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Wasted Love – Episode 3

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Episode 3




Caleb had vowed never to fall in love with any lady ever again. He had not fully recovered from the pain and shock from his past relationship with Laura. That relationship left him seriously heartbroken but he was doing everything he can to be happy and move on like nothing happened.




But one day, something magical happened, Caleb closed from work, there was a certain new female colleague that just joined the company where Caleb worked, her name was Kate, She was very beautiful and then there was an instance for a conversation between Caleb and her new colleague. Caleb gave him an audience as Kate wanted Caleb to put him through some work related issues.




When they spoke, Kate’s gentle nature and soft words melt his heart and slowly broke his walls, Kate seemed to be a very nice person and Caleb felt comfortable telling her anything she wanted to know about the company. from that day, Caleb and Kate got to know each other’s names and thier respective duties in the company, but they didn’t even exchange numbers. They saw each other Everyday but no deep conversation.


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One day, it was during lunch break, Caleb was on his way to get food, when Kate bumped into him at the canteen, Kate had came to get food too and one thing led to another, Laura ended up sitting closely with Caleb at the canteen.




Caleb swallowed his saliva continuously and started sweating under air condition.


With the look of things, Caleb could tell that he was beginning to fall for Kate but still he was doing everything possible to fight off his feelings. The lunch break ended and everyone went back to their various offices but his thoughts was still glued to her. Caleb was silently going crazy as he kept thinking of what he would do




“What is wrong with me? How can I possibly fall for this new girl after everything I passed through in the hands of Laura? Kate is as beautiful as Laura and These kind of girls doesn’t know what love is, all they care about is money, I can’t afford to be used again” He thought to himself.




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After much deliberation, caleb finally decided to shun every thought about Kate and focus on his work. No matter how much he tried to ignore the thought of Kate, he just couldn’t. Caleb was in his middle thirties and obviously needed to be in a serious relationship with a good woman that he could settle down with.




It was after the end of another work day. That Fate brought Kate and Caleb together as they were paired by the company’s managing director on a official



assignment and they had to exchange phone numbers and from that day a beautiful friendship began between Kate and Caleb.




They started chatting on WhatsApp. Kate would often invite Caleb out but for a while he didn’t bite as he wasn’t interested in anything then.




One warm Saturday morning, Caleb got a call from Kate, She had called to invite him for her upcoming birthday party. And to Kate’s utmost surprise, Caleb accepted the invitation and promised to try and show up. They talked for a while about issues related to thier company before they bid ‘Goodbye’ to each other and ended the call




The scheduled day for Kate’s party finally came and Caleb arrived few hours late. Kate was happy to see him, As the party went on, everyone were having fun except Caleb . He was fighting off his thoughts and feelings for Kate. As the party went on, Caleb noticed that Kate seemed as though she was so into him too, as she was seen smiling at Caleb at any chance she got. Kate’s beautiful smiles always melted Caleb’s heart.




Caleb and Kate were already in love but were hiding under the pretense of friendship. Kate was scared of letting her feelings out because she didn’t want to ruin their friendship or be tagged “Cheap and desperate” while Caleb was scared of falling in love and commitment, he felt his feelings for Kate were better left unexpressed and suppressed




The party got more exciting as the celebrant Kate was called upon to show off her dancing skills, everyone was happily staring at the beautiful celebrant as she walked into the dance floor and she started dancing, Caleb’s attention was drawn to her, no doubt Kate was cheerful and very beautiful too, The sight of Kate dancing was angelic and Caleb was mesmerized, his heart raced uncontrollably. There was just something about her that distinguished Kate from other women, she was special




Kate had the fun of her life as she happily danced with most of her friends and colleague. The party lasted for a little longer till it finally came to an end.




Everyone took turns to give Kate gifts they came along with, Kate received lots of gifts that day and she was not expecting a gift from Caleb but he managed to surprise her with a lovely gift and Kate was so appreciative.






To Be Continued




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