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The Halo Effect: A Two Faced Lover – Episode 5

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(episode 5)


Revenge isn’t always a suitable approach to solving relationship issues but most times, it is the best because some ill mannered people need to have a taste of their own medicine once in a while. If you can’t eat it, then don’t serve it. You can’t expect



to have your way all the time while treating people badly and like trash. Everyone has their limits and once you push them beyond that limit, get ready for anything that happens next because they will come at you with all the strength they have got left. Saint had stepped on so many toes and it was his turn to get stepped on so he knows how it feels. Women are nurturers and have the ability to give back to you in ten folds whatever you give to them. Rose had nurtured the pain Saint inflicted on her heart and it was time for him to receive it back in double portion. Well, it seems as though the battle line had just been drawn!


Immediately the interviewer instructed his media crew to cut Rose’s call, they swiftly did so and the call was disconnected. After the awkward phone call session ended, the entire interview studio was dead silent. Everyone gave each other an awkward stare and they all redirected their stare to the man on the hot seat, which was Saint.


Due to the fact that no one saw that bomb coming, it took a little while before the interviewer got back to his senses and continued the interview. In order to be professional, the interviewer covered the severe awkwardness with laughter and told Saint that things like that normally happened on the show.


“Wow, that was unexpected but not to worry, we get calls like this from disrespectful callers who intentionally want to play games. Let’s take a commercial break and we will be right back” The interviewer said and they went on a short break.


Immediately the cameras stopped rolling, Saint took a deep breath as he sat there still short of words. The interviewer tried to cheer him up just so he could get himself back together for the next round of the interview. While Saint sat there still in shock, the interviewer walked up to the media crew to instruct them not to receive any more calls after the commercial break.

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While everyone conversed from a distance, Saint couldn’t bear their low-key comments about him. Unable to bear the side eyes and distant murmur from the crew, he got up and shamefully walked away from the interview studio. Immediately he left, the interviewer hurriedly ran after him.


“Where are you going to? We still aren’t done with the interview and the commercial break will soon be over” The interview guy nervously said, “I’m sorry but I can’t do this, I can’t continue with the interview” Saint said and hastened his steps out of the



building. On seeing that there was no way they could stop him from leaving, the interview guy ran back to the studio to continue with the show because the commercial break was almost over.


A day that was supposed to be a good one turned out to be a disaster after one phone call, so imagine what would have happened if it was two phone calls. There was fire on the mountain already because everywhere was hot; Saint was highly devastated, the interview host and media company were pissed at him for walking away, Rose was angry that she didn’t say more than she did, Saint’s manager was blowing his phone up with calls and his potential clients were also calling as well.


There was just so much happening at once and it almost drove Saint crazy. For once in his life, he gets to experience first-hand what it feels like to be in real pain and heartbreak. He was extremely furious with Rose for her actions and wanted to head down to her office and unleash his anger on her; but at the same time, he knew that his past actions had made her ruthless so she was ready to go down any path with him.


As people kept calling Saint from all angle, he was also calling Rose back-to-back but she unfortunately wasn’t picking up. He called her countlessly and screamed out in anger whenever the phone rang till the end without being picked. “Aa


aahhhhhh” he groaned in pain as he drove; “where did I meet this kind witch from? This girl has killed me, which kind of girl is this one that I carry myself and give? I must deal with her, she doesn’t know who I am” he angrily said.


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While it seemed like the whole world was about to come to an instant end on Saint’s part, Rose was busy smiling at the office all through that day. She even went as far as buying food for her colleagues and everyone was surprised and even began to inquire if it was her birthday.


Have you ever felt that unexplainable good feeling that overtakes a person after they repay someone back for a bad deed that was done to them? Majority aren’t familiar with this payback feeling because they usually don’t like to take matters into their own hands but rather leave the Revenge to God. Well, either ways, there’s this feeling you get when someone pays for something horrible they did to you. It doesn’t make you a bad person to feel that way, but rather makes you human because bad



people deserve to have a taste of their own medicine every now and then. Rose wasn’t a horrible person for feeling happy after supposedly ruining Saint’s image on national television; not after how he led her on, slept with her, broke her heart and humiliated her to top everything up. Haba! Who wouldn’t get pissed and lose their common sense of reasoning?


One of the worst things that can happen to a person’s emotional and mental health is to see the person that inflicted pain on them, walking freely like nothing happened while they suffer. No one deserves to take trash and die in silence while their abuser lives their best life as if someone isn’t going through pain at their expense. Saint set the music, so it was his turn to dance to it!


That day was such an emotionally draining day for Saint as a lot of people were on his case. The interview had gone viral and got so many people talking about it. Saint’s social media accounts were blowing up with comments of different opinion and criticism concerning the interview. The ladies Saint had slept with in the past opened fake accounts and exposed him the more on the comment sections.


Things actually went beyond that as days passed by. Sponsors started pulling out from Saint’s seminars and he also lost major gigs with Big media houses. The tour he was on before the incident had to pause because his sponsors weren’t willing to go ahead with their initial deal.


Just when we thought the worst had happened, it turns out that it was actually just the beginning. While everyone was still digesting the interview incident, another bomb was about to be detonated.


Turns out that some of the ladies Saint had Brutally manhandled in the past, started reaching out to media houses, blogs and vlogs for interviews. Most media houses turned them down but some desperate ones took up the offer and made documentaries with their stories. What made matters worst was the fact that these ladies didn’t know each other personally so they all contacted different media houses on their own. Due to that, there were so many stories from different sources concerning one man which was Saint.


Imagine having numerous confirmation to a particular rumour, wouldn’t the tendency of believing it’s authenticity be on the high? The different stories that filled



the Internet gradually began to break the ‘Halo Effect’ that had surrounded Saint’s personality and image for a very long time. His die-hard followers began to slowly lower their voices during arguments on the Internet, as the scandal and allegations began to get more convincing.


Due to the backlash from the media and also all the financial loses Saint was incurring, he fell into depression and lost weight in no time. Things became bad that he even stopped showing up at public gatherings so as to avoid side eyes or distant murmuring from people that knew what was going on. It killed Saint slowly to realise that everything he had worked hard for years to get, was gradually going down the drain. It felt as though he had hit an irrecoverable low moment in his


life and it killed him daily whenever he recalled that Rose was the master person behind all his misery.


At that point, if there was someone Saint hated with passion and wanted dead, then it was Rose. If God gave men individual privilege to rule the world for just a second, Saint would end Rose’s life the very minute that power was conferred to him. While he was eating himself up and wallowing in depression, Rose was busy laughing at any new article or video about him that hit the Internet. “Na wa oh! So this man have enemies to this extent? It took me to talk before all of them gradually began to crawl out of their shell. Wow!” She shockingly said.


Due to the fact that Saint was already going through so much heartache, Rose decided to remove her hands from his matter and backed down on every plan she was initially having to further run him down. She felt he was already going through so much and there was no need to further add to his pain.


Unfortunately for Rose, while she had decided to let go of Saint and move on with her life, he was about to flip the coin and deal with her mercilessly for ruining his life. Something unexpected happened one fateful day that almost led to world war 3.


It happened one evening that Rose was at a shopping mall buying groceries and wasn’t aware that Saint was in the same mall. He came there to meet up with someone that was contemplating on offering a gig to him that would bring money to his pocket. It’s been a rough couple of months and it greatly affected Saint’s financial



status. At that point, he was desperate for any gig that could bring him money, as a lot of sponsors and clients abandoned him due to the dent on his image.


Saint finished up with his meeting and was heading towards the parking lot when he caught sight of Rose. “Is this who I think it is? I just pray it isn’t her” he said as he took steps to get closer to the person. Before he could even reach where the person stood, she turned and looked towards his direction; Lo & Behold, It was Rose!


Immediately Saint’s doubts were confirmed, he rushed to where Rose stood and before she could even figure out what was going on, a big slap landed on her cheek from behind. After receiving the slap, she furiously turned to see who slapped her and was extremely shocked when she realised it was Saint.


Without wasting a single second, Rose retaliated and landed a hot slap on Saint’s cheek too. She furiously grabbed his shirt and said; “You must be mad, you will kill me today!”.


End of episode 5

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