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The One I Want – Episode 7

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#EPISODE_7☹     Unknow’s POV    I stay beside the gate watching everything as that blind boy get down from Natalie’s with the help of her big sis,Katherine and they was help inside his room    I wait still she walks out and sigh  “Let’s get to work”I said rubbing my palm together    I walk smartly into the maid’s room and turn straight into his room and sees him smiling peacefully in his sleep    I sigh and tap him lightly  “Hello blind”I said looking at him    He turn on his bed  “Leave me mom”he said and slap my hands away    But immediately he touch my hand, he sprang up and look round “Who the hell are you?”he asks me   I sit down beside him and rub his hair  “That’s not bad for a blind boy”I said and laugh    He move away from me  “Tell me who are you?”he asks again    I sigh   “Sorry dear but since you’re so unlucky to see me yourself then I’m never telling you but just did something for me”I said taking his hands    He pull his hands away  “What?”he asks boldly    I turn to him  “You’re so bold huh”I says    He hiss  “I’m not afraid of you at all so spill it out”he said frowning his face    I laugh  “I just want you to stand up right now and follow me”I said and stands up    He stands up too  “And why should I?”he asks looking round the room    I sigh  “Oh so bad huh cos I’m just at your right side so stop looking around”I said    He face his right side  “I’m gonna scream if you don’t leave this instant”he said snarly    I laugh  “I’ll be glad if you can do that”I said and whisper it to his ear    He punch me so hard and I sees stars  “Oh that’s get me damn angry”I said as blood gush out of my mouth    He scoffs  “Don’t come near me”he said with bold voice    I didn’t know you’re so strong like this  “Just follow me”I said    He laugh  “And you think I’ll obey?”he asks me    Yes I know you won’t    I move to the door and close it  “Thanks to soundproof method”I said and laugh    I take one chair from the room and smash it on him as he screams in pain “One thing about me;don’t arise the devil in me”I said cleaning my lips   I use the chair’s stick and hit him all over as blood gush out from the wounds he has before    He kick me in the groin  “Who the hell are you and what did I do to deserve this?”he asks crying    I groan in pain  “You just DID it”I said and rush at him    I punch him so hard as he groan in pain and tears fall from his eyes but “That doesn’t move me”I said and laugh evilly   I take another stick and beat him still he slump and faints away “Now you’ll be gentle”I said   I bend down and carrying him on my shoulder then look out very well before dashing to the back door and lean on the wall    I step on the chair there and throw him out as he fall with heavy thud on the floor outside    Someone catch my legs and I look down  “Who the hell is this?”I said snarly    She looks up at me  “Isn’t that my son and what the hell did you do for him?”she asks me    I kick her so hard as she falls to the ground then jump out    I carry him again on my shoulder as I see a van outside and before I could move again,this woman dash and hug me from behind  “Let go of my son,crazy bastard”she said    Oh gosh,she said what  “How dare you”I said angrily    I turn with Jake still on my shoulder and kick her so hard all over as she groans and never let go of my legs  “Give my son to me,he’s someone that can never offend even a fly so what did he do?”she asks holding tight to me  Read more interesting stories on Topster stories app  Oh gosh  “Let go b**CH”I said    She still don’t let go as her grip become more fierce on my legs and I’ve no choice “Thanks for silent pistol”I said laughing   She looks up at me  “Please I’m begging you,dear man”she said    I bring out my gun  “I shouldn’t let you live cos you’ve seen my face and even frustrate me so say your last prayer,woman”I said and sigh    I cock the gun and kick her straight up as her back lay on the floor and sigh  “Rest in pieces, woman”I said and laugh as I shoot three bullets straight into her heart   She gasps and hot tears come out from her eyes “I’m so sorry dear son”she said and breathe her last   I kick her more into the dust and dash to my bike then put the silly son in front me kick the bike    I drives so speedily to the lonely bridge in Shelley’s city and stop there “Rest in pieces too,dear Jake”I said cleaning my forehead   I brings out a strong rope and tie him to the bike and sigh “Oh son”I said and laugh   I kick the bike again and send it straight into the sea as it fall headlong to the sea    I hear heavy splash as I look down the bridge and sees the bike which sinks so deep into the sea    I pick my phone and dial a number  It is done    Oh great and your account has been loaded    Thanks much and may we never meet again    Thanks too and go to hell   Yeah thanks    I said and hangs up    I brings out a cigar and lit it  “Bye to everything here so now let’s go rock the awesome life in Sheridan’s city”I said laughing happily as I sees lot of money that flows into my account    I off the phone,break the sim and throw it into the sea then walks majestically away covering myself with the hoodie’s cap  “Here I come,Sheridan City”I said and pocket    I walk not looking back straight to the airport and withing seconds,thanks to connection…    I’m in the flight going to Sheridan’s City    In this life as we know that life is not always a bed of roses,it shake us vigorously that makes some to define Life as Risk..    It’s so sad that a time won’t come that we won’t sit down and cry bitterly and bites our lips    Everyone has a day or two to look back on and cry bitterly still we can’t anymore   Life is a Risk and we all have to take it either to win or to lose,to succeed or lose,to have experience, to be all we want to be cos that’s what makes us a living being anyway    Without all this risks,there’s no way we will be wise and have great life lessons    I just pray may we never lose our moms    I pray may we never lose anyone dear to us cos as we all know,death is the greatest lost    If we lose money or anything, we can still have assurance that no matter long it takes,we can still find it maybe not today or tomorrow but someday    But when it death,I swears that’s lost forever more    It gone    Never to be seen again    Never to be heard of    Ever to have hope of being seen again    WHY     Cos death is the greatest lost that when lose,it can’t ever and ever be seen aagain    DEATH is tag as the most saddest word apart from goodbye and bankruptcy    Writer’s POV    Its early Saturday morning and everywhere is so bright as people move to and fro to their different destinations    Coming from the narrow lane to the minister’s place is Kath and Andy as they went for morning jog and was returning back home    Kath slows down  “Won’t we beg mom to let Natalie out?”she says    Andrew sigh  “I’m thinking about it too cos it almost one week now”he said rubbing his neck    Kath nods  “Yes you’re right and it so affecting her”she said    Andrew gasps as he look forward  “Isn’t that a human on the floor?”he said pointing to it    She gasps too  “It can’t be!”she said covering her mouth  They both dash to the place and gasps  “It’s human”they both chorus    Without waiting to check who’s the person,they dash inside the house screaming on to their voices  “Dadddyyyyyy”they said shouting    Minister Cruz,their father dash out to meet them “What’s wrong?”he asks   Kath slump to the floor while Andrew still behaves like a man “There’s someone corpse outside”he said breathing hard   The minister gasps  “You said what?”he asks    He whistle and ten guards rush to his side  “Follow me”he commands    They all follow him obediently    Mrs Cruz rush out  “What’s happening,children?”she asks them    Kath just point outside while Andrew couldn’t say anything again   She too rush out and make her way through the guards as they surround the corpse    The minister looks down  “Put on your glove and turn the person’s face to us!”he said to the head of the guards,Jack    Kath and Andy is now outside too as the fold their hands to their chest watching who’s the person    Jack put glove in his hands and turn the person’s face to them    They all scaream like someone being push into fire and Kath faints immediately    Andy cover his face with his mom as the sight is so unbearable to watch    The minister’s look away too  “Who could have did something evil?”he thought    Jack hiss  “Isn’t this the mother of that blind boy?”he asks    Kath wakes up immediately hearing blind boy and dash inside the maid’s place    They greet her but she ignore them until she’s inside Jake’s place     She enter and open the door  “JAKE”she said screaming    She gasps as she sees blood splatter on the floor and wall beside Jake’s bed    She dash out again and all the maids look at her like someone who’s crazy    She rush out to meet her parents and the guards    Her mom turn to her  “Where’s Jake?”she asks    She sigh deeply    TO BE CONTINUED  #THE_ONE_I_WANT

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