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Stigma – Episode 8

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(Episode 8)




Natasha walked into the kitchen and she almost died of heart attack, when she saw Francis holding her phone and staring at her. She hoped that Ben had not sent the text message with the address of where she was to met him yet or else she will be doomed but it was too late for her.


“My love, what’s wrong and why are you looking at me like that?, you are back early, how was your day?, you look unhappy” Natasha managed to say.


Seeing her husband in tears, broke her heart, Francis shook his head back and forth in disappointment. Natasha became terrified and she started panicking, “What going on my love? You are getting me scared” she asked again.




Francis looked at her with tears in his eyes and asked, “Natasha , are you sleeping with another man, are you being blackmailed?, is that why you withdrew 10million today?”


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Natasha was faced with her worst nightmare, she wished the ground could open and swallow her so she can avoid answering Francis’s question but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible. At that moment, Francis felt disappointed and hurt.




“Natasha, I asked you a question, are you being blackmailed ?” he repeated. Natasha was still confused and scared at the same time, ”Baby what are you talking about and where is all these thoughts coming from? Mr Tony told you that I withdrew 10 million?She curiously asked. Francis handed her phone over to her, “read your text message” he said.




One look at the message and she knew it was from Ben. As she read further, she almost fainted due to shock, “Oh God, I’m finished” she said to herself and started crying, it finally dawned on her that the worst had happened and she was at the verge of losing Francis and her marriage.


“Baby please I can explain” she said sobbing, “So it’s true? ” Francis said and shook his head as tears rolled down from his eyes.


Natasha knelt down and moved closer to him sobbing,


“Baby please let me explain” she pleaded, “Explain what exactly? Do You want to explain in details on how you have been cheating on me or on how you were about to give my hard earned money to your lover, to stop him from blackmailing you?


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Or how you lied when we were dating years back that you were celibate and I stupidly thought that you were a good girl, when you secretly satisfied your self with your lover? Natasha I always made sure I gave you everything you needed and also made you comfortable, where on earth did I go wrong to get this sort of betrayal in return, I always tried my best to make you happy and to be true to you, why all these lies and secret coupled with a heartbreaking betrayal, it’s hurts so much, what did I do wrong my love” Francis said with tears falling off his eyes.




“Please darling let me explain, I beg you, I’m not sleeping with another man, ever since I met you, I have not cheated on you, Ben is just obsessed with me please”Natasha pleaded


Then please do explain” Francis replied.




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The moment of truth finally came and Natasha had to tell her truth. “Please can you sit down” she requested and Francis sat. “It all happened years ago, when my parents died, I did a lot of crazy things that I’m not proud of today, I sold my body for money, so I could take care of my siblings and myself, no one from our parent’s family helped us, I slept with many guys in my life and Ben was one of them, he was so obsessed with me, even when I turned a new leaf, he was still glued to me, I relocated with my siblings, but the stigma of my past was still with me everywhere I went and worse of it all was that I would have told you the truth the very first day we went on a date but I honestly couldn’t bring myself to tell you, even when you proposed to me, my dear Husband, I’m genuinely sorry!” She said.


Natasha told her husband everything she could had told him earlier and even about Ben and it’s threats. Oh what a medicine after death.




Francis was mute for a while, then he said “I’m sorry Natasha but I don’t trust you anymore. I really don’t give a dime about your past lifestyle because everyone has a story, I’m disappointed that you hid something of such magnitude from me for



such a long time now, even when you were Being threatened and blackmailed, you still left me in the dark, what if the crazy Ben killed me, I will have died without knowing what killed me and by the way, how do you expect me to believe all you just said, when I can’t even tell if you’re saying the whole truth. You had a lot of opportunities to reveal all these secrets, but you didn’t and now just because I caught you, that’s why you’re finally opening up.”.




He walked out on Natasha afterwards and went to the living room. Natasha burst into uncontrollable tears with no one to console her. She was pained and the thought of losing everything even Francis’s love and trust almost killed her.




On the other hand, Francis was really hurt and was angry. He fell into a deep thoughts and was so angry with his wife. “Why did she keep such a huge secret from me, I love her so much”


He then decided to get the so called Ben apprehended, he called the police commission and told him about Ben and his threats to his wife, his life and family and that evening Ben was arrested.




It wasn’t easy for Francis, he felt betrayed and couldn’t trust his wife again. He managed to give Natasha the good news that Ben had been arrested by the police, Natasha smiled a little bit but Francis left with out speaking any further, for weeks the couple barely spoke to each other, they missed every moment they wasn’t by each others side . They were both losing thier mind .




Francis thought of whether to file for a divorce or work things out with his wife.


I can’t trust her anymore, I need to be alone and to be far away from Natasha, so


I could make the right decision” he told himself,


One morning, he took his car keys and drove off without telling Natasha where he was heading to.


What in God’s name am I going to do now?” Natasha thought, she was sobbing. “Francis had stopped loving me and I don’t think he will ever forgive me”




End Of Episode 8


To be continued

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