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Queen high school – Episode 4

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Queen High School




School of a living hell









Episode 4

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Beauty took Dena’s sister to the bathroom. She off her dirty cloth and remain in her underwear.




“Excuse me for a minutes” Beauty said and walked out.




She went straight to her locker and brought out her sportwear then headed back to the bathroom. “Put this on. I’m sorry this happened because of me”Beauty apologize

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“Thank you. And you don’t have to apologize, I really wanted to deal with that girl” Elena said




“But she’s stronger than you in this school. You just have to leave her alone” Beauty said




Elena eyes furrowed. “Stronger? Because her father got a lot of money? I don’t think so. I hate all those rich people”




Beauty eyes widened. “They look down on us commoner like a weak people. Do you know how human are to vampire? Like prey, pet, toy and food. That’s how we are to rich kids in this school. They hated us so much” Tears began to rolled down Elena cheek




“I’m sorry” Beauty mumbled.




“My sister, Dena that she’s calling a whore, do you know that she’s innocent?” They frame her and embarrassed her on what she’s not aware of” Elena said




“What happened…” Beauty voice trailed off




“Carlene is the caused of it all”








Dena was going out when she bumped into Carlene.




“Oh my God, I am so sorry” Dena apologize.


“Are you blind commoner? You this slut” Carlene spatted at Dena




Dena grew angry and pointed her finger in Carlene face. “Don’t you ever call me a slut again it else…”




“or what?” Carlene slapped her. “You’re nobody Dena and you all commoner. You are a rag to us” Carlene said




Dena wanted to slap her but froze when she heard a deep voice called her name. She turned back and saw their principal looking angry




“Dena, how dare you raise your hand at her? Carlene smirked. “Do you know who she was? She can buy off you and your family” The class burst into laughter




“Sir, but she called me…”




“Shut up” the principal cut her off. “And for your punishment, you’re going to wash all this school toilet alone” the principal said and walked away.




“Serve you right. Next time, try not to mess with me” Carlene said and forcefully swiped her small hips away.




Dena started washing the toilet before they ring the bell for closing time since that’s the last day for that semester. She almost finished when they ring the bell. Elena entered the toilet.




“Sister, should I help you?” Elena asked



“I said nobody should help her” they both heard a deep voice behind Elena. The principal appeared. “Elena, out now” the principal commanded




Elena sighed. She had no choice than leave. “See you at home sister” with that she left with the principal along with Dena bag.




Dena has finished washing the toilet except for the D4 own. She sighed as she stood in front of their door. She knocked and voice asked her to come in. She walked in deligently with mopping stuffs. She bowed. “I-I’m here to wash the toilet, sir” she said nervously




Daniel looked up and froze. Beautiful, he thought. Yes, Dena was a beautiful girl even more than Carlene but not as beauty nor Elena.




“Are you the cleaner?” Daniel asked




“N-no sir” she reply




“Then why are you cleaning?”




“I-it’s my punishment” she said




“Punishment? For what. Stealing?”




Dena eyes widened. “No sir. I abuse a r-rich girl” she answered



Daniel narrowed his eyes at her. He took out his phone and text his friend. They all come out from different room with some slut. Those slut bowed and left. Daniel poured out some drink. “Come and take” he said




Dena eyes widened. “N-no sir. I don’t want” she said fearfully




“COME NOW” Daniel shouted. She dropped her mopping stuff and was about to run but Derek grabbed her hand and pushed her to Daniel who forcefully gave her the drink. Unknown to her that the drug contain some content which will make her to forgot what will happen for that moment and the incident will look like hypnosis. She will believed whatever they told her.




That’s how they started raping her one after the other. Daniel was the first one that disvirgined her while they other doing it one after the over.




She was crying but after a while they told her to shut up and began to moaned while she can’t refused due to the drug. They video everything.




End of flashback.




“What? That’s so bad of them. Who do they think they are?” Beauty exclaimed




“The D4. Dangerous billionaire. I hate them. They broke my sister. They broke her since. she regret doing it cause she think it’s her fault, so she tired to commit suicide but luckily our last born entered her room and saw her in pain. That’s how she landed in hospital, the test conduct on her diagnosed that she was drugged. That’s how we knew that it wasn’t her fault” Elena said as tears rolled down her cheek.





“I’m sorry” Beauty said




“You don’t have to be sorry. it’s not your fault. I can’t be a friend with any rich kid. I hate them all. But I’m going to take my revenged on behalf of my sister” Elena said wiping away her tears




Beauty was just looking at her.




“Don’t cross their path coz they hate commoners” Elena warned




“Huh? Beauty said. “Okay”




“Can we be friend?” Elena asked




Friend? But I’m a rich kid. And it’s not possible to hide myself. “Elena, I’m not a commoner” Beauty said




“Huh?” Elena eyes widened.




T. B. C.



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