she walked down the aisle, holding Richard’s arm, all she could see was the dashing man standing at the altar, looking impeccably dapper in his black tuxedo, paired with a black tie under a crispy white shirt. Having Richard walk her down the aisle was her choice but it was their joint way of truly forgiving him.


Richard was honoured to walk with Chrissy. He had known her for relatively a short period but the girl had profound impact on him making him really make sense of his life. He had not been on the right side of things very often but the young and blessed girl had made him value thigs which mattered. He really wanted Chrissy and Nikloi to be happy forever. And he was hopeful, just like the two of them, he too would find his soulmate one day.


And he wanted to be prepared for her rather than be lost in the petty selfish world he had been living till now. When and how love would find was for another story, but the focus was on the bride and the groom, Chrissy and Nikloi.


As the bride walked towards her bridegroom, all he could think of was how blessed he was to have his angel with him. She was his dream, his life, his everything and even as he stood by the altar, he was amazed and grateful for indeed that she saw the love in him, she saw good in him, she saw life in him.


When Richard handed her hand in his, he revelled in the joy of having her by his side. To others, he had appeared to be a man with everything but, truth was he had been lost. In spite of the all his material wealth and means, his life was meaningless. It was only when Christina came to his life, did he actually start to live. She saved him from a life of loneliness and meaningless ambitions. She filled his life with happiness and bliss.



She made him dream and then made his dreams come true.


Christina and Nikloi exchanged rings and said their vows in front of close family and friends. Henry was looked as smart as ever as the best man, standing behind Nikloi. Nikloi was never the expressive one but Henry knew what it meant for him to ask Henry to be his best man. He could hear the unsaid words, see the warmth in Nikloi’s eyes and he was glad for his brother.


Chrissy was truly gem of a person and his brother was indeed lucky to have found her. But he also knew he was deserving of every happiness with her. He could see the two of them together and even though Chrissy would always be the first girl he really fell in love with, he was happy for them for finding love together.

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Alice and Linda were maid of honours, shining bright on baby pink gowns. Chrissy’s mother and Aunt Martha sat in the front row. Steven and few others were in the attendance close by. The small gathering were a


s happy as the couple themselves.


As the Father said he final words, sealing their love eternal bliss of matrimony, Nikloi held Chrissy’s hands and kissed her softly, only to whisper in her ears, “You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. And as much as I love your scintillating dress, I can’t wait to get you out of it.”


Chrissy couldn’t help but turn red all over hearing her husband’s express his amorous thoughts. As Nikloi’s fingers brushed softly across her neck and shoulders, a casual gesture to guests eyes, but loaded with message for Chrissy, she trembled all over with nervousness and excitement. Knowing every pair of eyes in the hall was fixed on them, she turned away to hide her expressive face. Nikloi couldn’t help but chuckle at his young wife’s reaction. He knew she loved and enjoyed his attention as well as his touch as much as he did hers but she would still get embarrassed by open declaration of his desires. And he loved her even more because of that.


Holding her hand tightly in his, he pulled her closer in his arms. “Don’t worry, I am not rushing you away right now. Right now, we celebrate our wedding with our



guests”, he said holding her hands against her lips. Then added with a grin, “Unless, you prefer we leave now.”


Chrissy loved her family dearly but right now, for the life of her, she couldn’t think of how to face them when all she could think of was the things her newly wedded husband would be doing to her when they would be alone. She was trying very hard, but failing all the same, in controlling the colour rising up her neck.


“Please..”, she whispered pleadingly to him.


“Yeah.. me too”, he replied calmly.


Chrissy was learning him to be a lot more fun than she had ever imagined. He had a sense of humour which would always keep her cheerful at the same time of her toes, not knowing what he would say next. But right all she wanted was the serious and sombre version of him which would allow her time to calm down her racing heart and brightly coloured face. She looked up at him, “I mean.. we c..can’t.. just like that..”


“Hmmm. Okay, whatever you say darling”, he said finally letting her go but not before stealing another quick kiss of his beautiful bride. To everyone around, it was obvious the couple were deeply in love with each other.


After the simple ceremony, the party moved to the reception which was organized at Royal Le Swaroski. This was attended by far bigger number of guests. Nobody wanted to be left uninvited for the wedding of the most eligible bachelor of London. The whole hotel was buzzing with an energy never felt before.


Even the hotel staff was thrilled to be part of the festivities. They were happy to see their boss being truly happy and in love. But they were even enthralled satisfied to see that the woman to grab the centre of his attention was sweet, cultured girl who was delight to talk. Even when every one of them had not met her before today, they were fully filled in of her uniqueness by their colleagues. And they all had turned up to be part of their happiness.


Seated at the lunch table, Chrissy saw her mother talking to Steven. She was smiling and had a glow on her face. Steven was looking strong and handsome



standing next to her. Her mother looked really happy after a long time. She had never seen her so relaxed ever since her father expired.


Over time Steven had come to be almost a part of her family. He was there whenever they needed any help. Initially she had thought he was doing this for Nikloi, because he may asked him to take care of her family but it was soon evident Steven was with them because he wanted to be.


And he had eyes only for her mother. He would silently watch over her when he thought no one was seeing. Chrissy was not sure about them but seeing them together, she hoped her mother would find her happiness again. Steven was really a nice man and she knew if her mother decided to give him a chance, he would do everything to take care of her always.


Alice was talking to Linda along few other young girls and boys. Most of them were from

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