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The Prince Maiden – Episode 9

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Chapter 9



Allison’s POV


I knew something was going to go wrong when he started caressing my back.


My heart raced in fear of what might happen.


I haven’t had sex before and to a woman, her first is supposed to be a memorable one filled with care and love and gentle as possible.


Then the accusations came first, I tried to be as reasonable as possible because I knew he was drunk.


“I don’t understand you” I tried to move but he held me in place.

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“You ask them to help with your zip first before having sex”


“What!!” I screamed and thrashed in his arms



“I wonder how they must have felt with this perfect body of yours”


“Stop saying nonsense and please release me. You’re drunk” I cajoled


He gripped my arms tightly and trailed kisses on my neck.


I got goosebumps instead.


My body shook “Tyler please don’t this, at least not when you’re drunk. I’ve always wanted my first time to be memorable and with someone I love pls. I haven’t even confirmed my feelings for you pls. I’m begging” my voice shook now and I sobbed.


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“You’re lying. Is that what you tell those men so they can handle you roughly?” He whispered harshly.


I was hurt with his accusations, is that what he has always thought of me


“Please believe me” I said


He tore my clothes and threw me on the bed.


Before I could get up and run to the door, he had removed his underwear and locked me in place.


I screamed in horror and covered my eyes with my hands when I saw him na.ked.


“Tyler please don’t do this, pls” I said into my hands, the tears kept falling.


He ignored my cries and held my hands firmly with one hand and used the other to tear my pants away.


His eyes fed on my na.ked body.


I shook my head trying to plead, I didn’t care about my na.ked body.


He put his d**k in my v*gina and thrust hard.



I screamed in pain and cried as my virginity was finally broken by a drunk husband.


The deed has been done, he wasn’t even moved by my tears so there’s no use crying again.


I just looked at him with cold eyes as he thrust in and out.


All I felt was pain, everywhere ache.


My body, my head, eyes, every single part of my body.


Moments later, He rolled off me and slept beside me.


“Now, this is what I call a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious night” He said and slept off.


I laid that position till dawn, unable to move.


I had tried standing up but I couldn’t.


“Mummmm……..” The tears came back again.


When it was dawn, I managed to stand up.


I groaned in pain as I packed few of my clothes and picked a room downstairs.


Walking was so painful, my thighs hurt including my private part.


All my wishes has gone down the drain.


I locked myself inside and laid on the bed.

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I couldn’t even sit down


My tears flowing silently, I had no control over it.



I shouldn’t have asked him to help with the zip, maybe all this wouldn’t have happened.


Pain shot through my thighs as I curled myself and poured my heart out. Tyler’s POV

I woke up feeling kind of different, my head was still fuzzy.


“How did get on the bed?”


I sat up and tried to remember what happened last night.


I looked to my side and didn’t see Allison.


I eyes caught something on the bed.




Did she hurt herself this morning?


I looked closely at the blood and events of the day before came rushing back in full force.


“Omg!!!!!” I gasped in shock “What have I done?? She was truly a virgin and I had sex with her forcefully.”


I hit my head with the heel of my hands.


She must hate me so much now.


“Why did I let what that foolish girl said get into my head? Now I’m a coward.” I called Jerry and asked him to take over the affairs of the office for a month. I called my private doctor too and asked him to come



I have mistakes to rectify, I hope she forgives me.


I can’t imagine what she’s going through


now or how she’s feeling.


Wait a sec, where’s she?


I jumped out from the bed and wore my underwear and trousers quickly.


“Allison” I screamed her name but got no response.


Not like I was expecting one though.


One thing is sure though, she can’t leave the house in pains so she’s definitely in a room.


I searched on the room in our floor and my heart skipped a beat “What if she had left?”


I went down and tried the rooms.


I almost gave up when I tried a door and found it locked.


All the rooms are always opened so she’s definitely in this room.


I traced the sound and tried opening the door.


It was locked.


The doorbell rang alerting me of the presence of the doctor.


“Allison please open the door, I’m sorry” I hit my hands on the door.


“I brought a doctor please, let him attend to you” I pleaded.



I ran back to my room to get the master key, truly few of her things are in the room





Where’s she???




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