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Queen high school – Episode 6

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Queen high school




School of a living hell




Episode 6




Ethan and Beauty sat down in the cafeteria, they are eating.

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“You seem to be in happy mood” Ethan observed




Beauty looked up at him. “What do you expect? I just deal with that stupid girl that use to get on my nerves, so I’m happy” Beauty said as she continue eating.




“But don’t you think you will put yourself in trouble by doing that to a rich kid” Ethan said




Beauty stop eating. “What do you mean?”

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“You just collide with a rich kid, you don’t know that commoner doesn’t have right either they are right or not. They must bowed to the rich kid coz this is rich kid world not commoner” Ethan said




Beauty scoffed. “I don’t care. There should be someone to stand for those commoner. Is it those rich kid good deed that their parent are rich or does those commoner choose to be commoner. It because they wanted to make it in life that’s why they study hard to get the scholarship to this school but instead of you to show them that they are somebody but you people turn them to prey. You turn them into your food. I hate this school” Beauty said as she get back to her food.




Ethan was surprised at her word. “But how are you going to stand up for them when you, yourself is a commoner?”




“Leave that to me” Beauty said




“Anyway, just be careful. Rich kid cannot be defeat in this school” Ethan warned




“Are you a commoner or rich kid? coz you’re just supporting those spoilt brat” Beauty said




Ethan looked thoughtful for a while. “I’m not a rich kid, I just don’t want you to get on their bad side” Ethan said




As they are talking, the D4 walked in and sat down on their chair. The student stood up while some are envy them.




“Attention” one guard shouted.




Everybody looked at their direction except beauty who was happy with her food




Daniel stood up. “Who among you is giving my dad an information about this school?” Daniel asked calmly with that sexy voice of his.




Some girls are melting on hearing his voice. Nobody talked.




“CANT YOU HEAR ME?” Daniel shouted.




“We all know that no teacher is dare to reported us, but who is that Bruce lee that has the courage to reported D4” Derek said




“And all of you that is here are below us, you can’t confront my dad talk less of reported us. Who is that person that was in the same categories with us, D4?” Daniel asked again




Beauty raised up her hand. Everybody turned to her direction. Daniel signal one guard to bring her closer. The guard walked closer to her and grabbed her wrist in violently.




“W-what….” the guard pushed her to Daniel.


“Who are you?” Daniel asked




Beauty did not looked up. “I’m a Angel, who rescue the suffering one. My dad is a farmer while my mom sold what my dad brought from the farm. I work at the coffee shop. I can make you any coffee that you want, do you want me to show you my skills?” Beauty said without facing him.




Everybody bursted into laughter. Daniel even try not to cracked. “Then why did you raise up your hand?” Dylan asked




“Raised up my hand? No, I don’t. I was just stretching my hand like this” She stretched up her hand again but use her hair to cover her face.




“Shit” Daniel mumbled. “Look here, you all know us. We are D4, and we are going to find out the person. Whoever is it, will regret ever coming to this school” with that the D4 walked out of the cafeteria.




Beauty walked back to her sit. “You really wanted to put yourself in trouble” Ethan said




Beauty looked at him but went back to her food. “Hey, are you angry with me?” Ethan asked




“Not at all, since we are both on the same categories” beauty gave a small smiled.









Beauty was coming out of the restroom when she saw Carlene and Ethan. “Brother, why are you doing this? She almost show her pretty face to D4 today, I told you to distract her” Carlene said folding her hand.




“I’m trying my best sister. And beside, she did not have interest in those D4” Ethan said slipped his hand inside his pocket.




“I don’t have interest in them when I firstly got to this school but later, it grew up” Carlene said




“That was you, this is beauty”




“Are you siding her or me?”




“This is not about siding anyone, I’m just saying the different between you too”




“I told you to find out her identity but you did not. Can’t you just make your sister happy” she stomped her foot like a kid.




“Chill, she has already tell everything about herself today but I can sense that she’s hiding something. And I’m going to figure it out, don’t worry” Ethan said as he placed his hand on Carlene shoulder.




“I’m counting on you brother. And, don’t fall in love with that commoner” Carlene warned




“I can’t fall in love with her, she’s not my type. I don’t like her” Ethan said



Beauty felt hurt. Yes, she like Ethan. But she’s not sure if it is love or not. She has began to fall for him but she doesn’t want to but her heart won’t allow her. Ethan and Carlene turned and saw her. Ethan froze while Carlene was surprised.




“Beauty….” Ethan voice trailed off.




Beauty smiled. “Wow, nice one found out” with that she left.




“Beauty, wait….let me explain” Ethan said but she did not answered




“Shit” Ethan mumbled.




“Brother, you okay?”




“I’m fine. Just go” The plan has already ruined” Ethan said




“Carlene smiled. “I have another way. Thanks bro, you have done your path. Leave the rest for me” she said and walked away.




Ethan did not know what to do. “What have I done?” he love Beauty but he doesn’t wanted to admit it because of his sister. But now, he has ruined everything. She will never believe him again.




Beauty on the other hand was walking around the hall. Her eyes was blurry with water. She doesn’t wanted to fall in love but it just pain her that her only friend in school was her enemy. She bumped into one guy, she wanted to fall but one strong hand Round her waist. Her hair flow freely. She looked up and was shocked to see who it was.




“Oh my God!” the person exclaimed. “Beautiful” He grew lust to be with her. He picture her na.ked and imagine be with her on the bed. He imagined f**king her mercilessly. His eyes scanned from her head to her breast. His eyes widened. She has a full breast, he felt like squeezing it. His eyes landed on her full pink lips. He licked his lips in a lustful way.





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