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The One I Want – Episode 4

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Andrew’s POV




I slam my door shut angrily


“Why the hell will I’ve to be living in same place with those wretched goddamn people?”I asks as I throw my schoolbag on the bed




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I off my uniform then hear noises outside as I peeps out and see the people rushing in I mean the maids,heish




I close the curtain and sigh


“Oh gosh”I said hissing




My phone rings


“Hey Andy”Jason said and laugh



“Hey J and how are you?

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“I’m fine and how is the night party gonna be?




“It’s gonna be awesom”




“Hope Natalie is coming?




“Don’t know yet but I’ll force her ok




“Alright thanks and don’t be late!”he said and hangs up




I quickly off my uniform and look into my wardrobe and sigh “Nothing to wear huj?”I asks hissing



Natalie walks in


“Can I help you?”she asks




I turn round and smiles


“You’re going to the party?”I asks her




She smiles and move to my wardrobe


“Wanna dress hot or funky or…?”she asks and turn to look at me





I chuckles


“Wanna dress hot since you too dress to kill?”I said




She bow and giggles


“Alright bro!”she said




She brings out a crazy blue jeans and red sneakers with a tight red top to match “Here!”she said giving it to me



I licks my lip


“O h wow!”I said




She walks out and peep in


“Dress and make the girls there go crazy!”she said and winks at me




I laugh and laugh


“Crazy lady!”I said




I quickly dress up and rush into big sis room “Let’s go,girls!”I said looking at them



They turn and gasp


“O h geez,you look damn hot”they chorus




I winks


“Don’t droll much!”I said and we laugh




Big sis grab the car’s key as we dash out




Soon,three teenagers are seeing driving speedily on the highway going to Starlight club




We arrive and get down immediately


“Let’s party down!”we said and laugh




We enter as a guy rush to us


“Hey!”I said


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Jason smiles so bright


“Hi Andy,Kath and Nata!”he said




Katherine hug him


“Hey Jason!”she said as he hugs her too




We turn to Natalie who just ignore him and dance with her head “Hey Natalie”we calls her



She turn to us


“Did you guys say sumfin?”she asks looking away again




Jason sigh and moves to her


“Hey babe!”he said trying to touch her




She glare so hard at him


“I wanna go to the restroomrestroom dears!”she said turning to us




She walk away as Jason rub his head together and we sigh looking at her back




Jason truly loves her damn much but his lying and player’s life won’t let him look real




Natalie’s POV




I walk inside the restroom feeling angry with myself


“Why did I agree coming here in the first place?”I asks washing my hands




My heart suddenly flash back to the rooftop this afternoon


“Oh gosh,what’s wrong with me?”I asks feeling my heart beat as it goes to thump thump thump




I splash water on my face and looks up


“What if he’s among those that gonna be living in the mansion too I mean living in our mansion?”I asks feeling happy




I dash out immediately and then slowmy steps as I walk to sis “I’ve to go home sis”I said to her



She turn to me angrily


“Why why?”she asks




I rub my stomach


“Just see my period and it hurt much!”I said tearing up




She hug me immediately


“Oh sorry dear,I’ll take you home”she said




I frown


“No sis,I’ll take taxi so enjoy the party!”I said




And quickly walk away before she change her mind




I stroll to the road and flag down a taxi and soon,I’m at the mansion as I get down and it open by itself so wide nd I rush inside


“He must be at the garden!”I said smiling beautifully




I off my heels and run with all my might to t he garden and there he’s truly squating down smelling the Rose’s scents




In the place where heart is,there’s always time




Always remember your love ones every seconds and show love to them come s the best things we can give to our love ones is love,attention, time and our sincere care





May we never lose our love ones IJN…Amen




Morning Darlings and Happy Sunday..wish us best




Jake’s POV




I just arrived home and see everywhere almost empty and I gasps “It can’t be right?”I asks looking round the room



I saw my mom’s phone on the table


“It can’t be thief cos they should have taken the phone but who?”I asks picking it up




It rings and I quickly pick it up


“Hi son




Oh mom,what happen




All is well




Oh that’s good to hear hut what about the house?




Its Kath that tells us all the maids to move in with them in the mansion so I’m there now together and she gives us two room each so bring your school bag and flask alone cos I’ve help you pack your stuffs




But mom,I can’t ever…




Lets be thankful huni so move here quickly,gonna go”she said and hang up




I hiss and hit my head


“How could I live in that house with my own self huh?”I asks as tear drop




I carry my school bag as a paper fell out and I bend down to pick it up and a smile crept on my lips


“Yes right,when all hope seems lost,there’s definitely a tiny shred to hold unto!”I said smiling looking at Natalie’s picture that I draw again today




Without wasting time,I dash out and close the door and match happily to the mansion




I do not even take the bus as my heart leap up in joy


“I’m gonna be living in the place where the girl that accept me apart from my mom lives”I said and beam happily




I arrives there before I knew it and knock the door as the gate open wide




I walk in and stay rooted then face the security man “Where are the maids,please?”I asks him



He hiss chewing gum and point to the direction




I walk there immediately still in my school uniform when a woman move out “Hi ma’am!”I said bowing




She looks at me like I’m invincible and walk pass me “Oh crap!”she said exclaiming and walk by



I wanna cry but my hands hold firmly to Nat’s picture so I just walk inside the big house


“How can everywhere place in this mansion always huge and magnificent huh,what if it a Presidential lodge then?”I asks looking everywhere




Someone pull me in


“Nat!”I said turning to look at the person




And it was mom


“And who’s Nat?”she asks me




I quickly look away


“But here is too magnificent, mom!”I said changing the topic




She laugh and nods


“Alright, I’ll keep shut!”she said and laugh again




I hugs her tight


“Miss you mom”I said




She look up to me


“How’s school today, hope no bully,criticizing,crying…!”she said halfway




When I hugs her


“That’s my best mom,always worrying huh but trust me,its so goes well and fun mom”I said




And she sigh deeply


“Oh thanks God!”she said




She show me the second room and I enter helping myself with my hands and guard with extra care


“I’ve to be more extra careful cos this is different from our former house!”I said hissing




Mom enter and smiles


“No different son cos I arrange everything exactly like your former room!”she said




I turn to the door


“Really,mom?”I asks her




She smiles


“Really,dear son”she said




I put my school bag down and start checking it all round


“This is awesome even more than our house!”I said looking round




And perfectly enough,it just and exactly like my former room even tho its more spacious




I jump on the bed


“Oh soft soft,who says money no good!”I said and laugh then roll and roll on the bed until boom,I feel down hitting my head on the floor



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Mom rush to me


“Are you okay,son?”she asks me




I hiss rubbing my head


“It’s hurt so much,mom!”I said as




She rub my head


“Silly boy!”she said and we laugh loud




I pull her close and hug her tight


“Oh mommy!”I said as




She cuddle me


“What happen,son?”she asks




I cuddle her more close


“I’m just thankful for everything since inside the womb still today”I said smiling




She sigh deeply


“Do you wanna ask for something?”she asks me


I look at her


“I’m serious mom!”I said




She laugh and peck my head


“Thanks too son for everything, don’t ask me what but just accept it”she said




I smile and nods


“Alright,no question”I said and she laugh




She stands up and walk to the door


“Your food is on the studying table cos I wanna go work”she said and walk out




I sigh


“Don’t worry mom,I’ll make sure I become so stinking rich and drag you far from poverty!”I said and close my eyes making it a wish




I stands up and off my uniform then wear a short knIcker and blue top and smiles




I sit at my table and sigh


“Is she home?”I asks rubbing my head




I look for my pen on the table when my hands touch something “Oh flower vase!”I said and smiles



And that’s remind me huh


“Oh the garden,she might be there!”I said and stand up




Guarding myself out,I reach outside and walking step by step,I reach the garden and walk little deep to avoid being seeing by the security men




I squat down smelling a flower and beam happily


“I remembered how we start talking!”I said as the memory flash afresh in my whole body’s system and I smile like someone that win visa to travel all round the world




I squat down beside a Rose’s flower and smell it “Smell nice!”I said and smiles



I hear someone running so I quickly bend down my head when the person rush to me and hugs me from the back placing head on my back




And no need telling me joor




Cos I already know it’s….


“Nat!”I said exclaiming




She sigh deeply


“Oh dear,you always know it me!”she said hugging me from the back




Why won’t I know the nice and kind girl that accept me despite who I am huh




I laugh


“Just use my ….!”I said halfway




when she blurt out


“Inner sight,brain and that,I know I know”she said and I laugh




She’s really a character


“Thanks for turning it to memory verse!”I said laughing




She laugh too and release me


“What are you doing here?”she asks moving to my front and sit down




Then push me to fall on my butt too


“Sit dear!”she said




I sit down and cross my legs


“Your sis asked us to be living..”I said halfway again and




She cut me off


“Oh gosh,I know that also but I mean here in the garden,oh boy?”she asks sighing




I laugh and shrugs


“I just remembered how we start talking!”I said looking down




She hit me lightly


“Oh you’re so romantic!”she said and I swear,she’s blushing red like


I laugh


“What’s wrong,Nat?”I asks her




She hold my hands


“You know I should be honest”she said




I look up


“Honest in what?”I asks




She move more close to me


“I really do missed you so much today so I’ve to lie to run away from the night party!”she said rubbing my hands together




I feel so hot and somehow as I move away “Why that?”I asks



She sigh


“I don’t know but when I look into my heart then,o feel that you’re the one I want at that moment!”she said and lean on my cross legs with her head




I sigh deeply


“I can’t just…”I said stammering




She laugh


“Don’t tell me you’re feeling uneasy cos of how close I’m?”she asks me


No way she will found out I’m innocent


“Not at all,just feel amaze by your words!”I said looking away




She laugh and laugh


“Then why sweating despite the cool air breeze?”she said




I clean my forehead


“Nothing,just feel little sick”I said looking away




She hiss


“Really?”she asks me




I nods


“Yes of course”I said feeling little timid




She hiss


“That means I can do this then”she said




And before I knew it,she push me to the ground and fall on top of me “Oh good!”she said and cuddle me on the ground



I swallow my saliva


“Huh Nat,can I use the restroom please?”I asks as I feel my whole body heating up and she’s not helping matter





She pecks me on my cheek


“Not at all,feel so good like this!”she said and rest her head on my chest




I feel my chest rising up and down and even increase the heart beat “This girl wanna kill the innocent ME!”I thought



Without warning,I push her down and rush up “Gudnite!”I said and run away



She screams


“Watch out!”she said but




It too late as I fall deep into the swimming pool




I sink deep


“Oh mother!”I said gulping water




I hear a heavy thud inside the swimming pool as someone pull me up and sigh “Always stupid boy huh!”I hear the person says



But dear Jake which I think is ME is far away as I sees some white people with wings beckoning to me to follow them and they look so beautiful and awesome that I would have follow them




But but but, oh goshhhhhh





Her lip on mine as she kiss me,no no dirty thought




She give me mouth to mouth breathing and she wanna place her mouth on my lip again when I open my eyes and scream


“My first kiss!”I said shouting with my eyes almost pop out




I push her slightly away and stand up running away again and bump into the wall but didn’t care as I dash inside and I could hear her laugh echoing throughout the house especially in my ears and heart




I rush past mom who shout ‘what happen’ but I didn’t wait as I dash inside my room and fall on my bed despite being dripping so wet of water and sigh


“Oh gosh,I just lose my innocence huh,is this ME?”I asks rolling on the bed




And boom,fall on the hard ground again hitting my head and the memory of how I run flash through me


“How did I run like that despite being blind huh,even usain bolt can’t run pass me!”I said and laugh and laugh




Mom knock and knock but I’m deep in thought as my hands went to my lips as I blush so happily




To cut the long story short dears,I sleep on the hard cold ground still beaming stupidly


Oh cold cold cold❄❄❄⛄⛄⛄⛄




Hope you didn’t feel the cold with me sha,oh geez⛄⛄⛄❄❄



Love is really a strange feelings,it make one to see a different and completely new side of you that you think you never have before and you’ll be like ‘is this truly ME?’




Love is great,thrilling,exciting and oh gosh,conquer all things




It’s the best feeling in the whole world and those who have it don’t wanna let go and those who don’t have it always pray and wish for it

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Many love also is there:love between family,friends,teachers to students, doctors to patients and guys to girls and many more




And thanks to the Creator of all Feelings who make it so Free of Charge and amazingly enough,it’s for Everybody







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