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The Prince Maiden – Episode 8

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Chapter 8



Tyler’s POV



“What did you do?” I asked her in a hushed whisper, my eyes flickering around to the people looking at us.


She raised up her head proudly “Something to keep them shut” she smiled and took a sip of her wine.


“And what’s that?” I asked


“Let’s take this home, it’ll also come out in the headlines tomorrow. I’m sure” she winked.


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“What has come over this girl, it’s a good thing I ran out in time. Now she’s making it look to people like we’re flirting.”


“Most times, bad things come out as headlines”


She stood on her toes and whispered in my ears with a smile “Yes, like your scandal”


“Oh there’s Mr Francisco” she said coolly but I can see she’s dying with excitement.


“Is she that happy to see him?”


“Let’s go say hi” she said and left without waiting for me.


“Is she probably having an affair with him?”


The room came back to live as she made her way to Mr Francisco.

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A business partner came over but I didn’t concentrate on what he was saying. I kept zoning out.


I looked at her talk to Mr Francisco, I’ve never seen her smile like that.


Seems she has a special smile for Mr Francisco.


She just twirled!!!


I’m sure he just complimented her dress.


I must admit, she looked so different and is dazzling in that dress.


The dress is a seducing dress! How can she wear it.


She’s getting a lot of attention with that dress.


She should have worn her jeans, hoodie and sneakers, it would have been better.


At least she won’t get the attention she’s getting now.


I stood to a side and watched her.


I took a cup of whiskey from a waiter and downed it in a go.


I dropped the cup and took another one.


She’s the centre of attention for everyone.


Both men and women surrounded her.


She’s interacting with them well than I imagined.


I caught sight of some men looking at her body with a greedy look and lust.


I downed the second cup and waved over another waiter.


I dropped the cup in his tray and took another cup.


“Wait” I stopped him when he was about to go, I looked at the 12 glasses of whiskey sitting on the tray “I’m going to need all of that”

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Those men are molesting my wife with their eyes.


There are some women here who are almost na.ked but they aren’t getting the attention Allison is getting.


I began to feel tipsy on the seventh cup and wavered on my feet a little.


I heard her scream a little and hugged a man.


Can’t she see her breasts are pressing against the man’s chest” She then kissed him in both cheeks, she looked at him fondly.


“Maybe he’s one of her man lovers”


The waiter beside me smile admiringly.


“Why are you smiling?” I asked


“I love that woman and would love her as wife. She’s the perfect one. I heard she’s married. Her husband is a very lucky one”


“How lucky?” I took the eight cup


“Lucky enough that if I have my way, I might just snatch her from him”


I emptied the content of the cup on his body. “I’m her husband stupid”


I saw her exchange numbers with the man she hugged.


“Why am I jealous?”


“Because she’s my wife, it’s my duty to be jealous”


The function finally ended with her receiving lots of gifts from people.


“I had so much fun today” she sighed happily as we made our way to the car.


She held me gently to keep me from falling.


Her touch sent electrifying sensation up my arms.


I almost retract my arms, she probably sensed it and held my arms. “If you fall down, I’ll leave you here till daybreak” I ignored her looked straight ahead.


“The night was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” she smiled even wider


“In short, you meant it was fantastic so why go through the stressful word?”


She shrugged and kept smiling.


I suddenly got angrier, the night was fantastic for her when her man lovers were around to see her dress while I got myself drunk.


She opened the door for me and gently pla


ced me in the car.


I imagined those hands gently caressing my chest.


She got in through the other side and sat beside me.


All the gifts she received filled the backseat.


The drive home was silent as we were both lost in our world.


I remembered the girl’s words from the morning,


“I wonder what kind of man you are, you can’t control your wife nor bend her to your will now you sleep with other girls outside instead of your wife. You’re not man enough, just a coward”


My ears kept ringing at that the words words


“I doubt your wife is pure too, she’s just probably a pretender. I wonder how many men would have slept with her in your matrimonial room and you wouldn’t even know because you’re working your ass of to satisfy her. I heard a lot of stories about her”


“Is what she said true? I know Allison goes out a lot, does she cheat? There must have been something she heard for her to say my wife cheats too”


I looked at Allison, my lips were silently opened as she stared out the window and I imagined kissing those lips. Are the soft, cold, plumpy?”



My mind kept wandering to the word especially “I wonder how many men would have slept with her in your matrimonial room and you wouldn’t even know because you’re working your ass of to satisfy her. I heard a lot of stories about her”


“How many men has slept with her? She doesn’t look like she can do things like that but people you least expect to do something are the ones that betray”


When we got home, I got down quickly and head to our room.


I had removed my shirt and trousers when she entered the room. I was only in my briefs


“We have a lot to talk about?” She said when she entered.


She removed her earrings and necklace and put them on the dressing room.


She had removed her shoes before entering the room.


She swept her hair to the side and turned her back to me.


“Pls help with the zip”


I got close to her and zipped it down. It stopped in her waist bone and I could make out how slim her waist is.


I began to caress her back instead.


Her spine stiffened and she took a step forward immediately.


I drew her back to me.


“Is this how you begin” I trailed my fingers on her bare back.


“I don’t understand you” she tried to move out but I held her in place.


“You ask them to help with your zip first before having sex”



“What!!” She screamed and trashed in my eyes


“I wonder how the must have felt with this perfect body of yours”


“Stop saying nonsense and please release me. You’re drunk”


I gripped her arms tightly and trailed kisses on her neck.


Her body shook “Tyler please don’t this, at least not when you’re drunk. I’ve always wanted my first time to be memorable and with someone I love pls. I haven’t even confirmed my feelings for you pls. I’m begging” her voice shook and she sobbed.


“You’re lying. Is that what you tell those men so they can handle you roughly?” I whispered harshly.


“Please believe me”


I tore her clothes and threw her on bed.


I did away with my underwear quickly and held her in place before she could escape.


She screamed and covered her hands with her hands when she saw me na.ked.


“Tyler please don’t do this, pls”


I ignored her cries and held her hands firmly with one hand and used the other to tear my pants away.


My eyes fed on her na.ked body and felt her hard on.


I put myself in her and thrust hard, giving my body to her.


She kept screaming and crying, then all of a sudden she stopped and stared at me.



No matter how hard I thrust in her and trail kisses on her breasts and flat stomach, she wouldn’t budge she just looked at me flatly.


Moments later, I rolled off her and slept beside her.

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“Now, this is what I call a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious night”


With that, I slept off.




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