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The One I Want – Episode 14

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#EPISODE_14❤    Natalie’s POV    It’s midday as I stands up from my bed nd look beside me to see big sis sleeping peacefully    I tiptoe out of the ward nd move out of the hospital “Hey Jack”I said calling the head of the guards   He face me quickly  “I’m here ma’am”he said    I gesture to him  “Wanna quickly take something from home so help me”I said pleading    He sigh  “But..”he said halfway and stop    As I blinks repeatedly  “Please”I said    He nods as I enter the car And soon,on our way home    Immediately we enter the gate,I rush inside my room and starts to search everywhere  “It must be somewhere”I thought looking round    I open my drawer and look inside too but didn’t see it “Where is it?”I asks rubbing my hair   I search nd search but didn’t see it as tears drop from my eyes   “I’ve to find it maybe that will help in making Jake to have will to live”I said crying    I want to turn back to the door when my leg hit the bed’s wood “Ouch”I said crying nd bend down to rub it   And oh my gosh,thats it  “Yeah”I said smiling    I stretch under the bed to take it when the door open “What are you doing?”I heard Jack’s voice   I want to quickly come out when I hit my head on the bed’s leg “Oh it hurt”I said crying   He rush to my side nd pull me out  “Are you okay,youngest madam?”he asks me    I turn to him crying then burst out laughing  “I’m now that I’ve finds this”I said raising the storybook that me nd Jake did for each other    Before he could say anything,I dash out as he keeps on calling me    I rush inside the maid’s house which Jake lives before nd search his studying table  And there is the book under his pillow    I take it nd move out with tears dropping  “It just like before”I said looking round the room    Jack rush inside nd pull me out  “We’ve to go back now”he said bowing    I smiles  “Yes yes,let’s go back now”I said and we both walk out    Soon,we arrived at the hospital back again nd I get down then rush inside as he follows me too    I pass my own ward nd runs off    He look at the ward then me  “You’ve pass your own ward naa”he said screaming after me    I didn’t even bother to look back or answer him as I dash to the nurse’s desk “Hi Mrs nurse”I said to the nurse I sees there   She turn and wanna hiss but immediately she sees me,she just frown nd bow “It miss Kate”she said    I just shrug”oh whatever so please where’s Jake Mark’s ward?”I asks her    She shakes her head  “I’m sorry,can’t let you go there cos he’s in critical condition”she said to me    I hiss and hit my hands on the desk  “Will you tell me now or I’ll ask the owner of the hospital to sack you?”I says    She turn away  “But I can’t tell you ma’am”she said bowing    I think she’s stubborn  “I think you know a scene caused by a rich people before, it always disastrous especially hospital’s own?”I asks her    She turn nd gasps  “What do you mean?”she asks me    I rub my hair and bite my lips  “I’ll cause a great scene here nd blame you for it and I’m very sure you know the consequences!”I said glaring at her    She starts shaking  “He’s in the VIP ward 12″she said nd bow    I sigh nd rub my chin  “Oh ward 12,thanks”I said and run off    I reach the ward and laugh  “Thats scene is not for me but for some silly rich nd dumb girls”I said nd laugh loud    I sigh deeply and my mood change as I turn the knob on the door and it open wide    There on the bed is Jake neatly dress in hospital’s cloth nd he looks so damn Handsome and sleeps so beautifully    I sigh as I goes in and slam the door shut immediately then sit beside his bed “Why don’t you wanna wake up, why don’t you have will to live?”I asks crying   I look at him and hiss  “Is it because you sleep so beautifully here with no trouble or hard times?”I asks    I remove his blanket  “Sorry love,I’ll give you hard times here if you don’t wake up quick”I said hissing    I turn to look at his face  “And I’ll beat the hell out of you if you don’t tell me the reason why you change the face I fall in love with!”I said pinching his cheeks    I look at his eyes  “Now that you’re seeing everything so perfectly with your eyes, you decided to keep it shut and close again huh,stupid boy?”I says  I open the two storybooks  “This is our story or love which you draw and I make one for you and one for me too even make mistake of taking your own and give mine to you”I said crying    I open the books with each hands nd scoffs  “You want me to read it it for you or even show you the pictures?”I asks looking at him    I hiss as I pinch his cheeks more  “Thats in your dream cos you better wake up and read it by yourself cos even when you’re blind,I didn’t read it for you not to talk of when you’re seeing clearly now!”I said and slap his head lightly    I sigh nd rest my head on his stomach  “I remembered when I first met you in the garden of our home,I first thought looking at your back that this is going to be an handsome guy but little disappointed when I sees your face so ugly nd even blind,oh gross”I said smirking    I raise my head up and turn to the life-supporting machine as it goes smoothly  “I later find out that beauty or handsomeness is nothing compare to a good character cos you really do have a good character and even so jovial nd by the time I know what’s happening,this silly heart of mine is already so deep in love with you,stupid boy”I said touching my chest nd smiles brightly    I look at the window nd laugh  “Oh yeah,I even face all my family with braveness and even make jest of them”I said  I stands up and clap my hands  “Hear your dramaqueen words”I said laughing    I move little step away from the bed  “Why will you fall in love with a blind and ugly boy even a child of a maid in our mansion”I said in mom’s voice    Then I turn back  “Is he not human?”I said angrily    Then turn again  “How dare you shout on your mom?”I said in dad’s voice    I turn again  “Are you hearing me,Jake?”I asks looking at him    I sigh  “Why don’t you tell your woman to keep calm too?”I said laughing    I lean on the wall  “Why is that useless boy you choose?”I says in SIS’s voice    I hiss  “Such an ugly, blind nd so useless boy”I said in brother’s voice     I sigh nd sit beside the bed again then rub Jake’s hand together and it’s so warm   “Do you know what I use to reply them cos I’m very sure you’re curious to know it?”I asks him    I rub his hands again  “I’ll take the warm hands as yes!”I said    I place my head on his stomach again nd sigh I said to those who’re against our love I said to all of them  Without no shaking or fear  I do face them all  With happiness nd love in me  With my total mixed feelings  I look them straight in the eyes  And didn’t whisper it at all  But I said it so loud and clear  I said it so sounding  Not only to their ears alone  But to their whole body system  That you’re the only one for me  You’re the only one for meeeeee  Yes I said to them alllllll……..    I sings so sonorous and raise my head up to look at him then gives my best smile ever  “YOU’RE THE ONE I WANT!”I said with all the joy nd love in me    Then all of a sudden, it all happen as he starts jerking off on the bed as I rush out    But I think the doctor already sees me the signal as he rush inside with some nurses with him and they push me out slightly    I moves out crying and wanna slump to the ground as I feel so weak when a strong hands grab me and hugs me tight    I look up to see Jake’s father crying like a baby with mucus in his nose    I rush out nd dash to a nearby church and kneel down infront o f the altar then pray silently my whole heart to God to please secure him for me    Jake’s POV    I finds myself in a beautiful garden and everywhere is so beautiful nd so warm “Wow this is Paradise” I said smiling brightly   I walk round and round the place and just couldn’t help but marvel at the beautiful work or nature:the peacock ,the waterfall⛲,the deep blue sea ,the trees ,the flowers ,the animals ,the bird ,the insects ,I mean just everything there is so wonderfully made in their own special ways      I turn my head and sees sharks and whales swimming up nd down in the sea and how the eagles soar high in the sky  “This is awesome and cool”I said smiling    I play round and round in the beautiful garden and despite that I was all alone there as human,I didn’t feel alone at all cos the sight is enough reason to send boredom away    I sit on the floor looking at the flower when an elephant move to my side nd use it Nose to carry me up and send me to a nearby tree as a monkey catch me nd swing me on the tree then drop me in the sea headlong    I scream and fall on a big shark as it dip me deep in the sea and jump out to high out of the water nd the eagle catch me with its legs nd we fly round and round before dropping me on the ground back    I look at them as they make their own talk in their own sound “Thanks”I said to them smiling   I was sitting down still enjoying the view when someone hit my head so I hard “Hey son!”I turn to see mom wearing a beautiful garden white garment   I hiss  “What’s wrong,mom?”I asks her sniffing    She want to hit me again but I dodge it  “Can you tell me what you’re doing between the heaven and earth huh?”she asks me  I laugh nd laugh as tears drop  “What did you call this beautiful garden, mom?”I asks laughing again    She hit me so hard this time around  “This is between the heaven and earth,Stupid son”she said    I turn and loom around  “Common mom”I said    She sigh  “I know now the reason why she called you a stupid boy cos thats what you are”she said hissing    I just shrugs nd look away    She kneels in front of me  “Please go back,son”she said pleading    I hiss but raise her up  “I wanna return back too mom but you’re no longer there so what’s the use?”I said crying    She hiss nd hit my head again  “What about your dad,your saving angel mom,your special ability of drawing nd oh yea,a girl who wants you?”she says mentioning them  I just look away  “She didn’t remember me at all and apart from you,she’s the only one I’ve will to live for”I said as tears drop from my eyes    She laugh nd hit me  “So stupid a boy”she said and laugh    I hiss  “Enough hitting,mom”I said    She smiles and peck me so long on the head  “Bye honey and I’ll miss you forever”she said and disappear from my sight    Tears drop from my eyes  “I’ll miss you more than anything else”I said    Then I hear a soft hands touching me as I look up to see Natalie “Hey silly girl”I said looking up at her   She brings out a stick from her gown  “In the world,you call me silly nd now in between that,you still call me that too even decided not to come back home huh”she said nd brings the stick up to hit me    As I run away  “Do you wanna kill me?”I asks her  She this  “And you said I forget you huh,who said that I forget you stupid boy?”she asks chasing after me vigorously    I run and I run so blindly  “Hey silly girl”I said screaming    She hiss nd catch me by my cloth then pull me to the floor  “You’re so dead now,stupid boy”she said gritting her teeth    I raise my hands up  “I missed you so much,Nat”I said as tears drop from my eyes    She drop the stick nd hugs me  “Listen to your heart,Jake!”she said nd turn to Bubbles with smile written on her face    I close my eyes and I could hear her voice talking nonstop from a place then she sigh deeply and I could feel she’s crying    Her voice later boom out as she starts singing sonorous and I laugh happily hearing her get singing about US    I stands up nd follow the direction as my heart leads me to    I walk nd walk then sees a deep hole nd I almost fall inside it but a force pulls me back immediately    I turn from the hole and band sigh  “I wanna go home,I wanna go back to my Nat”I said screaming    Then her voice boom again as she says  “You’re the one I wan t”and thats all I know last as a force pill me out of the place    And I finds myself being pull inside a body on the bed with immediate EF ect    I finds myself jerking up and I down on the bed t hen boom,my eyes open wide    I look around and sigh  “Where am I?”I asks the man wearing white    Oh wait,am I dead cos everyone wears white    They pull everything out of me and put me on another stretcher nd wheel me out    I was put in a middle of two women    Oh wait,one is Mrs Bella Royan who’s now my mom right and oh that little witch who used her body take bullets for me,yes Mrs Cruz:the minister’s wiffy    And the whole place is filled with everybody rush in “JAKE!”they said screaming  I smiles  “Oh yeah,hi dad,mom,Mrs Cruz,Kath beauty,the cool minister nd oh yea,the jerk Andy”I said and they laugh    Natalie rush to my side nd hugs me so tight “What about me?”she asks nd look into my eyes   I turn to others  “Who is she?”I asks t hem    They all gasps  “What!”they said exclaiming    The minister turn to me  “If you could remember everyone then why not the girl you loves!”he said    I gasps  “What,you mean I love this girl here?”I said looking irritated    She gasps too and hit me so hard on the head “Hey stupid boy!”she said and hit me again   I screams  “Stop hitting me,silly girl Nat”I blurt out before knowing it     She hiss and start crying  “He’s teasing me huh”she said    I laugh  “I dare not forget the girl who wants me despite who I’m”I said and pulls her to my arms    She smiles and hugs me  “Oh my stupid boy, Jake”she said and hugs me so tight    I feel so whole and complete as hit tears drop from not only my eyes but everybody there    And I swear I feel so damn complete as I look at everyone: my new mom who’s always my saviour, my strict dad who turn out to be my real dad,the witch Mrs Cruz who turn out to be a saviour cos if she hasn’t take the first bullet in her back then it would have met straight in my chest,the best minister,the cool jerk Andy,the lovely Kath and oh yeah,the girl who wants me always and I’m so sure forever,Natalie Cruz    I smiles as everyone smiles so brightly with total joy leaping in us all as I still hugs Natalie so tight to my chest and she too hugs me tight    The Best Feeling in the whole world:the whole universe which everyone cherish and honour is L O V E and it’s so great if it is TRUE ones    Yea yea,there’s fake love which makes many to hate that four letter words ‘love’    And there’s the true love too which makes us feel whole,complete,blissed and oh gosh,feels so great and thrilling and exceptional feelings    You would all says this authoress is always talking g about LOVE huh    That’s because GOD Himself is total LOVE    And it’s this LOVE that keeps me going in everything I do    Life is not a bed of roses but when you finds out that there’s some people who cares for you both as family or friends,everything else can be deal with right dears…    Wish us total love and love and love then everything else will follows us with gladden heart.  Tbc  THE ONE I WANT

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