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Stigma – Episode 9

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(Episode 9




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That same day, it was almost passed midnight and Francis wasn’t back yet, she picked her phone and dialed his number but it was switched off. Natasha started panicking and almost ran mad. She dialed her husband ‘s number uncountable times that night, but the phone remained the same.


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Throughout that night, sleep was far away from Natasha’s eyes, she was extremely worried of where her husband was. She wallowed in regrets all night and kept praying that God would bring her husband back to her. She wished she could turn back time to the day Francis proposed to her, she wished she told him everything about her past reckless lifestyle. “Assuming he left then it won’t be as painful as I am feeling right now” Natasha told herself.




On the other hand, Francis travelled out of the country that morning , He parked his car at the parking lot in the airport, before he boarded the plane . He switched off his phones and left it inside his car parked at the airport. He wanted to stay far away to think of what the fate of his marriage with Natasha would be.


Tears fell from his eyes when he remembered how he promised Natasha eternal love and happiness.




All through that night, Francis couldn’t sleep either as he thought of Natasha and thier little daughter Nicole “But she was once a prostitute, she slept with too many



men, how am I supposed to live with the fact that my wife was once a prostitute and to make matters worse, she concealed it even when she was blackmailed, she didn’t tell me and she was about to give away 10million, when I caught her” he thought to himself.


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Francis kept contemplating on whether to involve his parents or just work things out with his wife alone. He blamed himself for not paying attention to Natasha’s emotional outbursts when he remembered that evening when his wife cried for no reason, “I need enough time alone to think, if I want to go ahead with this marriage or not” he said to himself.



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Months passed and there was still no word from Francis nor his whereabouts.


Things were getting out of hand and Natasha planned to visit her in-laws, and inform them about everything that’s going on in thier marriage, but on a second thought she was discouraged, ” If i visit them, won’t they judge me or make the situation worse?, cause no parents would want thier son to marry a girl like me, where will I start from and how will i explain to them, how will I tell them that I once sold my body for money, that will be worst” Natasha thought to herself.


Natasha became frustrated, she was heart broken and tired. With the look of things, Francis will never come back, she decided to end everything, she decided to commit suicide, she was so certain that Nicole will be well taken care of by her siblings or by her husband’s parents.




One morning, It was 7:00 am on Monday, September 2nd. two days to thier wedding Anniversary, she had already written two letters , one to her siblings apologizing for what she was about ready to do. And the other letter to her husband, she left the two letters on the reading table, where some one could easily see it.







To be continued

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