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The One I Want – Episode 13

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#EPISODE_13    Writer’s POV   Being push into a police van is the culprit who we all knows as Rachel but surprisingly,it’s her brother still caught yet nd I hope she’ll be catch soon with immediate effect,he should confess    The police push Peter roughly into the van when someone screams “Wait”they turn to see Royan James rushing toward them   Immediately he reach them,he punch Peter so hard on his face nd blood gush out of his mouth  “How dare you!”he said crying    Peter laugh  “Be thankful cos you’re among those I want to kill too but I didn’t make it,just be preparing grave for your son and your wife too nd oh that poor soul too,the minister’s wife”he said nd laugh again    James move to him and pin his neck to the police van “You’ll rot there”he said   He laugh  “But aren’t you sad that you lose your first love and gonna lose your only product too?”he asks    James look at him  “What you mean?”he asks     Peter hiss  “Are you dumb huh,if Jane is your first love then what makes Jake?”he asks him    James gasps  “That’s true”he said    He want to run off but turn back  “Asshole”he said nd kick Peter so hard on the groin as he scream in pain    James rush inside one police’s car as they drives speedily to the hospital    They arrives there and he rush in seeing the minister’s walking up and down with Kath and Andy too    He moves to them  “How are they?”he asks    Minister sigh  “We have not heard from them.since they’re push inside the ICU center”he said    He sigh and squat down  “I’m so sorry Jane,so sorry for being a jerk who didn’t look for you but move on with my life”he said crying    Kath walk away nd enter one ward and on the bed is Natalie been giving drip “How is she?”she asks the nurse  The nurse smiles toward her  “She’s doing okay,just she has pressure herself to remember the past by force”she said    She sit beside Natalie nd rub her hair  “Don’t give up too cos mom nd Jake is there too fighting for their lives and the new mom of Jake so don’t dare give up”she said and place her head on her stomach    Natalie turn in her sleep and her eyes boom open “Nooo”she said   Kath quickly looks up and turn to her  “Are you okay,lil so?”she asks her    She starts crying  “Where’s Jake?”she asks    Kath sigh  “He’s doing good”she said    She sit up  “I remember him now sis,I remember evrything”she said    Kath gasps  “You mean everything?”she asks  Natalie sigh  “I remember the first day I saw him in the garden,how I later meet him again in school,how just by touching my face,he draw it,how we play in the garden park,how we ho to the bookstore,how we..”she said halfway    When Kath hugs her  “You really do remember him,lil sis”she said    Natalie relax in her arms  “I’m so sorry,love”she thought in her mind    She gasps  “What about mom,sis?”she asks    Before Kath could say anything,she dash out pulling the drip out and rush out as Kath also follows her immediately    She rush to her dad  “How’s mom,Jake nd the other woman?”she asks    He want to answer when a nurse rush out  “Who’s the father of the boy among the patients brought in?”she asks    James moves to her side  “I’m his father”he said  The nurse turn to him  “We need you inside cos he needs blood”she said    Without wasting time,he follows the nurse inside nd after few hours,he move out crying  “He’s truly my son”he said crying    He remembered how his mom never support their love nd she shows him the picture of how Jane is na.ked on a bed with his close friend which makes him to forget about her and proposed to Bella instead    He scream in pain  “I’m sorry”he said crying    He squat down  “I should have know mom didn’t approve of our love so she can make up anything to break us apart but I allow my anger to blindfolded me,I’m so sorry love”he thought    The minister pat him gently  “Its okay”he said    He look up  “Is she truly died,I mean Jake’s mother?”he asks     The minister sigh   “She was shoot through the heart three times but we couldn’t find the culprit so I buried her in the grave I build for people”he said    He cry more  “Don’t ever forgive me,Jane”he said    Natalie cry more  “I’m so sorry,ma’am”she said turning to the wall as tears drop from her eyes    She bit her lips as blood comes out  “You’re so lovely to me but I just couldn’t care for you son as you ask me even have the guts to forget him”she said crying bitterly    Andy just stare into space regretting how he treats Jake nd his mom  “What if I didn’t wound you that night,will you be able to fight the culprit or better still,rush out of the room and alert us?”he thought nd kneel down with his heart breaking apart    Kath look at her father nd they just sigh    It has already go viral on radio ,television ,internet nd some calls their people  ☎   to inform them about the minister’s wife that get shot,the death nd kidnapping that happen in his mansion nd now,the one that happen recently where he camp too   Just like we,it only good stuffs that people won’t spread around but if it bad news,it’ll spread around just like fire in the harmattan   It has already reach Rachel herself as she gasps nd bite her finger watching everything    She sprang up  “At least I can still escape since that crazy guy hasn’t confess yet”she said nd laugh evilly    She park few clothes inside her suitcase nd comb her hair “Let’s go to Paris”she said nd winks at herself in the mirror More interesting stories available   She walks out pulling her suitcase along nd open the door to move outside when she comes face to face with James  “Hey love”she said smiling    James smiles too  “Hi honey”he said    She blush  “Common”she said    He rub her hair  “Going somewhere?”he asks her    She sigh  “Of course not!”she said exclaiming  James get more furious  “So you want to run away from your crimes?”he asks her    She hiss  “Which crimes huh?”she asks him    He feels like strangling her but just moves out of the way “You can go”he said   She rush out nd enter her car immediately then drives out but stops as she sees a lots of police cars outside    Peter moves out with handcuffs in his hands “Hi sis!”he said laughing   She hiss  “Silly brother,can’t he wait a day before confessing”she said hissing    She comes out nd smiles  “Oh gosh,what happen to my lil brother?”she asks    He laugh  “I’ve been catch cos of the crimes you asked me to do”he said     She rubs her hands   “Which crimes did you committed nd why lying against me?”she asks looking innocent    He laugh nd brings out his phone  “Oh my,that means I’ve your voice here wrongly”he said nd play the phone    Clearly and soundly,her voice comes out booming from the phone and she just couldn’t talk as she listen to the recording    One police moves to them nd snatch the phone from him “Why don’t you give us this evidence before?”he asks him   Peter smirks  “God saved you guys that you believes when I said you should let me go somewhere then you would have never be able to catch this little witch here”he said pointing to his sister    James holds his head  “I just leave the girl I loved in the hands of the evil ones:mom sent her far from me and that silly girl forced on me makes life miserable for her until she killed her”he saidcrying more    The polices push Rachel into the van while some move inside with guns and check everywhere but they didn’t see anything suspicious    One police moves out  “We need her inside to show us her crazy lab”he said   She was pull out roughly and there,she press a button at the back door nd there’s an underground house where they all enter including James with Peter    Peter gasps  “So you’ve such a cool place in this damn house,sis”he said nd laugh    She turn to him  “I don’t wanna show it to you since you’re so useless”she said    He pull himself from the police’s grip nd headbutt her as blood gush from her nose    He laugh  “Did you feel that pain?”he asks as the police holds him    Rachel hiss  “Hey stupid”she said screaming    He hiss  “I have always been regarded as useless son by mom nd dad cos of you,I didn’t have a tiny love from them cos of you,you always take the limelight nd I was always push into a corner nd you too also turn me to a puppet making me clean all the shit that you do huh”he said crying    She laugh  “That’s because you are as useless as your brain”she said nd laugh     He turn to the police   “Can’t you allow me to kill her then add it to my offences?”he pleads as hot tears drop from his eyes    They push them to the van and calls the specialist forces in the police to come nd check the lab out in the house    James rush back to the hospital to finds out that his wife is out of danger with the mrs Cruz    He look around when andrew calls him  “Here sir”he said    He enter the ward and sees his wife crying as she lay on the bed “Hey love”he calls to her   She cry more  “Oh my life”she said    James sit beside her  “What happen?”he asks her    She just keep crying without saying anything    Kath sighs  “Jake is in coma!”she said  He turn to them  “What!”he says exclaiming    The minister turn to him  “The women are out of danger but the doctor said Jake has no will to live”he said    Natalie squat down feeling pain in her heart “Oh Jake!”she said crying   Kath just sigh as Andrew looks on too    Peter on the other side in the jail cell crying  “I have never feel loved before except pushing me out in my own family cos of not been brainy”he said crying nd holds his head    Who’s that one in your family that you pick out nd not being care for?    Cos he/she is silly    Stupid    Not brainy    Just if one tiny flaws     I hope you move them close again cos that could lead to them turning bad    Being single out from love among people not to talk of your own family is freaking painful    Not being loved by outside people can still be understandable but in your own family is so heartbreaking    So please let love each other equally    I love lil sis 100% but that brother of mine,I hate him so bad    Is bad itself    Never let us do that,show love equally nd everyone will turn out to be amazing nd wonderful later on    Don’t single out of love but let’s us hold each other more in live for us to turn out good in the future…May Jah bless nd enrich our family more in live,unity,harmony nd more good things.AMEN  #THE_ONE_I_WANT

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