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Queen high school – Episode 3

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Queen High School




School of a living hell









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Episode 3




Beauty just stood there without uttering any words.




“Hey, are you deaf? Can’t you talk?” Carlene spatted at her.




“I’m sorry but I’m a bit nervous” Beauty reply with an angelic voice




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Carlene brain sparked. She looked at her from head to toe. She’s so beautiful, with a long black hair. Her full pink lips was tempting. Her br**st stand well and full.



She did not apply any make up. She’s so natural. I can’t allow her to gain the attention if those D4. “Are you a commoner?” Carlene asked




Beauty looked up at her. “How dare you looked up at me face to face?” Carlene raised up her hand to slapped her but someone hang it from behind.




Carlene turned and saw their homeroom teacher.




“What do you think you’re doing, Carlene?” The teacher shouted




Carlene moved back. “I-I’m sorry, ma’am” she bowed




“Do you know who she was? huh? She is….”




“Ma’am, it’s okay” beauty cut off the teacher.




The teacher smiled. “You’re such a beauty indeed. Let get you to the principal office” Beauty nodded and they both walked away leaving Carlene stunned.




“What just happened now?” Carlene shrugged as her friend walked up to her.




“Who is that girl?” Darlene asked




“Find out who she was” Carlene said as they walked up to the classroom.



The student was talking moving around but as they saw their homeroom teacher, they ran back to their seat. The teacher stood in front of the class beside her was beauty who hold the hand of her bag like a small girl.




“Settle down. We have a new student in our midst”




“Wow” the student all echo together.




“Introduce yourself, dear” the teacher said smiling at beauty.




“She looked at everybody. Some of the boys are looking at her lustfully while some girl ate smiling at her while some ate looking at her with hatred and jealousy, like Carlene and her gang. “My name is Beauty. I promise to behave well and stood where my categories are” She bowed




The teacher was surprised at want she said but shrugged it off. “Alright, go and take a seat beside that boy” The teacher said pointed beside window.




She bowed and walked up to the chair but Carlene put her head on the way which almost make her to fall. She hit her hand on the desk which small bruise appeared. She looked back and smiled at Carlene. “Not counted” was the only word that she uttered




She sat beside the boy and brought out her book. The lesson started.




During the lunch, Beauty stood up and wanted to go and but bumped into a wall. The most surprised thing is that wall talked “I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”



Beauty looked up and saw a handsome guy looking at her. The guy offered her his hand to pulled her up but she smiled and refused. “I’m sorry, I did not look at the front” Beauty said




“No. I should be the one apologizing. Sorry” The guy said.




“It’s okay” Beauty said




“Okay, can we be friend?” The guy said stretching out his hand to her.




“No problem” she shake him.




“I’m Ethan. You’re Beauty right?” Ethan asked




Beauty eyes furrowed. “How did…?”




Ethan smiled. “I’m your seat partner in the class” he said




“Oh sorry. I did not notice you”




“It’s okay. Can we go together?” Ethan said referring to the cafeteria




Beauty nodded and they both walked in together. Ethan brought two plate of food near a table and sat in front of beauty. “Kansamida (thank you)” beauty said





“Are you Korean?” Ethan asked




“No, but I was born in Korea” beauty said




“Wow, that’s so beautiful” Ethan said




As they were talking, the D4 entered the cafeteria and everybody began to shout.




Wow, they are so cute


So, Charmin


See, Daniel, so handsome


My heart is beating for him




Everybody was just making their comment while Carlene was just trying to impressed them.




Beauty looked up at them as they approached a special seat and sat down. She faced her food back. As everybody stood up moving not too closer to them, beauty just stood still and continue eating her food.




“What do you think you’re doing both of you? Aren’t you supposed to stand up for the D4?” Carlene shouted at them which turned all attention to them.




Beauty looked up at Carlene and faced back to her food while Ethan stood up.




“You this little brat” Carlene was walking up to Beauty with a plate of food in her hand. She was about to poured it on her when someone hold her hand from behind. Carlene turned back to see one commoner looking bold.




“What do you think you’re doing, Commoner?” Carlene asked




“That’s enough. Since morning, you have been teasing her but she refused to say anything. I saw you in the class earlier when you put your leg on the way for her but yet she smiled at you. Don’t you think you should give up already?” the girl said




Carlene scoffed. “How dare you?” she slapped the girl




“Stop it” Beauty shouted as she move closer to the girl on the floor.




“Do you want to leave the school” Carlene said




The girl smiled. “I’m ready for that but I wanted to destroy your face before I leave.


And I’ll make sure of that” the girl spoke boldly.




“Dena’s sister” Carlene said. “You wh”re like your sister. We all saw her video as they are sexing her mercilessly” Carlene spatted which make some people to laughed.




“Yes. I know she make that mistake. Yes, she regret doing that but I’ll make you regret doing that to her also” Dena’s younger sister said as she stood up.




Carlene poured that plate of food on her body. Everybody burst out into a laughter.




“STOP IT. THAT’S ENOUGH” Beauty shouted which make everybody to keep quiet.




“I’m sorry for not standing up. I am just a new student, sorry” Beauty move closer to Carlene. “You’re trying me” Beauty whispered slowly and took Dena’s sister then walked out of the cafeteria while the D4 was just watching.





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