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Queen high school – Episode 2

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Episode 2




The day was bright as beauty came out of the bathroom. She sat down in front a mirror and began to apply cream on her smooth body. She was happy but yet nervous. Because today is her first day in her new school. She just return back from Korea to American. She will now be attend in her father’s friend school, which her father has 40% out of the school.




What will the school be like? Will she make a new friend? Will she be happy in that school? All this thought was crossing her mind as she was apply the cream on the same spot.




“Ahgassi” her maid that was hired from Korea called out to her.

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She snapped out of her thought. “Huh? em…Good morning” She reply smiling




“What are you thinking, Ahgassi?” The maid named, coral asked.




“I’m scared about this new school of mine. I’m nervous” Beauty reply nervously




Coral smiled. “Ma’am, you don’t have to be scared. You’re love by everybody. I’m sure everybody will want to be your friend” Coral assured

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“You sure?” Beauty asked




Coral smiled as she picked up a comb to straight her hair. “100% sure” she reply


Beauty smiled. “Thanks”




“You’re looking beautiful as usual. All those D4 or whatever their name is, I bet they will be fighting over you” Coral said




Beauty smiled. “I’m not that beautiful. There will be a lot of people that will be beautiful than I”




“It seems you don’t know the reason why they are calling you beauty. I wish I was beautiful as you. If there’s any other word apart from beauty, thy should be calling you that” Coral kissed her cheek.




Beauty blushed. “Thank you”




Coral was done with her hair. Beauty stood up and picked up her school bag then walked out with coral. She went downstairs and saw her parent waiting for her at the dining table.




“Good morning, father and mother” Beauty bowed towards her parents




Her mother smiled. “Good morning, my beauty” She went closer to her mother and kissed her cheek.




“How was your night, Beauty?” Mr smith asked with a generous smiled.




“It was fine father” She sat down. The maid serve the food and they began to eat.



“I hope you aren’t nervous about your new school?” Mrs smith asked looking at her daughter




Beauty looked up. “Mother, I’m nervous, just a little bit” She answered sincerely




“It will be weird if you are not” Mr smith bugged in. Beauty looked at her father and gave a small smiled.




“Don’t worry, everything will be fine, okay?” Her mother said




“Okay, mother” She reply as she stood up. “I’ll be on my way now” She bowed




“Take care of yourself” Her father said. She nodded and walked out of the house.


She hop into the car and the driver drove away.




Queen high school




“I heard that there was a multi billionaire girl coming to our school today” Marlene suddenly said.




“What? Is she richer than me? Is she more beautiful than I?” They all just stood and looked at her in amused. “Someone should answered me” Carlene shouted.




“I haven’t see her before” Marlene said




“Neither do I” Marlena added


me too” Darlene said also.




As they were talking, four different sport car entered the school compound. Everybody has already know who they are. THE D4(Dangerous). Everybody was shouting as they step out of the car. They are all looking handsome.




Carlene straightened her cloth and stood in front trying to impressed Daniel, the leader of the D4.




The D4 stood side by side and looked at all the student.




Oh my God, look at them


They look so cute


I think I’m in love




one of the audience blotted out loudly.




The D4 all turned to the girl. She froze.




Dylan looked at her and saw that she was one of the commoner. He cracked and walked to her.




“You’re in love? With who? Who is your mate here? You this dirty rag, insolent fool” He pushed the girl away.




All the student laughed. The girl was ashamed. She stood up and ran away.


“She doesn’t recognize her categories. She such a fool indeed” Carlene butted in




Daniel looked at her. “What’s your own category?” Daniel asked her.




She smiled. “My dad is the best lawyer in this country while my mother is the best business woman after your mom. They are both friend” She reply sexily




“There’s no different between you and that commoner” Carlene gasped. “Look at your shoe, worthless. Look at your hair, that commoner hair is better than yours. All your face contain of artificial” Daniel walked up to her and grabbed her collar. “You’re so ugly. I can’t touch you” he removed his hand and picked an handkerchief from Darlene chest pocket. He use it to wipe his hand throw it on Carlene’s face.




Everybody gasped while some are laughing. The D4 walked away.




“SHUT THE F**K UP” Carlene shouted. Everybody kept silent.




The school gate opened and revealed a very beautiful girl walking inside.


Everybody gasped.




Beauty arrived at the school but asked the driver to dropped her at the gate. She entered and felt all eyes on her. She grew nervous. Carlene eyes widened.




“Is that the multi billionaire girl?” Carlene asked Marlene




Marlene shook her head negative. “I don’t think so. If she was the one, she suppose to come with car”




“Yes. Marlene is right” Marlena supported her twin sister.




“That’s good then. I can’t allow anybody to stole that D4 from us” Carlene walked up to Beauty who stood still looking scared.




Carlene stood in front of her. “Who are you?”




Beauty swallowed nothing
















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