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s3xless Marriage – Episode 1

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She came in to the bedroom with her transparent night gown wearing a romantic perfume.


Nobody was left at the house after a long day of felicitations and congratulations for the success of their wedding.




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Who would have thought Sis Rose could get married after several attempts failed at the altar of disappointment and betrayal.


Sis Rose had been into 8 relationships that never led to marriage. Getting suitors was never her problem but getting to the aisle was never realistic until she met Bro EMMY.




Bro EMMY was a well-known brother in the choir and the dream husband of every lady as he seemed to be an example of a true Christian.




Bro Femi dated her for 18 months and jilted her because she refused him s3x before marriage. Bro Ifeanyi left her after a year of relationship when he went for National Youth Service Corps at Enugu where he found Sis Chinyere.




Bro Austin never gave any reason for quitting their relationship of 4 months. The history of Sis Rose’s relationship journey was heartbreaking as she had dated 8 guys in 14 years.


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‘Bro EMMY is going to leave like others, why put in the remaining pieces of my heart?’, she thought. On her traditional wedding, she fainted twice for unbelief and shock that Bro EMMY did not leave like


other brothers.




It was a well-celebrated and well-attended wedding. Members of the choir and ushering team added colour to the day as one of their own were the celebrants of the day.




The joy and excitement that Sis Rose was leaving singles fellowship of the church at 43 made the pastor overjoyed, so much that he made Sis Rose’s wedding one of the best since the inception of the church. Family and friends were not left out as they all created scenes to add colour to the day.




Family and friends stayed back and never wanted to leave them alone even at the late hour of the night. Sis Rose had jokingly told her friends to leave to allow them start their honeymoon and everyone laughed.




‘Madam are you driving us?’ And they laughed again. In all these Bro EMMY was indifferent as to


whether they left or not.




At about 11:03pm, she joined him in the bedroom ready for action of the moon. This is the day she has been looking forward to; a day she wanted to be grabbed, squeezed, cuddled and made love to. A day she will have s3x and not see it as sin against God.




‘Dear, I am all yours now. Do to me what wish. I am not


wearing anything underneath just to give you easy access. ‘Before we are carried away with the joy of our wedding let’s thank God first for all his has done for us’,



Bro EMMY replied. And the prayer of thanksgiving turned to intercessory prayers and then to warfare prayers.




After 40 minutes Bro EMMY was still praying. A prayer that was already getting Sis Rose pissed up. How can we turn our honeymoon to a prayer meeting?


She thought within herself.


She couldn’t stop the prayer meeting because the tempo of the prayers increased by the minute.




At about 12:29am she dosed off and went into a deep sleep. That night they missed the first flight! Before Sis ( Rose) could wake up by 6:30am, Bro EMMY was already dressed up to meet an appointment for 7am in order to secure bus ticket for some of their guests who were slated to go with the first bus. ‘Where are you going to this early that you are already dressed up?’ More Stories @




she quarreled her husband. ‘But we didn’t make love last night being our first night together. Before you go out this morning, you must make love to me.’ Dear, I am sorry that cannot happen now as I need


to meet up for this appointment by 7am. I will make it up to you when I come back.




Sis Rose was not going to take no for an answer that morning. She jammed the door and held the keys “You are not going out this morning until you make love to me”! She called the pastor, “Hello sir, you need to make to our house now or else….” The pastor quickly diverted from his way to his office to their house.




‘What could


warrant this distress call from the newest couple?’ he thought within himself.




To be continued…

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