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Queen high school – Episode 9

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Queen high school




School of a living hell









Episode 9

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The next day, Beauty woke up and saw herself with a different cloth, she screamed so hard that he ran inside the room. She looked at him and saw his face clearly.




“D-Daniel!” she mumbled.




“What’s wrong with you?” Daniel asked worriedly.




“WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME, YOU JERK? WHERE IS MY CLOTH? DID YOU KNOW WHO YOU JUST MESS UP WITH? HUH?” She’s shouted that Daniel has to covered his ear.

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“Calm down, girl. I did not touch you” Daniel said




“Then where the heck is my clothe?” she asked with a rage




“The maid will bring it for you. They are the one who change you not me. Though I feel like taken you down last night or let say that I did coz I enjoy every bit of it” Daniel teased her.




“What?” she shouted.




Daniel smirked and brought out his laptop. He played a video and show it to her. It was a video on how he was messing with her body and satisfy his desire over Beauty. Tears rolled down her cheek.




“W-why did you do this… ?”her voice trailed off due to sobbing




“You’re so beautiful to resist. I don’t know the reasons why you commoner are so beautiful like this” he ran his hand through his hair. “But why is your breast stand so upright like that? Your nipples felt sweet in my mouth, I feel like not stopping



but I have to allow you to have a leg to walk to school today coz you have no car to take you” Daniel smirked at her.




She was just crying. So, she has lost her virginity to a monster guy, like him. What will she tell her parent? What if it turns to pregnant? All her dream will scattered.




“Well, I save you from those rapist then your payback is your body. I never did a Favour without payback. But I love that kind of payback. You’re so sweet. Next time, if you need my help, call me, I’ll come because of your sweet and tight pu**y. I can’t resist them” Daniel was just tormenting her with those deadly words.




Beauty threw a pillow at him but he dodge it. “As you can see now, I got it on my laptop. If I ask you to do anything and you refused, you will find it in the school blog, you can try me. I’ll show you who really Daniel is to you. I have to get to school today, one multi billionaire is coming to our school today and I can’t wait to woo her. My second love. We met in Korea. She’s so beautiful like you. You even look alike but…nevermind. You can come to school if you want or it will be better if you just go home straight” with that Daniel walked out of the room




Beauty cried bitterly. What will I do? What will I tell my parent? Now he will be blackmail me with that video. But if I tell my parent, they will find solution to it but I can’t let them know that this happened. Beauty, what have you done?




At school




Everybody stood still as one car came in. One girl step out. She was very beautiful but who is she beside beauty. She will hanged herself if she ever compared herself with Beauty.





Wow, she’s so beautiful



So, this is the multi billionaire daughter that they are taking about But why did she came with this small car?



Those student are murmuring among themselves




The word get into pearls ear. She looked shocked when they are all looking at her as if they are waiting for her arrival which was true. She smiled.




“It because, I don’t feel like carry those big car to school” pearls said




Wow! everybody gasped. The D4 looked at her. She make up and did everything and she was beautiful. Derek looked at her and compared her with beauty. She never dress to school like a rich kid though Derek was unaware that she’s rich. But she use to dress like commoner yet she’s so beautiful than this one.




“Wait, are you the multi billionaire girl?” Carlene asked as she walked up to her




Pearls was confused. Multi billionaire girl? Me? But I’ll acted up. She looked up and smiled. “Yes, any problem with that?” pearls said sexy




Carlene smiled. Let’s be friend’ she stretched out her hand for her to shake.




An opportunity to become friends with a millionaire girl. Pearls thought. “Yes, sure. We are of the same categories” she shake her Hand.




Daniel walked up to her. “I miss you, my Beauty” Daniel said as he hugged her.



Pearled looked shocked likewise everybody but she quickly recovered and smiled. The leader of the D4 which I never thought I could touch hugged me. Wow, I thank you, my star “I miss you too, sweetheart” she played along well.




Shit. Where is beauty? Elena thought. This girl is taking Beauty life. She’s living in Beauty shadow acting like her. Beauty is the multi billionaire girl but who Is this girl acting like her. And most importantly, what’s the relationship between Beauty and Daniel? Elena thought.




At home




Beauty walked sadly into the house. She has now wore her uniform. She entered the house and saw all the maid pacing around, looking scared. Their face lighten up as they saw beauty.




“Ahgassi, where are you since yesterday? What happened?” One of them asked.


Coral was just looking at her with anger and worried at the same time.




“I went to my friend house to do some project. I thought my parent are still at home and I don’t want them to feel somehow. I’m sorry for making you worry” she gave a small smiled.




“Please, don’t do that again. You should have at least call us” another one said




“I’m sorry. my battery is dead” she said as tears welled up her face.




“Alright, go and freshen up. Food will be ready in a minutes” another one said as they all bowed and walked away.


“Ahgassi, what happened?” coral asked as she took her hand




Beauty looked up at her and tears rolled down her cheek. She walked into the room with coral behind. As she entered her room, she close the door before coral could come in. She bursted into tears



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