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The Rich Man’s Wife – Episode 2

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Episode 2



That evening, Susan told Femi about her plans. “My love, I want to start looking for a Job, so I could be productive”. Femi was mute and Susan wondered what was in his mind. “My husband say something” she added.


“So you want the whole world to call me an incompetent husband, Right?. I see, your plan is to ruin my good name, why do you want to work? Are you hungry? Are you the one paying for our children’s school fees? You contribute nothing in this house, so what’s your problem, our store is filled with food items, tell me what else you want? Or do you want an excuse to go out to visit your numerous lovers” Femi said at once,


“I beg your pardon,what do you mean by that, you know I have never cheated on you in this marriage, where is this coming from, the reason I want to take up a Job is majorly for my parent’s sake and I have my own personal needs too, which you had stopped taking care of and I need to help myself and my parent” Susan said at once.


“So you mean because of Money, you will not listen to me, right from day one, we agreed that you will never take up a job but all of a sudden you want to go against me because I stopped being your ATM, you see , you are just with me for the money” Femi entered and All Susan’s effort to make him understand was futile, he stood on his ground, he forbade Susan from taking a job and he walked out on Susan in anger.


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As soon as Femi left she burst into tears, she wondered what has came over her husband. “Femi doesn’t listen to me anymore, He is just like a different person entirely, he is no longer the same man, I married years ago” Susan thought in tears. Susan decided to go on with her plans of getting a Job, with or without Femi’s approval with the hope that he will change his mind, when she gets the Job.


Four weeks later, Susan got a good Job and when Femi found out, he was so pissed. “So you went ahead to disobey me, you defied my order, you have just shown your true colors, I see that I can’t control you, you have no regard for me but let me tell you something, you have just dug your own grave, to the whole world, we are a married couple but to me, you are no longer my wife, it’s over between us hence I couldn’t tell you what to do, you are no more my wife, to hell with you, I don’t care



what happens to you, from today, you are not related to me” Femi said in anger and all Susan’s effort to make him understand why she took the Job was futile.


Femi kept to his threats as he stopped eating Susan’s meals, he stopped sleeping in thier matrimonial room and gradually, he stopped returning home. Susan was so shattered, she involved people who her husband would listen to including her father in-law but still Femi’s heart was unmoved. For the sake of peace, Susan left the new Job but still Femi refused to return home. Susan was devasted and in a dilemma as she couldn’t understand what had went wrong in her marriage. The worst was that Femi wasn’t taking her calls.


One day, the worst happened when Susan got a call from her father that her mother was hospitalized. “My daughter, your mother is critically ill and we need 80, 000 naira before the doctor will commence treatment on her, you know your mother is also diabetic” Susan’s Father told her, She could sense fear in her father’s voice. When Susan ended the call, She became frustrated, she wondered how she was going to explain to her father that she couldn’t provide the money.


“I don’t have a dime on my account and the worst my husband who I would have asked for the money has not returned home for weeks, how will I get 80,000 naira now? Oh my God, who will I turn to? All my friends including Anna had mocked me because of my incessant begging, why is my life miserable, even though my Husband is wealthy, how can a Rich man’s wife like myself, be unable to afford 80,000 naira, life is so unfair. I will never forgive myself, if any thing bad happens to my mom” Susan thought sadly.


She decided to give her husband a call with the Hope that he would pick up, Susan called Femi severally with no luck.


She went into thier bedroom and she turned thier wardrobe upside down, with the hope that her husband left money somewhere but she found no money, she was about to lose hope, when she saw her husband’s gold wrist watch, immediately she rushed to the pawn shop to pawn the wrist watch.

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Unfortunately, She got 60,000 naira from selling her husband’s gold wrist watch instead of 80,000 she needed. Immediately she sent the money to her father for her mother’s treatment. “My daughter thank you so much but what about the 20 thousand



naira balance, the doctor still insist I complete the payment, please my child” Susan’s Father entered calmly and Susan promised to complete the payment as soon as possible.


“How is Mom?” Susan threw in sadly


“She is here, we are expecting the doctor, I pray the doctor agrees to start your mother’s treatment, the doctor is so mean, I wonder if he has a heart, but don’t worry my child, your mother will be fine” Susan’s Father replied


End Of Episode 2


To Be Continued


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