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The Rich Man’s Wife – Episode 10

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Episode 10 (Last Episode)


Susan established a foundation to assist women who were suffering, sick or abused. The foundation was created to honor the memory of Susan’s late mother, The foundation had doctors who will treat sick women for free, Lawyers who will defend and fight for the abused women for free.


Twice a week, The foundation gave out food, medication and money to less privileged women. And one day, Susan was shocked to find Anna her old friend



among the women who came to the foundation for help. Anna was embarrassed when she knew that Susan was the founder of the Foundation, she bowed her head in shame. But Susan hugged her instead and took her to a quiet place, where they could talk without disturbance.


Anna what happened to you?” Susan asked as she ran her eyes on her friend. “Susan, it’s a long story, my husband travelled out and since then he had not sent a dime home, he abadoned me and my children, just last week he returned but not for us, he returned with a white woman, he didn’t even come to check on us……………I had a store in balogun market, which I have been managing all these while. But suddenly last month, the market caught fire and all my goods got burnt and that is how I became helpless, a neighbor told me about your foundation, that they assist women, today is my first time of coming here for help, I never knew you were the founder… Susan I have been looking for you all these years to apologise, I insulted you because of money, I’m sorry, please forgive me” Anna said in tears


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Susan shook her head in pity and consoled Anna and she told her that everything will be fine.


She brought out her cheque book, and she gave Anna, a cheque of 1 million and Anna almost died of excitement.


“This is too much, I don’t deserve it” Anna said


“My friend you deserve it, for two years, you always gave me money whenever I begged you for money, so I won’t call you a bad friend because you refused to give me more, please use this money well, God will help you” Susan entered and she hugged Anna


“Thank you my Friend, God bless you” Anna said in tears.


Don’t mock people that seek your help.The sun that melt the Butter is the same sun that harden the clay. Life is a vicious circle.


Marriage isn’t easy as it requires a lot of sacrifice, forgiveness and patience; if you aren’t willing to do these three listed things, then don’t bother venturing into marriage because you would run out


A winning wife is a prayerful wife, a praying wife is an equipped Wife….


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Every man needs a prayerful wife!!



Dear men, it is wrong to have money and there’s no evidence or reflection of that money on your wife, she looks unkempt, tattered, suffering without any proper care, you fail to realise that your wife is your reflection.


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Your wife is a mirror through which people will see you, if your wife is always sad and looking unkempt, she becomes a mirror and a reflection of you as the husband, it’s a reflection suggesting that you’re failing.


You feel so ashamed of introducing her to your colleagues at work, you are ashamed of taking her to various functions and meetings, the truth is, the reason you feel ashamed is because your partner is your reflection, a hungry-looking and tattered wife suggests the husband is failing, she’s a reflection of your duty.


Your wife is your lifetime project, you don’t graduate from that calling, it is a calling, an assignment, she was put under your care, to nurture, love, lead and protect, she’s your duty, your work, your project you don’t graduate from , there’s no break, it’s a lifetime commitment


This doesn’t in any way encourages women to be lazily sitting around waiting for a man to come to upgrade them, as a woman you must also work and improve yourself, develop yourself, be the best version of yourself, this will make his lifetime calling easier.


Many men haven’t understood the miracle in having a wife. They don’t know the true estimate of the value


of their wives. Carefully read…


Your wife is your completer: Only your wife completes you. It is an error to tell your wife that you would have done well without her. Anytime you think you’re whole, don’t forget that it is your wife that completes you. YOUR WIFE IS YOUR COMPLETER NOT YOUR COMPETITOR.


Your wife is your burden bearer: Listen only your wife truly shares in your pain. Every other person is a sympathizer only your wife feels your pain. Notice this,





Your wife is your strength: Most men think their wives are weaklings. No! Your wife is your strength. Your wife can discern dangers than you. Only your wife knows which of your friend is insincere and deceitful. DON’T FORGET THAT YOUR WIFE KNOWS THE WORST THINGS ABOUT YOU YET NEVER THREATENED YOUR HONOUR AND PRIVACY. Most times when people want to know how strong and serious you’re they will check your wife.


When someone does something wrong like Anna, please don’t forget all the good things they did before or have been doing. Use that to forgive them and give them a second chance, We are all not perfect


Fight all your battles with prayers, you will always WIN…



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