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Queen high school – Episode 21

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Queen High School




School of a living hell







Episode 21



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Beauty was dressing up by her maid. Today is their wedding day. Their parents notice that they love each other very well, so they thought no need for engagement anymore but straight to their wedding. After their wedding, they will travel back to Korea to complete their college there before coming back to America. The both lover agreed without hesitation. Beauty was happy to the core. She remember last night when she was talking to Daniel on the phone. Since they have reconcile with each other, she was happy more than before. Daniel was the romantic boyfriend ever. She love everything about him.




Daniel has become a Change man. He is no more proud like before. The only proud he has was beauty. He loves her more than anything. He doesn’t joke with her. She was his life.




“Why are you smiling, beauty?”




Beauty was snapped out of her thought when Elena voice out.



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Coral smiled. “She was thinking about Daniel young master”




Beauty blushed. “What! No! I just remember the film I watch last night” beauty lie




“Ahgassi is in love” coral said again




“What! coral, stop blabbing” Beauty said hiding her deep red cheek due to blushing




Beauty mother walked in. “Princess, it’s time” Her mother looked at her. “You’re so beautiful, my dear”




Beauty smiled. “Thank you mother” she said as she stood up. Another maid helped her to wear her heel.




She adjust her cloth and they all walked out. The ceremony is taking place in the new mansion presented to the lover(Beauty and Daniel). But they will firstly go to the church.






Daniel was dressing up as he was smiling too. The D4 has already know the reason.




“Welcome Daniel” Derek teased




“You guys should try and fall in love, it’s a great thing to be in love I swear” Daniel said as he was tying his tie.




“Wow! Beauty has turn Daniel into something else” Damon said as he crossed his leg




“What do you mean?” Daniel asked




“I can’t believe you quit being a player and arrogant!” Dylan said




Daniel smiled. “I’ll do anything for my love, my heart, my everything” Daniel placed his hand on his chest.




The D4 looked at each other. “I think I need to fall in love, also” Derek said smiling.








“I wish that too”




Daniel smiled. “I can’t wait to see my love. Let’s go” he said as they all walked out.








Daniel was on the alter waiting go his bride. Then the door flipped open revealed Beauty holding his father’s arm covering in a veil. They walked slowly to Daniel.




“I gave you my lovely princess” beauty father said.




Daniel bowed as he take beauty arm. Daniel was trying hard to see her face while she was smiling under the veil.




The priest cleared his throat. They turned to the priest.



“As we gathered here today to witness the joking of two soul to become one. If we see anybody that against this wedding, voice our or forever hold your peace” the priest said. Nobody talked. “So.” the priest continue. “Now it’s time to exchange the ring” they do so. “By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss….” Daniel didn’t waste any more time in removing her veil and place a kiss on her lips which she reciprocate.




Everybody laughed.








The bride and the groom has went inside their room. Their friend and family was still enjoying themselves outside the compound.




Derek was drinking, his friend has gone to have some fun with their chick. Then Elena was walking beside him unintentionally, she slipped and was about to fall but Derek quickly caught her. Her hair was flowing freely. Derek eyes widened.


So, this girl is so beautiful like this or am I drunk. Elena too was drunk. She stood up.




“Thank you handsome, I can’t afford my butt to hit that wicked ground” she laughed.




“That’s good. But I’ll like to hit that butt of yours, pretty girl”




Elena laughed. “You funny. But you look more handsome tonight, see ya” she said and was about to walked away but Derek pulled her back and kiss her roughly





“I love your lips” Elena said




“And I love everything about you” Derek said




“Stupid. you’re drunk” Elena said




“No way, I can’t get drunk” Derek said




“Stupid, stupid, stupid” she said and kiss Derek again.






Beauty just came out of the bathroom and her eyes almost popped out of their socket when she saw how beautiful the room is. Daniel has decorated everything when she went inside to take her bath.




“Do you like it?” Daniel asked out of nowhere and wrapped his arm around her waist then began to kiss her neck which means(I want you)




“I don’t like it, I love it” she said




“I’m glad you love it” Daniel said moving his hand toward her breast




She was feeling funny. “D-Daniel, what..a-are you doing?!” she moaned in between




“Your body is so tempting, I can’t resist it” Daniel said making her go face him.




“But Daniel..”




“Love, we have already marry. We are now husband and wife. Come on baby” Daniel said in a sexy way




Beauty smiled and kissed him. Daniel waste no time in kissing her roughly. They are both moving back walked until her leg touch the bed and the felled on it. That’s is, the love of my life.




“I love you, beauty”




“I love you, daniel”





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