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The Rich Man’s Wife – Episode 5

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Episode 5


The next day, Susan’s Father visited her as he promised.


Susan tried her best to entertain her father from what they had at home. She prepared a very delicious food for her Father.


After that meal Susan’s Father inquired about Femi.


“Father, I have not set my eyes on him for the past six months and if I call him, he won’t take my calls” Susan replied


And Susan’s Father felt bad for his daughter.


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“What has gotten into him, I hope you have not wronged him in anyway?” Susan’s Father asked sadly


“No father, I haven’t” Susan responded


“I thought it was just the money problem, I never knew it has gotten to this stage” Susan’s Father added and he consoled his daughter and urged her to be strong and to be prayerful


Susan’s Father stayed for few days with the hope of meeting Femi but he never returned home and then the old man returned to the village


Susan continued with her little business and she prayed everyday for her home and for her husband’s long life. No doubt Susan missed Femi so much and she had



thought of ways to get Femi’s love back. Everyday she spoke to Femi’s trusted workers to inquire about the well being of her husband. Susan always felt at ease each time, she gets a positive response from them.


One-day it was Femi’s birthday and Susan decided to make up with her husband, she was ready to plead to her husband to return home. She tried her best to look good, she had bought a fairly used clothes from the market the day before and was ready to pay her run away husband a visit at his business location.


She arrived there in no time and there, Susan was warmly welcomed by her husband’s workers and they directed her to her husband’s office. The receptionist who knew Susan as the CEO’s wife, didn’t inform Femi about his wife’s arrival because no one knew that the couple were having issues.

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Susan went into her husband’s office and She almost fainted when she met him cuddling and kissing a fair busty lady.


“What?, Femi what is the meaning of this? now I know why you have been misbehaving lately, . So is because of this thing, But you have forgotten about my sacrifices and the unconditional love that I have for you, how could you be so heartless, you abadoned me and your children, for six months your children had not set their eyes on you, how could you be so heartless?” Susan broke down in tears. The fair busty lady that Femi was smooching left quietly and Femi bowed his head in shame.


“You caused it, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately, you look unkempt and unattractive and all you do is nag because of money” Femi managed to say


“I look unkempt?, when last did you give me money to make my hair, Femi you stopped taking care of my needs and forbade me from taking a Job and now you are blaming me, this is the last straw, I can’t take this anymore.” Susan said and walked out in tears.


Immediately Susan left, it was as if Femi came back to his senses.


“What happened to me?, did I just make my Susan cry?” He asked himself. He ran after Susan but she ignored him.


For the past two years, Femi had been under a spell, When he stopped taking care of his wife, he ran into trouble.



His wife stopped praying for him and that was when he met Cassandra, the busty fair Lady, Susan caught him with. Cassandra was a diabolic lady, who knew spells and charms. And for the past few months she had been milking Femi dry.


As Femi returned to his office, He was in a deep thought, he couldn’t explain what was happening to him, he remembered how he had met Cassandra, two years ago, Femi was on a business lunch with a new client in a nice restaurant, when Cassandra walked in. He appreciated her beauty and sincerely speaking Cassandra’s complexion and beauty will make any man look at her more often as long as she was around, Femi lost concentration with the little meeting he was having with his new client, that day Femi ended the little meeting and asked the client to go because he couldn’t concentrate.


Devil so planned it that Femi and Susan were at war with each other, Susan had just lost her mo


ther at the time and she was so pissed with her husband. That the last thing on her mind was to pray for her heartless husband.


The first few days Femi met Cassandra, Femi had given her a cheque for 3 million, everything was just coming back to Femi’s memory as tears rolled from his eyes.


Femi couldn’t wait till the close of the day, he ran home but was shocked when he found out that his wife had moved out with thier children. He looked everywhere for her and his children but it was futile, nobody knew where she was not even her father. It was as if Femi was in eternity – the time was just too slow and he couldn’t explain what had happened to him.


The gateman noticed Femi’s sadness when he returned home without Susan and thier kids and the old man was just wondering – what’s happening to Femi, his boss, Someone who lost his mother would not be as sad more than Femi that day.


“Sir, what’s wrong?” The gate man asked.


Femi was mute.


“Sir, I’m sorry oh for meddling, but why did you ask madam to pack out of the house?, Madam had suffered so much, she even beg me for money at times, if I have I do give her, the worst is she sells moi moi( beans cake) to survive, last week the food stuff in the store got exhausted, sir, I called you uncountable times but you



didn’t pick, your children were hungry, but when thier mother returned from Hawking beans cake, she bought food for them” The Gate man added and Femi almost died of shock.


“I never asked my wife to leave, it was what.. she saw me with another woman… My wife hawked beans cake?..My wife beg for money, when I’m alive and well?..My own children hungry.,…. and I did nothing about it when I returned home?” Femi stammered soberly


“You didn’t come home that day, infact for the past six months sir, you have not return home, madam and the children suffered oh” The gate man responded and Fred burst into uncontrollable tears


“What have I done? What happened to me? What did Cassandra do to me?” Femi said in tears.


He finally opened up to the gate man and he told him how he had lost himself for the past two years.


“I don’t know what have happened to me, it just as if I’m waking up from sleep” Femi said in tears. And the middle aged security man had to admit to Femi that he was charmed.


“My uncle was a spiritualist, people came to him for such charms, spells and enchantment. Sir, you are very lucky you got your senses back, people who are charmed don’t recover, infact they go mad, I guess your wife’s prayer had saved you, because lately madam has been very prayerful, every night for the past few weeks, she was always mentioning your name in prayers, I always heard her voice” The gate man revealed and Femi nodded in agreement because he had noticed that he got himself immediately he saw his wife.


“Yes you are right, the spell must had been broken immediately she came to my office, oh my wife, oh Susan I’m sorry, please come back” Femi muttered in tears.


End Of Episode 5


To Be Continued


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