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Queen high school – Episode 20

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Queen High School




School of a living hell







Episode 20



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Beauty stood still as she was looking at Daniel. Daniel noticed her and stood up in nervous. That’s it Beauty, stop that attitude and accept tour lover. Beauty thought then walked down.




“What are you doing here?” beauty asked as she stood in his front.




Daniel sighed. “I-I just came here to greet you then thank you for accepting me back though I have to pass some test before gaining your trust” Daniel said



Beauty laughed. Daniel looked at her, she was so beautiful as she was laughing. She notice that Daniel was looking at her, she stopped and narrowed her eyes at him.




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“Why are you looking at me Luke that?”




“You’re so beautiful. I can’t believe I did not recognize you before. I’m sorry for that. But I won’t let you go anymore. You belong to me and me only” Daniel said with confidence.




Beauty blushed. “W-well you can sit down” beauty said. “What will you like to eat?” she asked




“Your lips!” Daniel said without thinking




Beauty eyes widened. “Huh?”




Daniel shook his head. “Oh sorry. I’m okay” he smiled.












“Can…we go..to my room?” beauty asked




Daniel eyes widened. “Huh?”


“No..no..I did not mean anything. Since,..you’re my ..fiance..so there’s


.nothing wrong with it” beauty wave her hand at his face. “It’s okay..if you don’t want to..go!”




“What if I rape you inside?” Daniel said




Beauty looked at him. “Because my Daniel won’t do such to his beauty” Beauty said looking straight into his eyes.




“You trust me that much?”




“I trust you more than that!”




Daniel smiled and stood up. “Let’s go”




Beauty stood up and they both walked upstairs.




They both entered the room. “Welcome to my room” beauty said




Daniel looked around. “Wow! so beautiful and big” he looked at her. “So, pink is your favourite color!”


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Beauty nodded. “Yes”




That’s nice” Daniel sat down on the bed.


“Hey, here is a chair for you to stand up not on my own bed” beauty said




Dani stretched his hand. “How about you make me stand up” he said as he lay his back down on the bed with his hand under his head.




Beauty eyes widened. She walked up to him and began to dragged him up. Daniel did not move but he dragged beauty down and she felled on him with their faces inched away from others.




“I feel so warm like this” Dani3l said as he wrapped his hand around beauty




“W-what are you doing, Daniel?”




“You look cute when you’re blushing. You look cuter when you’re stammered. You look beautiful when you’re laughing. You look more beautiful when you’re angry. But you look most beautiful when you’re on top of me” Daniel mumbled to her ear




She wanted to stand up but Daniel did not allow her. “Let go of me asshole” beauty said




“Like I said earlier, I won’t let go of you”








“I miss you, beauty” Daniel said





Beauty looked stunned. “What are you trying to do?”




“To win your heart back! with my charm”




Beauty scoffed. “Can I ask a question?”




“Yes, sure”




“W-when you took me to your house…why..did you not..do anything to me?” beauty asked blushing




Daniel looked at her lips. “The first thing that attract me most when I saw you sleeping on my bed is your lips” he looked at her eyes. “Then I saw how beautiful you are. I move closer to you to feel how soft your lips will be but something stopped me”








“It’s like if I touch or do anything with you, I’ll regret if for the rest of my life. I felt like I’ll betrayed myself if I do it, then I thought maybe I should teased you a little so I snap your picture and edit it. I’m sorry if I cause you so much trouble” Daniel said




Beauty nodded her head. “Oh, okay. Can I stand up now?”




Daniel shook his head. “No!”




No? Why?!”



Daniel looked at her lips then to her eyes. She got the signal and blushed. She bend her head and pecked Daniel on his lips.




“That’s not the real kiss” Daniel said








He flipped her over, now he was on top of her. He move his head gently and placed a warm kiss on her lips. As his lips land on her own lips, it sent a shock feeling down her spine. She remember the last time she felt like this, that was when Daniel firstly kissed him. She remember everything fully now. The taste of his lips and how cute he was. Daniel bite her lips and she gasped then he gain entrance into her mouth. He taste everything corner of her mouth while beauty wrapped his hand around his neck.




Daniel pulled back and looked at her eyes. “I may lose. control of myself. Stand up” he said standing up from her.




Beauty blushed and looked away.




He smiled. “Look here, I want your first night to be a memorable one. I won’t touch you till you’re ready but that does not mean I won’t get any romance, right?”




Beauty covered her face hiding her cheek that has turned to red. “I’ll think about that!” she said




Daniel kissed her again the the door flipped open revealed coral. She gasped as she saw then.



“I-I’m sorry. I just wanted to bring Ahgassi her cookies. The is is her snacks time. Sorry for disturbing you, I’ll just leave it here” coral said as she entered with a cookies.




“We are..not doing..anything, coral!” beauty said adjusting herself.




Coral looked at her. “Yeah, I know that but you guys are….see you later..” coral ran






Beauty pouted her lips while Daniel was smiling.




“She will be teasing me with that now!” she said faking a tears




Daniel was just laughing. “You’re so funny”




“This is not a matter of joke” beauty glared at him




“Yeah. Not a matter of joke, sweetie” he was trying hard not to laughed.




Beauty saw him and looked around for a stick. She grabbed her guitar to hit him while Daniel took the heel.




“Don’t you go anywhere Daniel!!!!” beauty shouted as they are chasing themselves.



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