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The Halo Effect: A Two Faced Lover – Episode 1

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(episode 1)


Psychologists describe ‘Halo Effect’ as when someone is perceived by others as being good due to previous good deeds that person has done and their perception towards that person never changes; even though he or she was caught in the act doing something evil. Have you ever trusted someone with all your heart and could even stake your life that the person in question would never hurt or betray you; only to find out later that you actually never meant anything to that person and they were living a Big Lie? What if the person happens to be your supposed lover and you were just being played all along. Someone you felt you were in an honest relationship with, only to realise later that you were not even close to being even a ‘Side Piece’ talk more of being the ‘Main Piece; do you know how devastating that feels? Well, brace up because this tale is one of a kind.


In a very busy city resided a charming man by name ‘Saint’. The lifestyle of Saint was an extremely admirable one and it brought him respect from all around the world. Saint was a Life Coach and a Philanthropist who lived most of his lifetime impacting the masses and giving out a great portion of his fortune to the less privilege. Due to his good deeds and impact on many lives, a lot of people could go to war for him.


Things were so serious that people even fought their colleagues or friends that had a different opinion about Saint’s lifestyle. This man was idolised and could never do any wrong in the eyes of the people that loved him. Due to his ‘Holier Than Thou’ attitude, a lot of ladies wished to be his girlfriend and even wife.


I mean, which lady wouldn’t go head-over-heels in love with an angel in human form like Saint? He was handsome, a successful career man, he had a charming charisma and personality, he had the hottest lips you could ever imagine and a banging fitted



body to top everything up. Oh my! He was just a complete package that so many ladies wished could be delivered to their door front. What a man indeed!


However, the truth here’s that no one truly knew who Saint was behind closed doors. No one could tell of the life he lived when the cameras stopped rolling, no one could ascertain his relationship status and certainly, no one knew anything about him other than what he wanted them to know. Saint controlled his imagine very well and never left any loop holes that could leak his secret lifestyle.

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What a lot of people didn’t know was that Saint was very much still single, but it was deliberate because he was a Brutal Love Making Freak and also had the traits of a Dominant. For those who don’t know what a dominant is, it refers to a person that loves taking total charge and control during Love Making without giving their partner any chance to express themselves the way they want to. A dominant derives pleasure in inflicting pain on their partners when they reach a high level of ecstasy and usually want things to always go the way they want. This was the reality of Saint.


Most ladies who had encountered Saint’s Brutal Love Making sessions took race after their first experience, while some actually liked it and eventually became his ‘Call Girls’. Most of these ladies that truly knew who Saint was, gossiped about him to their friends and colleagues and that’s how come people had different opinions about his personality and lifestyle.


To be fair, Saint wasn’t really doing anything wrong because being a Brutal Love Maker or Dominant isn’t a crime and wasn’t anyone’s business, but what made everything look shady and bad was because he usually preached against certain things he practised. As a life coach, Saint usually spoke in seminars and had lots of followers. He was an advocate of equality in everything that pertains to life and usually frown at any form of injustice. But the irony of everything was that he was the master of injustice and inequality. How can you manipulate and use ladies that you know deep down loves you and want a relationship with you? How can you think of only yourself durin


g love making, without considering the pleasure and satisfaction of your partner? How can you be a dominant in your personal life but preach against inequality to the



public? Well, all I see is a double standard and two faced human being but I’m glad every secret has an expiry date.


What Saint didn’t know was that not all ladies can be messed with. His doom wasn’t far fetched since the day he met an equally charming lady named Rose. They met one fateful evening at a restaurant after a stressful work day.


It happened that Saint was already seated inside the restaurant and facing towards the glass that showed the outer part of the restaurant. In the parking lot area was a woman begging for alms with her kids. Coincidentally, they were there when Rose drove in and immediately she alighted, the beggars walked up to her pleading for alms. Rose was kind enough to hold the little girl that held her leg and beckoned on them to follow her inside the restaurant. Read and enjoy more interesting stories on TOPSTER STORIES.


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As they walked towards the restaurant, Saint was quick to spot the charming lady because her kind gesture caught his attention. He sternly watched her till they entered inside. As Rose ordered take-away food for the beggars, Saint couldn’t stop staring at her. In his mind, he kept praying that she stays back to eat in the restaurant and not order take-out for herself too. He wanted an opportunity to approach her but didn’t want to look too desperate by walking down to the counter. He knew he was going to make a fast move on her immediately she settled down to eat.


Unknown to Saint, he wasn’t going to need any much introduction because Rose already knew whom he was and she was also one of his secret admirers. She hadn’t seen him yet but that wasn’t for too long because immediately she was done ordering food for herself, she looked out for where to sit down and the only empty seat in the restaurant was the one opposite Saint. She majestically walked towards the seat to ask if she could sit there and that was when she recognised him.


“Can I sit here please?” Rose asked, “Yes sure you can!” Saint hurriedly replied and stretched his hand towards the seat. In as much as Rose recognised whom he was, she comported herself and pretended otherwise.


After about 5 minutes of awkward silence, the waiter walked in with Rose’s food and a conversation began. “I saw what you did back there, we need more people with



good heart like you” Saint calmly said, “Awwn, thank you very much. I appreciate” Rose replied blushing. Saint asked of her name and she revealed her name to him and also pretended not to know his name and asked for his; of which he also revealed. They got talking and gradually began to enjoy each other’s company.


Apparently, what Rose didn’t know was that Saint wasn’t the regular kind of man that believed in Love. If he liked a lady, it was usually for her to warm his bed and nothing more. He usually gave money to the women in his life and was a great Sugar Zaddy!


In as much as Saint instantly liked Rose the very moment they started interacting, he honestly didn’t foresee anything serious like a Relationship, but rather imagined her at his mercy during Love Making. It was such a messed up life that Saint lived and it was indeed not a suitable lifestyle for a role model like him; little wonder why it was a secret from the rest of the world.


After a beautiful meeting at the restaurant, Saint optioned to pay for Rose food but unfortunately, she had already paid for it at the counter. Due to that, he promised her a date and they exchanged numbers afterwards.


Throughout the rest of that day, Rose was very excited to have met the man she had always admired and had a huge crush on. She blushed at every thought of him and kept replaying their conversations in her head.


On the other hand, Saint wasn’t that ex


cited as Rose was because his intentions were different than she thought. There was no doubt that he liked her but that didn’t make her anyway different than every other lady in his life. The fact that she was generous to the beggars was what actually prompted him to want to get closer to her, otherwise he wouldn’t have made any move to talk to her at the restaurant.


The upcoming date was the perfect time for Saint to make his move and try to lure Rose into his life. He actually thought it was going to be an easy one like with other ladies but was in for a tough chase.


Finally, the D-day came and both parties dressed to kill. Saint was a classy clean guy so whatever he wore usually fitted him, same with Rose too. When they met, Saint



couldn’t hesitate to compliment Rose on her charming looks, of which she blushed all through. They settled down and made their orders and a conversation started afterwards.


“I’m glad you are here, thanks for coming” Saint said, “My pleasure” Rose confidently replied and he smiled. His eyes were fixed on her eyes and it actually started making her sweaty and a bit uncomfortable. “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked in a shy tone, “If it’s a crime to stare into those beautiful eyes of yours, then just apprehend me” he jokingly said and they both laughed.


As Rose sat there looking pretty, Saint had already undressed her in his mind and was just praying for an easy wooing so he could eventually undress her physically. Well, too bad because Rose wasn’t as desperate as the other ladies and would definitely never settle for a ‘Call Girl’ position for any man; not even the almighty Saint.


As they conversed further, Saint began to notice that Rose was a bit difficult and wasn’t an easy prey, so he had to switch his technique even if it meant for him to lie just to win Rose’s heart and trust. “Are you in a relationship?” he suddenly asked, “No I’m not, why asking?” she inquired and he dropped a shocker; “I asked because I might be the lucky guy to fill in that space in your heart.


Those words pierced Rose’s heart and left her speechless for a while. She looked into his eyes and began to stammer. “But..but..” she said and before she could finish her sentence, Saint placed his finger on her lips and hushed her; “Shhuusss, No Buts! Just let me take care of you” he gently said. Immediately afterwards, he stretched his body and planted a soft kiss on her lips.


Rose blinked her eyes after the kiss and was completely love struck at that moment.


She held her chest as Saint drew back to his seat and quietly muttered; “Oh My God”.



End of episode 1

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