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Queen high school – Episode 8

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Queen High School





School of a living hell







Episode 8


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Beauty rushed inside and felled on the bed. Coral walked in.




“Today was fun” she said smiling




“Welcome, Ahgassi. Why are you happy?” coral asked as she dragged her up and began to unbutton her shirt.




“I deal with that stupid girl that use to get in my nerves. You should have see her face like a monkey butt when she was crying” Beauty said as she was laughing and felled back on the bed.


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Coral dragged her up again. “Just be careful. I don’t want to see you get hurt” coral said as she dropped her school uniform on the bed and parked her hair in ponytail.




“Nothing is going to happened. I’m sure of it. It’s those D4 that I don’t want to get on their bad side. Not that I’m scared of them but I don’t want any trouble with them” Beauty said




“What if you offend them?”




“I’ll try everything not to offend them” Beauty reply




“What if one of them toast you?” coral asked again




“None of them is my type. I hate them to the core” Beauty said




“Well, your parent is around. They want you in their study as soon as you arrived” Coral said




Beauty eyes widened. “W-what? My parent are around? What are they doing here?” Beauty asked




“In their own house?” Coral asked back. Quickly freshen up and go to them” Coral said




“No, I will go now. I’m curious on what they want” Beauty said as she wore her slippers then walked downstairs.




She took small steps as she knock upon her father study room. “Yes, come in” she heard her father voice in the room.




She inhaled and exhaled before clicked the door open. She walked in slowly and saw her parent crawled to each other. They love each other to the core, they never even thought that they are no more younger.




“You called me here, father” Beauty said slowly




“Sit down, my dear” her mother said. She bowed and sat down.




“We called you here because, we know you’re an obedient child and discipline one. I have never heard you fighting before but today, I heard that you fight with one



rich kid in your school which surprised me most. But I know that there won’t be a fight without a reason, so that’s what we wanted to hear from you” Her father said




Shit, beauty cursed. She looked at her father. “Father, I hate that school” She said last last.




Both are parents were surprised. “Why did you say that my child” her mother said




“Mother, they mistreated all those poor kid. They treated them like a rag or some stupid thing which is not good. They make them know that they aren’t belong to that school because it’s the rich kid world which is not supposed to be” She released the breathed she was holding. And about today’s fight. The girl slapped me first” Beauty said




“What? She slapped my princess” her mother said releasing herself from her husband. “Who dare do such?”




“The girl slapped you. For what?” Her father asked




Beauty doesn’t know what to say. She can’t lie either. “Because I tripped and wanted to fall but One of the D4 helped me up, so she said I wanted to snatched the D4 from her and her friend” Beauty said truthfully.




“What nonsense!” her father said




“She doesn’t know who you are? She want to rot in jail? Isn’t she aware of who you’re?” her mother said





“You can go” her father said




“With due respect, how did you know?” Beauty asked




“Your bodyguard told me” her father said




“Dad, please I don’t want any bodyguard for now” Beauty said




“Why?” her mother exclaimed




“I wanted to change something in the school first and if they see me any bodyguard they will know who I am, which I don’t want now” Beauty said




“As you want princess but be careful. Don’t stress yourself, okay?” her father said




She smiled. “Thank you sir” She kissed their both cheek before storming out of the room.




The next day at school.




Beauty was in the classroom when Elena walked up to her. “Hey, Beauty what are you doing?” Elena asked




“I’m just trying to read” she reply without taking her eyes off the book.




“Book worm. No matter how hard to try, you can’t break the D4 record” Elena said


Beauty looked up. “What do you mean by that?” she asked confused




“The D4 was the one leading the school and I have never seen anybody break those record before, since I came to this school” Elena explained




“Oh” Beauty nodded her head. “So, you..what are you up to?” Beauty asked changing the topic




“Trying to get some lunch out there, so I came here to call you but you seem busy” Elena said




“I’ll skip lunch today. Examination is fast approaching and I won’t have any chance to read at home today coz I have a movie to watch” Beauty said




“Okay, take care then” Elena went out.




Beauty work for some while before standing up to went to the restroom. She walked in and pee, after a while she pulled the handle to open the door but the door seems to be locked. She tried hard but she can’t open it. She reach for her phone to make a call but she forgot to pick it from the class. More Interesting stories on TOPSTER STORIES APP.


“Hello, someone there” she called but no one heard her coz of wall soundproof.


“Who locked the door” she cried out.




After some minute she heard the bell for closing. Shit, she forgot that today was Friday. “Hello” she cried out but no one heard her.




She sat down and thought of what to do but the door was unlocked. She felt happy and stood up to go outside but some boys came in and pulled her out.




“Who are you?” she asked. “Let go of me” she was struggling with them but couldn’t get free.




“Lie her down” one of them said, she can’t see their face coz they covered it but she think she recognized that voice but where.




An handkerchief with a chloroform was put in her noise to knock her out. She was struggling when she heard a faint voice. “What do you think you’re doing?” A deep but sexy voice shouted.




The boys shivered as they saw him. They picked up a fight but he overcome them and they ran away. A strong arm picked her up and walked out.




She blanked out.





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