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The One I Want – Episode 6

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Natalie’s POV    I wake up from the bed feeling much anger in me and I turn on the bed looking at the ceiling    I stands up and enter the bathroom,then off All my cloth and dip myself to deep inside the bathtub



Why is people always against two heart that cares,why is always a barrier between love and why is the world so cruel to creates those in true love in world apart    I sprang up from the bathtub gasping for breath  “Oh gosh,I almost die”I said breathing in and out    I walk out na.kedly and move to my room and there’s mom standing like someone who wannaq go to the war front    I hiss  “Why can’t you knock or wait outside since I’m not in?”I asks as my anger gather again    She hiss  “What if it that guy that you want, will you said that to him?”she said and snarl    I turn her to her and cover myself with the duvet  “I think we’ve talk about this and don’t make me flare up again”I said hissing



I move to my wardrobe and brings out an umbrella,a black sweater and a tight jeans    I wear it and turn to see her still standing “And what else for you still want,mom?”I asks   She glare at me  “I just wanna warn you to stay away from him cos what I’ll do for him and his mom,you won’t like it”she saidr to me    I rub my hair then pack it  “You won’t dare anything mom cos I swear,you’ll regret it”I said and dash out    She calls to me  “Aren’t you going to school?”she asks    I hiss and push Andrew away from my way then dash out ignoring them as they calls me    I walk out in the snowy and on my umbrella as tears drop endlessly from my eyes    I’ve always wish and wish to the uncountable stars to experience true love somday but I never knew my family will be against my heart,against the one I want and even threaten us    I sigh as I walk step by steps and counting it until I reach a desolate place    I sit down on the floor and throw the umbrella angrily away “Why why WHY?”I said screaming loud   I hiss and roll on the ground



“I really want Jake Mark,why can’t they accept it or even leave us alone?”I asks still rolling    I stands up running round the place like someone being chase and jumps up too    I bend down and pick my phone,wanna throw it away when it rings    Looking at it  “It unknown number!”I said hissing    It hang up and rings again    Hi and who’s this?    Nd where the hell are you?    Oh gosh  Oh Jake,I’m at hmmm hmm,oh yes mom sent me on an errand    Errand huh?what about school?    Oh where did you get my number    I asked mom and she said she has it since she’s your maid and help me to dial it too    I’m coming to sneak into your place so coming    I said and hang up before he’ll said NO    I quickly dust my cloth,run after the umbrella as the wind is blowing it away then run fast home   I peeps inside and see no one is around so I dash to the maid’s place and smiles “That’s awesome!”I said laughing   I look around not knowing which is his place when a hands pull me in    I turn around to see Jake’s mom  “Hi ma’am!”I said bowing



She smiles  “What are you looking for,youngest miss?”she asks me    I look down  “I’m..I’m..I’m.just walking by”I said stammering    She nods  “Okaqqy,bye then”she said    I bow and walk out then walk back in and bow “I am looking for Jake,ma’am”I said   She laugh  “I knew it that you’re that Nat that he’s always shouting abut”she says    I blush and play with my fingers  “Really ma’am?”I asks    She laugh  “Hmm!”she said sighing    Jake peeps out  “Who are you talking to,mom?”he asks    She turn to him  “I’m talking to someone calls Nat”she said    He dash out hitting his legs on the table  “Ouch”he said screaming    His mom pulls me out to the door and face me  “I’m not against your love dear even I’m so surprise and grateful but are we gonna be safe?”she asks me    Not at all,you’re not safe at all and even me is in danger but but  “You are safe and secure,just pray for our love cos I can’t do without him”I said holding her hands    She nods  “That’s love for you but I do think you know you’re in world apart and even,he is with deformity”she said    I shake my head   “I knew ma’am and I love him

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despite all of this so please,Dont send me away”I said begging    She smiles and hug me  “I can ever send you away when you’re so happy with him and he’s also,just be careful huni”she said and pat my back    Jake voice boom  “I think she’s coming to meet me so where is she?”he asks    His mom laugh  “Go to him dear,have some work to do”she said and walk away.    I turn to look at her and see her as she walks out slowly,the back of a woman who has suffer much in life but still trying to hold on    I sigh and goes in  “I’m here love”I said and hugs him    He hiss  “Where went you before?”he asks



I pull him to his room and he sit down  “Nice room anyway”I said looking round     He smiles  “That’s thanks to mom”he said    I laugh  “Yes I knew a blind guy can’t do this”I said    He hiss  “Hey Nat”he said    I laugh ndlaugh  “Oops”I said and tap him    He sit on the table and smiles  “Despite being blind,you still fall deep in love with me anyway”he said proudly    Oh gosh  “And ugly too”I said    He laugh  “Crazy girl”he said    Oh phew,he didn’t get angry    I walk to him and sit on his lap  “I thought you’ll be angry”I said  He shakes his head  “Never be angry about what and who makes you,that what makes me babe”he said    Oh awwwn  “That’s cool,love”I said and he laugh    He holds me tight


“Can we sail through this love?”he asks    I sigh  “Why not as far as you’re the one I’ll always want ever and I’m the only one for you too”I said    He sigh  “That’s cool”he said    He looks down sighing  “What’s wrong?”I asks    He look up at me  “I’m having a bad feeling lately that something bad gonna happen”he said    I rub his head and look into his eyes  “Wow o”I said exclaiming     He hiss  “What’s wow in this?”he asks    I point to his eyes  “Your eyes is glimmering”I said    Helaugh  “Yes yes but it can’t see”he said    I laugh  “Maybe but it’ll someday”I said    He smiles



“Funny”he said looking away    I laugh and cup his cheeks  “I just want you to know that no matter where I’m and even where I go to,you’ll always be the one I want”I said smiling tiwards him    He sigh  “I just wanna tell you that even if life offer me a second chance,gives me another life entirely and even turn everything around,you’ll always be the one for me”he said    I blush and cover my face  “Can I kiss you?”I asks  He hiss  “Do you need permission for that,oh babe?”he said and I laugh    As our head become close and lips closer about to touch,the door open so wide as someone walks in with heavy thuds    Oh oh my gosh,who be d persin oooo


Mrs Cruz’s POV    I was sitting down inside my room calling and dialing numbers when my second phone rings in my husband pyjamas on the bed    I hurry and pick it up  Hello and who’s speaking?    Hi ma’am and I’m speaking from Natalie’s school,wanna ask why she’s not in school today?    Thanks and I’ll call you back    I said and hangs up    I dash out t Natalie’s room and see her bag and uniform on the bed “Where the hell is she?”I asks looking round  I hear some sound coming from the bathromm    I dash there only to see that bastard’s mom  “And what the hell are you doing here?”I asks feeling pissed    She bow immediately  “I’m cleaning here ma’am”she said shivering


I hiss  “And where the hell is your useless son?”I asks her    She bow  “He’s in the house I mean in the school”she said shaking    I push her roughly to the ground  “Will you say the truth,woman?”I asks    She look up at me  “Yes,he’s in school”she said    I laugh and laugh  “I swear I’ll put a gun through your skull if I find my daughter in your place”I said and hurry out     I enter the maid’s house and cover my nose   “What the hell got into Katherine for asking the maids to be living with us huh for goddamn sake?”I asks hissing    I knock repeatedly on the door and the maids all rush out “Where the hell is Mrs Mark’s place?”I asks them   They all point there immediately


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I dash to the place looking so angry and kick the door open but didn’t see anybody    I wanna wlak out when my eyes dash to another door in the room    I rush there and kick it wide open  “HEY”I said screaming    I sees my daughter sitting in that crazy blind ugly useless oh any word again on his damn lap    I rush at him and pull my daugter away then give him a hot slap and he gasps  “So you wanna use that useless lips to kiss my daughter huh,if I didn’t enter,you would have go more than that right?”I asks feeling flare up    Natalie rush and push me away  “Never lay your hands on him ever again,face me mom”she said angrily     I pull her by the hands out then straight to her room then push her to the bed  “You’ll regret this”I said    She laugh  “And who’ll make me?”she asks



Oh this girl is daring me  “Just wait and see,useless daughtwr of mine”I said angrily    She hiss  “You will lose me also if anything happen to him”she said    I snatch her phone,dash out and close the door outside  “You’ll stay indoor for good one week”I said and rush out feeling damn angry    This Marks just step on a cobras tail and it’ll bite them damn good    Jake’s POV    It’s four days now and I feel like useless person as Mrs Theresa Cruz calls me    I haven’t heard from Natalie now and I feel like my heart is ripping apart    If I can see now,then I would have look at our story or even find way if sneaking in    I lay on my bed with different thoughts going throughout going in my mind



Tears drop from my eyes and I feel so weak to the marrow    Someone knocks at my door  “Open this door this instant, Jake!”I heard my mom’s voice boom outside    Yes yes,I’ve lock myself in when I heard the maids murmuring that my Nat has been locked in too    I turn on my bed and cover myself  “I wanna be alone,mom”I said as tears from endlessly from my eyes    I swear I miss her so damn much  “Didn’t know I love her so much like this”I thought    Mom knock more  “You haven’t eat nor drink,Jake,please don’t do this to your mom”she said    I sigh deeply  “I’m sorry”I said silently



I hear her footsteps sounding mo re and more faint away as I close my eyes    I take the sleeping tablet I’ve been using and wanna put two in my mouth when someone knocks again  “I wanna be alone,mom”I said angrily    The door start shaking and boom,it was force open and someone walks in    The person kick me so hard and I groan in pain “Who the hell are you?”I asks feeling so much pain   I haven’t eat for four days and someone dare to beat me in such dicey situation I’m huh    I roll on the floor and manage to stand up when the person kick me to the floor again  “I must kill you”I heard and    Gasps touching my bleeding lip  “Andy”I said    He laugh and punch me  “How dare my name comes out of your filthy mouth,blind ugly boy?”he said kick me again



I feel like dying so I just surrender  “Punch me harder please!”I said  Read more interesting stories on Topster stories app  If you could beat me so well,maybe my heart pain could reduce at least little    He laugh Mischievously   “I like how you use your stupid brain to know it me so be my guest as I truly beat the hell out of you”he said and laugh    He beat and punch me all over my body and I swear,I sees stars    He pick me up using my cloth  “Say bye,useless boy!”he said    I close my blind eyes and sigh  “Thanks”I mutter silently    I wait for few minutes but nothing happen when I hear noise “Are you crazy,Andrew?”I hear the person voice   And it seems it…  “Will you let go of me,Kath?”Andrew snarl    She hiss  “How dare you go against Simone who known is not fit for you,if he’s not blind,can you take him down!”she said angrily    He laugh  “Why can’t I?”he asks



She laugh   “Even Natalie beat you up when we’re small not to talk of him”she says and laugh again    He hiss  “Just be thankful God saves you today but I’m still coming back cos if not for your useless act,mom won’t have lock lil sis in!”he said and I hear the door slam shut    Kath help me up,put me on the bed and cleans my wound thanks to the first aid box inside    I sigh deeply  “Why are you doing this?”I asks her    She sigh too  “Believes me,I don’t like what I’m doing too but when I visit lil sis today and finds out of he hasn’t eaten,drink even bath nor speak to anyone.she’s so horrible and she begs me to go to you now cos she feels you’re in danger and when I truly arrived and see it,I finds out that your love is truly special as she says”she said rubbing my hands    Tears drop from my eyes  “Thanks much and how is she?”I asks    She hiss  “She feels and look horrible and even when we all visit her,she just look at us like we’re nobody”she says and stand up     I feel my heart ripping apart  “Thanks”I manage to say    she hold my hands  “I can see you too love her when I finds out you are feeling same way as her so….”she said and whisper into my ear    I gasps  “Are you sure?”I asks her    She rub my hair  “Just interacting a little with you now,I now see the reason why she’s adamant huh”she said and walk away then slam the door shut    I sigh and rub my painful body  “Love is really something huh,despite all the pains I’m feeling in my body,the one in my heart surpass all!”I said crying    Mom rush inside  “What happen to you?”she asks checking me all over    I sigh  “Common mom,I’m okay”I said    She slap my hands  “You’re like this and you’re saying you’re okay?”she asks and knock my head  I hiss and stand up angrily  “This wound that you see is not that painful as the one that you can’t see in my heart”I said Shouting    She scoffs  “Didn’t I warn you over this,I told you we’re in world apart but you won’t hear me cos I’m talking from experience and knows this is how it gonna end”she said    I look around  “What do you mean,mom?”I asks    She hit my head  “I’ve been lying that your dad leaves me and I’m so sorry,he’s a wealthy man and his family too but when he propose to me nnd I told him I’m pregnant, he was so happy especially when the xray says it a bouncing baby boy but the joy was cut short when his mother told me to leave his son alone or else,she will destroy me but I didn’t burge until she starts collecting all the properties that she gives to her son cos of me”she said as she pulls me to sit down    I hiss  “What!”I said exclaiming    She rub my hair  “My love comes to me crying saying he the doesn’t know why his mom is behaving like that and I pet him,immediately he leaves,his mom come to me and give me food to eat but I reject it and then,three guys walk in with gun bd threaten me to eat it and I did which later leads to pain and agony and you’re nine month by then”she said and sniffs  Sitting right,she takes my hands and hold it so tight  “I almost lose you son cos she put a chemical that could destroy pregnancy no matter the months but luckily,I was rescue when I crawl out by a woman who treates me and luckily,you’re lucky to be alive but it affect your two eyes that how you were born blind”she said crying    I feel my heart tightening  “O h my gosh”I said holding my heart    She sigh  “The woman says she’ll help in doing operation on your eyes and you’ll see but after life two years and s she promised it’ll be free of charge until Hi s mother sent assasions to me so I’ve to escape from the Sheridan’s city and run as far here to Shelley’s city”she said    I lean on the bed and sigh  “Why is it feel life the story is repeating itself?”I thought    She pull me close and hugs me  “I’m so sorry son but we’re moving out of this mansion tonight cos I can’t afford to lose you cos Natalie’s mom is desperate to separate you two”she says patting my back    I shakes my head  “I’m not going to be coward like you,I’m staying for Nat, for our love..for our…”I said halfway     When she hiss loud   “I know what that woman i s capable of so be ready,we’re leaving here tonight either you want or not”she said in commanding tone and    Then the door slam shut    I rub my hair and stands up  “I’m not going anywhere, mom”I said as tears drop    I manage myself and walk out of the house to outside tehn stretch “Oh my life”I said crying   Someone pull me to a corner  “Let’s go”I sigh recognising Kath’s voice    She pull me softly along,hear door creaking and help me to climb a ladder then slide down quietly on yes,like balcony then another door crack open and she push me in  “Don’t be long and I’ll be here”she said and slam the door shut    I walk anyhow inside then bump into something as I fall down hitting my head so hard    I hear someone walking to my side  “Who’s that?”I heard oh that voice that keeps me going    I turn on the floor and sigh  “It’s me,Nat”I manage to speak    I hear as she rush to me  “Oh Jake”she said pulling me up and hugs me    Oh gosh,have you ever feel so refresh,thrilling,awesome, good,burden feels so light,I mean so many good feelings before    I feel my whole body system calm down and my heart relax immediately with just her hug    I hug her so tight too even more than tight as she cough and laugh “You’re suffocating me,boy”she said   I laugh and release her a little  “I just miss you damn much”I said    She smiles  “Oh gosh, it freaking four days without my love,miss you great much”she said    She pull me to the bed and sigh  “You’re so thin,why?”she asks    I laugh  “Are you kidding me?I said    She hug me again  “Oh Jake”she said    I hug her back  “O h my Nat!”I said exclaiming    She sprang up  “How come you’re here,love?”she asks me    Oh so she just think about that  “Thanks to your sis,Kath”I said    She sit down again  “Oh that’s cute sis of mine”she said and kiss me    I  kiss her too  “Oh I miss this sweet lips too”I sai d    She laugh  “But why a re you like this?”she asks    I nod  “Like how?”I asks    She hiss  “Your whole body is full of wound?”she asks    I look down  “I fall down that’s why”I said    She raise my head up  “Talk to me and look straight into my eyes”she said    I laugh  “With which eyes?”I asks    She hiss  “Answer me,is it mom or..?”she asks    As I shut her up with kiss and luckily,she responds back    We were still kissing hot when I hear the door creaking open    She quickly hide me behind the curtain and sit down    Someone walks in  “So you’re gonna kill yourself and won’t eat?”I hear her mom voice    She didn’t say anything until her mom hiss  “Alright,suit yourself”she said and the door slam shut again  She quickly pull me out  “You’ve to go love and I’ll miss you”she said d and kiss me    I kiss her too  “I’ll miss you too,babe”I said    She help me out to the balcony and calls to her sis “Thanks big sis”she said   she sigh  “Okay lil sis and be careful”she said and help me to the ground    I sigh  “Gudnite babe”I said    She sigh too  “Gudnite love”she says    Kath help me to my room and says her gudnite while I thanks her then sleep so  peacefully that night with heart at peace when someone tap me lightly……  ❤ #THE_ONE_I_WANT ❤

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