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Queen high school – Episode 5

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Queen High School




School of a living hell




Episode 5



The driver drove inside Mr smith compound and pulled over at the garage. Beauty came down and walked to the house.



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“Ahgassi, welcome” coral greeted as she collected her school bag.




Beauty smiled. “My parent has traveled again?” beauty asked




Coral nodded. “Yes, ma”




Beauty entered her room and felled on the bed. “Today was stressful” she mumbled.



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Coral smiled. “How is the school?”








Coral narrowed her eyes. “Horrible?”




“Yes. To commoners. The rich kids treated them like a dog. They hate them to the core and I hate it. All those stupid D4, I feel like strangled them to death” Beauty said clenched her tiny fist.




Coral smiled. “Horrible indeed. But they won’t mess with you, will they?”




Beauty stood up. “They don’t know who I am. There’s this one doll girl, she’s getting on my nerves”



“I wish we are still in Korea, you will miss all your friend, isn’t it?” coral said as she was packing her hair




“I don’t know what to do. I don’t want any trouble but I hate the way they are treating those commoner” Beauty said




“You have to help them” coral said




“How” beauty turned to her




“By standing up for them since they can’t do you any harm” coral said




Beauty smiled.










Daniel drove inside the compound, he get down and a slut get down also. They both walked inside the mansion. They walked in and saw Daniels parent in the living room. Daniel was shocked, he froze on his spot as his father looked at him.




“So, this is what you’re doing when we are not around,huh?” his father said dropping his newspaper







“Shut up your mouth” his father cut him off. “Guards, throw this thing out of my house” Daniel father said referring to the slut beside Daniel.




The guard bowed and dragged her outside while Daniel just bowed his head. He fear his father to the core.




“Daniel, what’s this?” his father asked




Daniel looked up and saw his father with a laptop, he look at the video and saw the video of how they are sexing Dena. He curse under his breath.




“You rape the innocent girl but frame it on her, huh?” The father shouted.




“We did not rape her, she come by herself” Daniel defended.




“ARE YOU STUPID? DO YOU THINK I’M A FOOL?” Mr John shouted. He picked up the laptop again and play another video “What do you have to say about this one?” Mr John show him the video.




He looked at it and saw how they are forcing Dena to drink and how they started with her.




Daniel could not talk. “You destroyed this innocent girl life. The girl almost kill herself when she think it’s her fault. What will I do with you, Daniel? Is it a sin that you’re born into a rich family? Why can’t you be a good example for those kids? Why can’t you be a pure heart and be helping those commoner?”





“Honey, take it easy” Mrs Sarah caution her husband. “Remember your health”




“I’m sorry, daddy” Daniel apologize




“Look here, if you do not change you left me with no choice than for you to be engaged” Mr John said




Daniel eyes widened. “WHAT?!” He shouted




Mr John nodded. “You heard me right” Mr John confirmed and walked in to his room.




Daniel face his mom. “Mom…”




Mrs Sarah raised up her hand to shut him up. “Don’t mom me. I don’t know the place I collide with you” she hissed and walked into the room




“F**k” Daniel cursed. “Who is the person that gave them this information?” he slammed his hand on the couch. “WHO?” He shouted








The next day




Beauty just finished her work, she stood up and wanted to go out to get something to eat. He needed to pass through Carlene place, she walked carefully but unknown to her that Carlene has put her leg on the way, she tripped and felled down flat on the floor. Nobody laughed except Carlene and her friend. She wounded her kneel.



Ethan hurriedly stood up and offered her his hand. She smiled and took it, he pulled her up.




“Are you okay?” Ethan asked worriedly




“Yeah, I’m fine” Beauty reply. She faced Carlene. “Counted” she said and walked out with Ethan.




Carlene looked confused. “What does that mean?” she mumbled




“She’s so stupid” Marlene said laughing




“You haven’t figure out who she was?” Carlene asked




“Yes. Her identity is unknown to us for now. The hacker that I went to was afraid to tell me. I don’t know why” Darlene said




“I hope she’s not a multi billionaire girl?” Carlene said




“She’s not. She has never come down from the car since she got to this school or go home with car” Marlena said




As they are talking, Beauty entered the class and walked by their side again, she intentionally tripped and poured the coffee in her hand on Carlene.




Carlene stoop up hurriedly. “W-what the heck?” she stuttered



“Oh, mistake. Are you okay. Shit my coffee has wasted. I need to get another one” Beauty said while everybody was shocked.




“Who do you think you are?” Marlene shouted at her




Beauty faced her. “You’re making noise. Some serious student are reading, don’t disturb them with your stinking breathe” Beauty snapped at her. Marlene moved back in shocked. “Oh my, did I abuse you, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me” Beauty said while everybody did not know what else to do




Everybody gasped while some are laughing. Beauty walked close to Carlene. “1-1” she whispered. “Sorry for the trouble I caused you all” With that, she left the class. She looked back and pointed her middle finger at Carlene. “F**k you” she whispered





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