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The One I Want – Episode 5

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Natalie’s POV




I wake up from the bed as someone tap me lightly and I look up to see sis “Morning sis!”I said rubbing my eyes



She sigh deeply and hug me


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“Is the pain gone now,cutie?”she asks rubbing my back




I chuckles silently


“I’m fine,thanks huni”I said smiling




She look at me


“Sorry for leaving you alone yesternite”she said




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I nods


“It’s okay!”I said to her




she stands up


“To make you to forgive me,I’ve prepare your best food and oh yes,I was told of casual wear today to school”she said walking away




I smiles brightly


“Thanks,you’re a Darling!”I said and she wink at me




She walk out and slam the door shut as I hurry to the wardrobe to look for anything sexy to wear




I find one,a beautiful black top with shinning bow and a crazy blue jeans and a black heels


“Perfect “I said smiling




I rush inside and have a hot shower and soon,I’m already dress up and stuffs my black bag with books and stories


I walk downstairs as brother gasps


“I’m making you my girlfriend straight away”he said and kneel in front of me




I sigh rubbing my hair


“I’m so sorry dear Hans,I’m taken”I said and slap his hands away then put on my speck




Mom.and dad with sis laugh and laugh as he sit on the floor looking so dejectedly




We all sit later on the dinning and eat breakfast silently and soon,we goes out and enter the car




I look out of the car as my heart start beating hard when my eyes dash to the swimming pool and I burst out laughing still tears drop




Brother turn to me


“What’s wrong,sis?”he asks me




I turn to look at him


“Don’t mind me”I said and look at the pool again then laugh more hard




Brother hiss


“They’ll be saying Andy is crazy not knowing Natalie is one definition of craziness!”he said and I laugh more harder




The driver drives out when he look back


“What?”I asks him




He laugh and laugh


“Why is that blind ugly boy hiding and he just hit his head on the wall?”he said and laugh




I quickly look back and see him squat on the floor rubbing his head and I laugh again




Brother just look away


“What a crazy dad,Andy have shove craziness to them”he said and clear his throat




We arrives in school and goes to our different direction after saying goodbye




I hide not so far from our class and wait for Jake to arrives




I’ve wait for hours when I sees that the students are few outside and work about to start so I give up and walk inside




And there he is sitting down on our desk,place his head on the desk and cover it with a big sheet of paper




I hiss and walk inside stamping my feet on the ground “Hey Jake!”I said calling to him



He shake to the bone marrown but still didn’t look up “Hi Nat Nat”he said


I hiss


“Are you not gonna look at me?”I asks him




He sigh


“What the different cos I won’t be able to see you even if I do look up?”he says




And that get me angry


“Look at me,stupid boy”I said fiercely




He sigh and cover his head with his palm


“I don’t wanna look at you!”he said




Oh really


“Okay!”I said and goes to sit down angrily




Soon work start and he never look at my side at all and I too try my best to ignore him




When it break,he carry his drawing stuffs and move to the rooftop without telling me




I look at him as he walk the steps


“Is he for real huh?”I asks angrily




I follow him and sigh


“”Hey Jake!”I said




He look down not looking up


“I wanna draw Nat, don’t disturb me!”he said




Like seriously


“You won’t look at me huh?”I asks as tears gather in my eyes




He sigh


“Sorry dear,I won’t see you anyway”he said




I run down the step then rush into the toilet “You just mess with the wrong person!”I said



I fill the bucket with water then rush out bumping into brother “What’s happening,sis?”he asks me



I ignore and walk away from him when Jason pull me back “Anything the matter?”he asks me



Oh silly,if I didn’t answer my brother,did he think I’ll answer him huh




I pull my hand away


“Fuck off,buddy”I said angrily




I run up the stairs and move to Jake’s front


“Won’t you talk to me?”I asks again




He still didn’t look up


“I won’t Nat and you’re disturbing me much”he said




I laugh evilly


“You’re dead,my dear!”I said raising the bucket up




And down I pour the whole content on his head as his whole body,books and even crayons get wet immediately




He jump up


“What the hell?”he asks screaming




I laugh and fold my hands


“Did that bring back our memory last night together?”I asks hissing




He raise his head up and sigh


“Oh gosh,silly girl!”he said




I just look at him and nd wait for him to do his worse




He point to the ground


“You just spoil that!”he said biting his lips





I follow his hand direction and gasps


“Holy Christ!”I said covering my mouth




On the ground is a picture of everything that transpire yesternite: how he squat down and I hug him from behind,how we sit on the floor looking at each other till the time I think he sleep on the hard cold floor and he draw it so beautifully in cartoon’s form




I rub my hair desperately and kneel beside the paper “Oh I’m so sorry,dear Jake!”I said crying



I quickly take the paper and spread it on the spacious floor of the rooftop without letting it be mixed up




I spread it and put each big crayon on it to avoid been blow away and as I do it,tears fall from my eyes




I thought I’m so gentle like a dove not knowing I’ve a bad temper and can get angry is easily to be blind to something so great like this




He sigh


“Are you crying, Nat?”he asks searching for me




I sit down dejectedly as tears drop endlessly from my eyes




He keep on looking for me


“Answer me silly girl!”he said



I didn’t answer but instead move so far to a corner and squat down there crying and watching how he looks for me




He look like hour but I didn’t burge where im




He suddenly scream out


“Never stay where I can’t find you Nat cos you know I’m blind!”he said shouting as tears drop from his eyes and he kneel down




My heart tear into pieces seeing him as I rush up and dash to where he’s and hug him


“I’m sorry,I won’t ever do that,I won’t stay where you won’t find me,I promise I won’t..”I said halfway as he pull me so close and hugs




Me so tight almost suffocating me


“I’m so sorry for ignoring you but all this feels so new to me so I don’t know how to react to it all!”he said cuddling me




I relax in his arms and smiles


“I’m new to all of this too but you shouldn’t have ignore me!”I said to him




He laugh


“That’s cos I’m stupid boy!”he said and I laugh too




He look at me and sigh


“Wish I could see your red eyes now!”he said


Oh Lord


“You’ll definitely see it someday!”I said




I pull my mouth close and close




When he laugh


“Let’s do it!”he said and before I could say jack,he pull me so tight in his arms and kiss the hell out of me




We kiss so hot for almost an hour and release each other gasping for breath “That’s heart taking!”I said smiling



He too smile


“So mind blowing!”he said




He turn my back to him and hug me from the back


“You know when I learnt from mom that dad leaves her,I thought I’ll never find love cos if someone could leave a woman who’s so caring and lovely then what is me that’s ugly and blind so that word ‘Love’ between a girl nd a boy has no meaning to me cos I know very sure that I won’t ever feel it so when you do that for me yesternite, my heart didn’t say you did it to save me but you do kiss me and I feel damn glad and it feels my whole body system but when I wake up this morning,I’ve a rethink and sees that you’re just too perfect for me:rich,beautiful,smart…!”he said halfway


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And I cut him off


“When a love is so true,it don’t look at such body’s qualities or world’s own cos it will all vanish one day but what will remain with us ever is the love and the people



will hold so dear in our heart so all that is mere but LOVE is the best to have”I said to him




He smiles so bright


“Can I do that again?”he asks




I turn to him


“Do what again?”I asks




He look down and point to my head


“Kiss you!”he said




I decide to tease him


“Kiss my head,that’s simple so go ahead”I said and turn to face him




He shake his head


“No I mean here”he said changing his hand pointed to me




I sigh


“My nose!”I said




He hiss


“Hey I wanna kiss your”I didn’t let him finish as I move to him and push him to the floor



Then lay on him with my hands curl round his neck and his hands curl round my waist as we kiss so passionately on the hard floor as the sun blazes down happily on we,the tow new lovers




It closing time as I pull him quickly out of the school gate and enter a taxi “To Han bookstores!”I said as the taxi drive away



He turn to me


“To do what?”he asks




I ignore him until we reach there and get down




I pull him in to the bookshelves


“Choose anything you want and I be back”I said and run away




I rush to the photocopying office and walks in “Hello sir!”I said



The man look up


“Hi beauty so how can I help you?”he asks




I give him the drawing that Jake draw this morning and thanks it already dry up


“Can I photocopy this and make it into two beautiful book with covers ?”I asks him





He nods yes


“Alright my girl”he said and goes in




After few minutes,he look out


“Title dear?”he ask me




I sigh and look up then gasps


“THE ONE I WANT!”I said smiling beautifully




He nods


“That’s wow o,dear”he said smiling too




After few minutes,he bring out two books with beautiful lemon nd blue covers and give it to me


“Here dear!”he said




I smiles brightly looking at it as the title is writes boldly




I look at him


“One favour please”I said




He look up


“Anything for the beautiful lady”he says




I give the books back


“I want the lemon one to write Nat Baby down there and the blue one writes Jake Love!”I said to him




He collect it and soon return back


“Here”he said giving it to me




I collect it and give him my card


“Here!”I said




He swipe it and give it back to me


“Thanks beauty!”he said bowing




I bow too and dash out to the bookshelves




But I didn’t see him


“Jake!”I said calling to him as tears already gather in my eyes




I hear someone groaning and rush to the other side to see lot of books has fell on him




I laugh and laugh


“Oh gosh!”I said cleaning my eyes




He scream


“Help me up,silly!”he said




I move the books away and help him up


He turn to me and we burst out laughing




He laugh


“I’ve take the desire one so let’s hurry out!”he said




I nods


“Alright!”I reply him




We rush to the man again and give him my card to swipe and he calculate everything then swipe it




Immediately he do so finish,we rush out and hear the salegirls shouting “Who fell the shelf?”she asks looking round



We burst out laughing and run speedily to the road then flag down a taxi “To vanny park”I said



We drive away and reach the place then get down “Thanks”I said and pay the taximan money



We rush in and sit beside the falling water ⛲⛲⛲⛲




I turn to him and we laugh


“Bad boy”I said





He laugh


“Baddest girl!”he said and we laugh




We play till dawn and then later goes home together




It remain few steps when he stop


“Go in baby”he said to me




I nods


“Alright love and gudnite!”I said




I walk few step away then turn back


“Here!”I said giving him the original copy which is blue one




He look at it then look at me


“Can I asks what?”he asks me




I smiles


“That’s the picture of yesternite memory and I’ve turn it to storybooks:one for me and one for you with our names written on it”I said




He beam happily


“Oh gosh,thanks baby”he said and peck me




I walk away then turn back


“I want a gudnite kiss!”I said


He laugh


“Bad babe!”he said




He move to me and kiss me so hot


“Good night,babe!”he said and rub my hair




I walk away then looks back


“Good night,love!”I said and rush inside the mansion




I dash inside ignoring everyone as they calls me and rush inside my room and fall so happily on the bed




I read and read the story over and over again then looks at the name “Oh I take his own”I said reading the name ‘Jake Love’



I sigh


“That’s lovely”I said rubbing my finger on the name




I cuddle it to my heart and sigh


“Happy days from now on!”I said beaming happily as sleep enclose my eyes and pull me to the dreamworld as everything repeat itself over and over again




Life become more fun and thrilling and exciting it the four letter words join which is ‘LOVE’




Everything we always look on as rubbish start turning to great things in our eyes,we see it all in different dimension




And then we look at the person that makes us see silver lining behind the black sky☁ and hit them on the head so hard


“Why don’t you come sooner to me huh,making me see only the dark sky?” And smiles




Cos in the long run,we finally meet them




Wish and wish there’ll be such amazing person in our life someday so we can truly says






Minister’s POV




I walk inside the room and aee s my wife calling and dialing more and more numbers ☎




I sit beside her on the bed and nd sigh


“Enough of this Theresa cos it late already!”I told her




She turn to me and smiles


“Its okay love cos I’ve to call everyone to the important stuffs so they won’t say that their minister is not working hard”she said




I hiss


“But for goddamn sake,I’m the minister here and I don’t work even 1% as you the dear minister’s wife”I sai d and snatch the phone




She look up at me


“But dear,I’m helping you right?”she asks




I nods


“Yes yes I do know you’re helping me but it too much already,what if you’re the minister then?”I asks




She move to my My side


“I wanna help my dear husband so give me the phone back”she said




I throw it inside the pocket of my pyjamas


“I’m sorry sweetie but you aren’t gettin this phone back,enough is enough”I said in d move to the bed




She turn to me angrily


“Will you do give the phone back to me right now,Cruz?”she said and snarl




I laugh at her


“Yea right,you’re tough much but sorry sweetie, you aren’t getting this phone back”I said and it lay on the bed




She look so damn angry as she moves toward the bed but I’m so ready not to give the phone to me




she stay beside the Bed and stretch forth her hand “Give me the phone,love”she said




I frown immediately


“Enough is enough, sweetie”I said and hiss




She wanna move to the bed and collect it by force when someone knocks “Who’s that?”she asks



My son voice boom outside


“Its me,mom”he said




She look angrily at me and hiss before moving to t he door




She sigh deeply and force a smile


“Why are you here, dear?”she asks immediately she open the door




He sigh


“I wanna tell you something”he says




She pull him to sit down on her makeup chair and turn him to face us the bed “So what’s wrong?”she asks him



He sigh deeply


“It’s about Natalie”he says




I sit right on the bed


“What’s about Natalie?”I asks him




He sit right on the bed and rub his forehead


“I saw her today on the school’s rooftop kissing one of the maid’s son”he said to me




Oh gosh,what’s wrong with that


“And so what?”I asks him




My wife hiss


“Are you deaf huh,he said one of the maid’s son?”she blurt out




I turn to her


“Is son of the maid not human huh?”I asks




She laugh


“Definitely not human”she said snarly




I laugh too


“What the hell is wrong with you woman?”I asks feeling so hot now




She might be one hell of a hot temper always but mine comes once in a while and more hotty




My son stands up


“But that apart from he’s a crazy goddamn maid’s son, he’s so ugly and even blind!”he said angrily




I sit looking at him


“And then what,is he dead!”I asks him




My wife gasps


“This guy is crazy!”she said shouting




I turn to her


“Yes I’m crazy for love cos if not that I’m,I’ll never ever marry you,stupid woman”I said snarling




Andrew turn to us


“Calm down mom and dad cos they’re already dating”he said to us




I turn fiercely to him


“Will you shut up and get out,stupid son like his mom”I said angrily




He hurry out immediately cos they might fear their mother but they trepidate when they hear my angry voice




She now turn to me


“He came to tell us something that important and you sent him away”she looks at me feeling irritated




I hiss and laugh


“Something important huh?”I asks her




she nod


“Yes cos how can my dear daughter I mean the daughter of a minister be dating one of the maid’s son even someone who’s ugly and oh gosh,blind huh?”she said rubbing her body




I shake my head for her


“But can I ask a question from you,woman?”I asks


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She turn to me


“I’m listening, man”she said




I turn looking to her


“Is the maids or the boy in question not human?”I asks feeling pissed




She laugh and clap so long


“Human,he’s I mean all of them is definitely not human cos human have lots of money and lives in their own houses with their dear families”she said




I look down


“Really?”I asks




She looks at her fingers and play with it


“Among the things I mention dear man,which one did they have in it?”she asks and turn to glare at me




I sigh deeply



“You may be right for once that they don’t have such things but it all materials of the world!”I said and stands up




She sigh


“I’m correct then,they’re not human”she said and hiss




I stands up from the bed and place my hands on the bed then turn her to face me


“They truly don’t have any of it but they have the best things in the world and that’s Love,Time,Care,Attention and Trust which is so rare among we that’s called HUMAN”I said placing strong word on that human




She hiss


“Best things indeed”she said and look away




I sigh


“I hope you’ve such thing,Theresa Williams!”I said hissing




I move away from the bed d and open my studying room,goes in and slam it shut from the inside cos if I stay another second,I might punch her silly head




Theresa’s POV




I sit down as the words he said struck me much “He dare said that”I said as tears gather in my eyes



I stand up and move to the window as tears drop from my eyes



Yes he’s right,I’m a child brought up in a polygamous family and worst of it,my mother is a mistress in the house of my stupid father,Mr Williams and she suffer so much among six wives even use as maid among them




I have to run away from home when the suffering and troubles was too much for me and it not long than three days when I heard my mom commit suicide when she didn’t see me




I almost kill myself too by jumping off the cliff but Cruz was camping there with his campaign’s group and he rescue me then later ask me to marry him and I said yes then




Later on,he become the minister of Sheridan’s city and now I mean now “He dare use my past again me!”I said exclaiming



I don’t truly have love,care, time or attention even trust from anybody eeven my mom cos she was divided among the stupid families of Williams but how dare he




I look out of the window and sees that ugly and blind boy looking out of her window and smiles brightly as my daughter, Natalie walks by and wink at him before getting inside the mansion




I turn to the room and laugh mischievously


“Oh my gosh”I said and didn’t know when I starts crying




I move to the balcony and sees him smiling as he flip through a book


“Isn’t he crazy, he can’t see but he’s looking at a book huh?”I laugh and laugh



I dash inside and take a binocular and set it to his side even tho he didn’t see me




I look at the book as he flip it and anger grow more in me with deep hatred



“Isn’t that my daughter and the ugly blind boy?”I said groaning loud




I sees everything from the book and need no other explanation again


“So dare date my daughter, I mean dare date a beautiful, smart,tall and wealthy daughter of the minister?”I asks looking at him fiercely




I dash out of the room and rush into Natalie’s room “Hey Natalie”I said as I enter



She answer from the toilet


“I’m here mom,coming”she said




I walk round her room when my eyes dash to her bed and there is another storybook just like that useless boy own




I rush to pick it up when she snatch it from me “What’s wrong mom,it late already?”she says



I turn and glare at her


“If it that useless,ugly and blind boy,will you said same to him?”I asks pointing out





She gasps then compose herself


“Common mom,what do you mean?”she asks me




I fold my hands and look at her


“Isn’t that your lovestory and how you’re romancing in your useless love huh,dear daughter?”I said angrily




She look down then look up


“Didn’t you feel somehow to say useless love when you’re in love yourself,mom?”she asks




I laugh


“Mine is awesome with a normal,rich and perfect man not a use…”I said halfway




when she cut me off


“That’s cos he’s the one you want cos dad is not perfect at all,he do get angry,misbehave sometimes and even act like he care but he said didn’t”she blurt out




Oh gosh,even tho she’s right but how dare her “You said what?”I asks moving close to her



she move close to me too


“When we’re talking about the matter of the heart,we speak softly about it cos the heart is fragile and the one in it is an egg so don’t dare speak anyhow about the special kind of love that I’ve ever,mom”she said





I laugh and turn to her



“Where did you get that power I mean that effrontery from,where did you see the gut to talk to your mom like that,Natalie?”I asks




She smiles and look up


“From love mom cos that I’ve love that you call useless even tho it didn’t offend you and even show you always it bright side is what gives you the power,effrontery and gut that you’re talking about and make you do what you think you’ll never be able to do in a long years even eternity to comes”she said glaring at me




Oh yes,why is she always right


“Love might be so but never will I allow you to date him,NEVER!”I said tapping her on her shoulder




She turn around laughing then face me back


“Common mom,be grown up already cos that heart you’re talking about is mine and do you know the funny thing is it didn’t listen to me that owns it so why the fu.cking hell will it listen to you,it damn nobody?”she said screaming




My husband enter


“Stop that fu.cking screaming cos you’re talking to your mom, Natalie”he said angrily




She laugh and turn to him


“You should tell your fu.cking woman to stop dictating for me ok..From day one of my life living as Natalie Cruz,yes yes the perfect daughter of the perfect dear wealthy family of Cruz,she has never choose for herself but always follow everything you say sheepishly but right now,she just wanna be left alone to make her choice..Do you hear dear mom and dad!”she said fiercely


Talking about the most bad temper in the Cruz’s family,then first is Natalie Cruz




No one wins her




My husband laugh


“You’re not dating that boy and that’s final”he said to her




I nods


“Never ever if you’re still our daughter”I said firmly




She slap her head and look up at us


“When we’re talking about love,no one makes law for her and when you’re talking about Natalie Cruz, you know she’s so fu.cking adamant when she said she wanna do something so I don’t care what you do or say but I’m nver letting go ever”she said in commanding tone




Andrew enter and push her


“He’s a guy full of deformity, stupid”he said to her




Katherine walks in too and lean on the door


“What do you even see in that god forsaking guy?”she asks playing with her fingers




Natalie turn away and scream


“Will you all please,dear family of Natalie move away from my room cos this is my room”she said then turn to look at us


We gasps




I hiss


“What got into you?”I asks surprising




Andrew hiss too


“I told ya that guy is nothing but total disaster”he said




Katherine laugh


“What a useless someone”she said glaring at Natalie




My husband holds her


“Do you realise who you’re screaming on and said they should leave your room?”he asks




She slap his hands away


“Yes yes,I’m talking to Natalie’s father,her mother,her big sis and her big bro too(she said silently) but do you fu.cking realise the person all of you are talking I’ll about?”she asks us




We all open our mouth wide




She laugh and scoffs


“Of course you won’t ever know but I’ll tell you dear family”she said and





Open her book to where they’re kissing on the floor



“the one I want,you’re selfishly talking a b o u t THE ONE I WANT so I don’t care for all of you but he’s forever gonna be the one I want so excuse me family”she said and walk to the door and open it




She turn to us


“It late already do good night,dear family”she said flaring up




We walk out like someone been cast spell on,yes she’s the goddess we worship and she slam the door shut




They all move to their room silently




I turn back


“I’ll make sure you regret my dear baby girl for ever saying he’s the one you want!”I said and laugh evilly then goes inside my room too


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In this world of ours,it really so funny that we don’t have choosing power over our own heart cos you might choose to love Derek but your heart choose Drake for you even tho it all start with ‘D’




But funny enough again my dears,in this world.




We can only choose one thing for Ourselves




You can never choose your parents,your families,your life,destiny even fate or anything else in this world





But but but I mean B U T




The only thing we’re allow to choose is our partner in life,the one we wanna date and marry




Don’t get me wrong, heart choose the one we love and oir Creator choose the rest but only WE have the right to choose the one we wanna spend our whole life with so choose well




And may God help us not to choose wrong but well and right…Amen







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