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Wasted Love – Episode 2

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Episode 2




Few months later, Caleb received the biggest shock of his life, when he told Laura that they should make thier relationship official, he proposed to Laura “Let’s get married my love” but she turned him down.



“Caleb I can’t marry you, how can we survive with your little salary, don’t Tell me you expect me to support you and myself with my salary, because that’s impossible, my first and only responsibility are to my parents, please arrange your life first, before we start talking about marriage” Laura said at once and Caleb felt bad, but he reasoned with Laura and he decided to look for a better Job and make his Laura happy. Laura had forgotten that from that little salary, Caleb had seen her through the University and provided all her needs.




Few months after, Caleb got a better Job and the first person he shared the good news to was his beloved Laura, he gave her the good news over the phone as they barely got to see each other.


“My love, we can now plan for our wedding” Caleb said excitedly and there Laura opened up.

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“I’m so sorry Caleb, I don’t think I can marry you, as I love someone else, I’m in a relationship with someone else, we never talked about marriage from day one, i thought we are just dating and that’s all”Laura finally admitted. Caleb was devasted.


Caleb could not believe that all the news he heard about Laura and her new lover Reuben was actually true.


“For how long, have you been decieving me? I thought we love each other so much” Caleb managed to ask




Laura refused to respond to his question. Caleb tried everything to convince her that he loves her so dearly.


“all I did for you all these years was out of love, how could it not be love? I love you so much and I can give my life for you, All these years I always dreamed about the day we will finally tie the knot and you will be officially called my wife, please don’t do this to me” Caleb said calmly




“What did you do for me, that no one has ever done?, I never knew you were being so nice to me because you want to marry me”Laura said sharply “Laura, I love you, what are saying, I thought we love each other so much, you told me you love me

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many times and how you can’t wait to become my wife, we were so in love with each other” Caleb added




But all he said went in vain, just like his love and sacrifices as Laura didn’t listen to him any further, she hanged up immediately.


Few days later, Caleb tried not to contact Laura but he was overcome by his emotions and feelings for her and he called her again but she didn’t take his calls. Laura called him back after 20 days, asking him if he was doing okay. “Laura, how can I be okay, when you bluntly told me that you don’t love me and won’t marry me and for the past one month you refused to pick my calls” Caleb responded. Laura didn’t utter a word in response and she then hanged up




That same day, Caleb visited Laura’s parents hoping that they would help repair his relationship with thier daughter. But he was shocked at how they handled the situation, He became a joke in front of Laura’s parents as they continued to make a mockery out of him.


“My son you never told me you wanted to marry my daughter, I thought both of you were just friends, Love is not by force, next time, if you see a girl you love, you should be specific” Laura’s parents told Caleb, He left Laura’s house feeling worse.




Unknown to Caleb, Laura had been seeing a very wealthy young man named Reuben, Laura met Reuben when she was posted for her NYSC Program and Caleb was a fool to think that Laura loved him. Laura was just an opportunist and a social climber who was just interested in money and material things. when Reuben came into her life and he showered her with expensive gifts, lots of cash and got her a good job, She discarded Caleb instantly. The worst was that her parents were solidly behind her every decision of putting Caleb away.


“Reuben is our ticket to a good life and affluence, please don’t allow that Caleb to spoil things for us, what has he done for you that no one has ever done” her parents had told her and no wonder they made mockery of his love instead of being fair to Caleb




Caleb wept all his way home, he recalled how he would ask laura to study hard and stay focused and how he always proved his love to her. More interesting stories on Topster Stories App.




One Saturday morning, Caleb was doing his laundry when Chike his neighbor came with a disheartening news.


“Guy, guess who I saw at that classic bar beside Trust bank?” Chike said sharply. “Chike, I’m busy oh, I don’t have time to gossip like a girl” Caleb replied


“I saw your girlfriend with that Rich man, Reuben, they are still at the bar, kissing and cuddling, go and see things for yourself, I don’t gossip but I speak facts, that your babe is decieving you oh” Chike entered at once, with the look on Chike’s


Face, Caleb could tell that he was angry because he called him a gossip. ‘Guy are you sure?” Caleb asked


Caleb go and see things for yourself”Chike added when he noticed that Caleb believed him this time




Caleb rushed down to the Bar and lo and behold, Chike was right, Caleb didn’t make a scene, he waited till Reuben was gone before he confronted Laura and she was not remorseful. “it was good you found out by yourself, Caleb I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family but if you want a refund, I can as well repay you for every single dime you spent on me, my Fiance is a wealthy man and he can easily repay all you spent on me” Laura said at once.




Caleb doesn’t need a soothsayer to tell him that Laura never loved him that she was with him only for the ‘help’ he had given her. Caleb’s sacrifices, his love, all of his efforts were to help her be the best version of herself. Laura and her family used him like hell, Caleb couldn’t believe he wasted 6 years of his life, his genuine love and sacrifices on a heartless person like Laura. He quietly walked away from Laura’s presence.




From that day Caleb was depressed, he doesn’t know how to concentrate at work and how to get back his life. But one night he prayed ” God, if karma exists, I want justice. How can having a good and pure heart be a crime in this world? What Laura did to me is not justified, and a good human being cannot do this. The worst is that i Still love her. Still, I can go to any length for her, I don’t regret any thing I did for her because I did everything out of love but it’s breaking me. Lord, I’m dying inside and I can’t tell this to anyone. I just hope I get better. I’m waiting for a miracle to happen. Help me to recover, you are the only one I have, please don’t forsake me Lord” Caleb prayed in tears.




Few years later, Caleb had picked himself up like an hero, he had realized that he had no one that can ever join those broken pieces for him. He gathered his broken heart by himself and moved on. He channeled his energy into his job and engrossed himself in hobbies that help him smile.






To Be Continued



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