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The Halo Effect: A Two Faced Lover – Episode 3

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(episode 3)


The easiest way to catch a liar is to confront them with hard evidence of whatever suspicion you are having; but also watch out because a professional liar can still find his or her way out of any situation no matter how intense it is, without giving you the slightest clue that your guesses were right. There was no doubt that the bra Rose found belonged to a lady that had clearly been to his room, so the most convincing lie Saint came up with at that crucial moment was to say that it belonged to his sister. A huge part of Rose’s heart knew that the story wasn’t adding up and she felt in her guts that the Bra belonged to a lady that might have spent the night at his place. In as much as Rose could tell that something was fishy, there wasn’t any evidence to prove Saint’s story otherwise, so she just accepted and shut the topic down.


Due to that little confrontation, the atmosphere became tensed and it made Saint a bit nervous; he could tell that Rose wasn’t satisfied with his response and probably wasn’t happy with him so he had to act fast in order to set the mood back to what it initially was. Determined to bring back the previous good mood, he walked towards where she stood and gently placed his hands on her waist.


“Are you angry with me?” Saint calmly inquired, “I don’t know what to feel at the moment because I can’t tell if you are saying the truth about who truly owns that Bra” Rose sadly replied. Her response made Saint smile for reasons known to him.



Despite the fact that Rose had doubts and needed more clarity before investing too much emotions, Saint wasn’t interested in giving her that clarity but was rather only interested in getting inbetween her legs. “To be honest, that Bra belongs to my younger sister. She came around few days back from school and usually loves sleeping here because she uses my laptop for school work. She probably showered in my bathroom while I was away and forgot her bra in my room” he lied.


At that moment, Saint’s lies began to sound convincing enough to Rose and she sadly fell for it. He could see that his tricks and sweet tongue had eventually gotten to her so he quickly used that as leverage to set the mood again. “Can I get at least a smile from you?” Saint playfully requested. Rose blushed and rolled her eyes in mild excitement as she looked into his shiny eyes. They got kissing again and eventually made their way back to the bed.


While they kissed, Rose was quick to notice the fact that Saint was being slightly rough by squeezing her both hands and choking her in the process. At first, she thought it was romantic and cute but later changed her mind when his roughness persisted.

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Unknown to Saint, it hadn’t come to his consciousness that the ‘Dominant’ part of him had began to show off. Firstly, it started from seizing her hands and squeezing it tightly and later upgraded to choking her slightly in the neck. This form of Love-Making was entirely new to Rose as it was her first time being manhandled that way. She screamed most of the time when the pain was unbearable and endured the ones she could.


Their Love-Making sessions lasted for hours and Rose was transported to the wonderland of intense pleasure. In her shallow mind, she felt she was giving her body to a man that cared so much about her and also to her partner, but little did she know that Saint had no atom of love for her and that they were far from ever being an official couple. Poor Rosy!


After they were done, Saint went straight to the bathroom to take his shower without her and returned few minutes later and went to bed. He turned to the other side of the room and shifted his body in such a way that it had little or no contact with Rose’s body. She didn’t pick any offence due to his attitude because she felt he was greatly



tired and needed a good rest. Though she was slightly angry, she waved it off, headed to the bathroom to bath and laid down to sleep afterwards.


Throughout that night, Rose kept thinking if she did the right thing by giving Saint her body


. “Was I too easy? Did I give him the cookie too soon?” she wondered as she laid down lonely without a cuddle from the man that just touched her. Despite all those scary thoughts, she still remained positive about their relationship and finally retired to bed.


In the morning before Rose woke up, Saint was already dressed to leave the house. Rose was quite shocked because she was expecting breakfast in bed treatment but that wasn’t the case. “Where are you going to?” she curiously asked, “Oh you are awake! I was actually about to wake you up myself. I just received a call and have to head out because I have an important work appointment this morning” he said.


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While Saint was talking to Rose, he was getting ready to leave at the same time. He indirectly watched her to see if she would get up and start preparing to leave with him too but that wasn’t the case because Rose was still comfortably lying down on the bed. In order not to sound rude or in a haste to discharge her, Saint kept mute but prayed within that she does the needful by also preparing to leave.


Few minutes later, Saint was done dressing and looked as though he was ready to leave. “Aren’t you coming with me?” He finally managed to say but it seemed as though Rose wasn’t ready to go just yet. “Uhmm, I don’t think I’m ready to leave yet. I have to shower and maybe eat something, I felt you will be around so we could spend some time together” she innocently said.


Deep down in Saint’s heart, he wasn’t happy that Rose was being too comfortable and also wasn’t seeing the need to leave his house at the same time he was leaving, but who could blame the poor lady? She felt they were in a relationship, hence the reason she was that comfortable. Not after all the sweet talks Saint used to lure her; of which it seemed as though he had forgotten.


Unable to indirectly convince Rose to leave, Saint gave her a spare key to lock up the house when she was ready to go and then left afterwards. Rose felt wanted and



valued when Saint left his house key for her but she had no idea that he was boiling with anger within. As he walked out of the door, she smiled and blushed at the thought of being the madam of the house. If only she knew that her presence wasn’t needed at all and that she was not that important to him, she probably wouldn’t be feeling that fly. Well, it’s quite unfortunate that we can’t read people’s mind.


As Rose was having the best time of her life back at Saint’s house, he was bitter and angry that she was still there. “Did I marry and forget? Which kind wahala is this!” he murmured as he drove down to his destination. It was then that every sweet thing he said to Rose slowly began to dawn on him. When he was busy telling her to let him fill up the space in her heart, he didn’t realise that he was saying those words to a human being with emotions.


I bet Saint didn’t think that winning Rose over was going to be a difficult task, that’s why he subjected to fake promises and tactics when his quick plans weren’t working. Words are powerful and greatly determines a person’s action or reaction towards a situation, person or thing. Rose was acting that way and being too comfortable because of the sweet promising words of assurance Saint spoke to her. He set the beat so he had to dance to it!


At around 11am, Rose finally left the house and took the spare key with her after Saint instructed her to drop it off at a hidden place in front of his door. Rose called Saint to inform him that she had left and that was when he asked if she dropped off the key and she said ‘No’. At that moment, it felt as though he should just fall off the surface of the earth because he felt suffocated. At the same time, every anger ceased when he figured that it was best he kept leading her on so as to Make Love to her whenever he wanted to. He swept every anger he was feeling under the rug and went with the flow.


“So when am I seeing you again?” Saint calmly asked and Rose blushed. “But we just spent last night together and with the way you behaved after what happened last night,


I felt you weren’t into me that much as I thought” She revealed. “How did I behave?” he curiously asked, “You couldn’t even cuddle me or something, I felt used” she replied in a low tone.



To be honest, Saint was fed up at that moment because he wasn’t used to having those kind of conversation with women. The fact that he owed Rose an explanation was emotionally exhausting for him, but he just had to pretend anyways. “I’m sorry babe, I was just tired that’s all” he lied. As the conversed, Rose wanted to bring up the roughness at which he handled her the night before when they made love, but just had to shove it down the drains. They scheduled to meet up again in few days time and ended the call afterwards.


Gradually, Rose started trusting Saint more than she should have. The funny thing was that he was very good at pretending and also very good at lying. The fact that his name was even ‘Saint’ made his shady ways even more difficult to figure out. Sadly, Rose had already began picturing Saint in her life and was excited for what the future held. Actually, what she didn’t know was that there were more shocking surprises ahead; more than finding a bra in his room.


Something shocking happened one fateful day. It turns out that Saint had an interview at a gospel media television show. The interviewer was a gentleman and they talked about life related topics and finally came to his personal life matter. The interviewer asked if he was secretly married or in any relationship because he hardly ever gave out any information about his personal life. Saint smiled faintly and said; “I’m just focused on my good works to humanity and also using my career to bless lives, those are my core priorities right now. Women are blessed beings and need to be pampered by we men, I believe God also had me in mind when creating and have created my missing rib. She’s out there somewhere and I know we would meet someday but for now, I’m focused on other things”.


Just imagine the disappointment Rose felt when she realised that Saint didn’t even acknowledge her existence in his life or even at-least tell the interviewer that there was someone he was seeing to find out if things will work out. The fact that he didn’t even behave as someone that had a lady in his life was heartbreaking.


That very day was the scheduled day Rose was supposed to visit Saint again. She waited for his call for long but it wasn’t forth coming, she called him after a little while but he wasn’t picking up. Unable to control her hurting emotions, she drove down to his house unannounced and used the spare key she was with to open up the door.



Unfortunately, Saint wasn’t home yet so Rose sat on his couch and waited for him to come back because she knew he was in town, as they spoke the previous day. If Rose knew that her heart was about to get broken the more by coming to his house that day, she wouldn’t have made the mistake of coming at all. The interview shock was little compare to what was about to happen that day.


About an hour later, there were sounds on the door lock and it seemed as though someone was trying to insert a key but it wasn’t entering. Rose figured it could be Saint and hurriedly headed to the door to open it up. Immediately the door opened, her heart dropped at the sight of Saint with a beautiful looking lady.


Saint was surprised as to what she was doing in his house without his consent. “What in God’s name are you doing here? Did you call me before coming over?” he angrily asked. The lady he came with sighed and walked inside. She knowingly hit Rose with her shoulder and never bothered to say ‘Sorry’ afterwards.


Short of words and with a teary eyes, Rose looked into Saint’s eyes and said; “Wow! It’s so good to see how much I meant to you. Did you even mean anything you said to me? At this point you could pass for a Devil”.


Saint smiled faintly and said; “Get your entitled self out of my house and give me my keys before you do so”. Rose’s eyes opened widely and she screamed “Wow!”.



End of episode 3

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