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Queen high school – Episode 19

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Queen high school




School of a living hell









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Episode 19





Beauty was just looking at him.




“You’re not the one in the video. All what I did is that, I snapped you and edit only the head and put yours there. You’re not the one, beauty please” Daniel said still on his kneel




Beauty smiled inwardly. At last, she’s still a virgin. “Then why did you lie?” she said



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Daniel looked down then up back. “I know that you will as whether I touch you or not, that’s why I edit the video. I’m just teasing you. Please, forgive me” Daniel said rubbing his hand together.




Beauty walked out of the room. Daniel sat down and tears were just rolling down his cheeks. The D4 came out of their secret room. Derek hugged Daniel and he began to cry out. He was crying like a girl.




“She’s gone. I..lost my beauty forever” Daniel said




“You didn’t lost her. She will be back to you, I promise you that” Derek assured




“We will make sure she belongs to you again” Damon added




“There’s only three people we can set to her, the first person is Coral, her personal maid from Korea. Derek and Elena. Those are the three people who can plead on your behalf that she will hear” Dylan said




Daniel hold Derek cloth. “Derek, please so this for your friend. I’m sorry for hitting you. I’m sorry for everything I have done to you but please don’t stop loving me as your friend. Do this for me. I can’t leave without beauty, please” he said crying




“Do not worry. I have already promise you, she will be back to you” Daniel hugged him tight




Beauty went straight to class and sat down thinking.




“How does it goes?” Elena popped out of nowhere




Beauty flinched. “You startled me” she put her hand on her chest.




Elena smiled. “Sorry. So, how does it go? What did he said?” Elena asked




Beauty hissed. “It wasn’t Derek. it was Daniel!” she said




Elena frowned. “Oh. Derek called you to talk to Daniel, right?”




“I think so” beauty nodded.




“What did he said?”




“He was just begging me and asked me to forgive him” beauty reply




“So, what did you tell him?”




“I told him never will I forgive him”






Beauty brows furrowed. “What do you mean?!”




“He is your first love, right? You love him. He is the one that disvirgin you. You got no choice than to accept him” Elena said




Beauty shook her head. “He did not sex me. He told me that, he was just pranking me” beauty said




Elena looked surprised. “Then do you ask him why he did not do it?”




“No. Why will I ask him that?” beauty shrugged




“The Daniel I know won’t leave you without touching you. That means he felt something special when he was with you. Like something stop him for touching you. Trust me, you can ask him, you can’t go Scot free from Daniel. He loves you that’s why he wasn’t able to touch you” Elena said




“What are you trying to say?”




“Though, I hate him for destroying my sister’s life but still I know how to forgive. We can’t pay evil with evil. Why can’t you forgive and accept him back since he has realized his mistake and ask for your forgiveness, huh?”




Beauty looked at her. “Who pay you to be saying this?”



“Nobody pay or ask me to. I just wish to tell you that. Try and learn how to forgive. At least, you still get lucky. What If he did not ask for your forgiveness and still you got no choice than to accept him as your husband and he is still behaving coldly towards you?




Beauty sighed. “I hate him”




“Or you’re saying the opposite?”




“You got a problem” beauty said and stood up then walked away.




Beauty went out but was grabbed by a hand. She looked at the person and saw Derek.




“Can I ask something from you?” Derek said




beauty look confused. “Em..yes, sure” Beauty said




Derek kneel down. Beauty eyes widened. “W-what’s going on, Derek? Please, stand up” beauty said confused.




“Derek shook his head. “Just let me be like this. Can you?”




Beauty sighed. “Anything, I’ll do it. What’s it?”




“Please, forgive and accept Daniel back” Derek pleaded



Beauty eyes widened. “J-just because of Daniel, you’re kneeling down for me. I can’t”




“Please..for God sake. You know you said anything, you will do it for me”




“But hr humiliated you in front of the whole school. He remove you from the D4. He doesn’t deserve what you’re doing for him” Beauty told him




“That’s because you don’t know Daniel very well. Though, he got bad temper but yet he’s still a nice guy. You of all people can change Daniel, please beauty. For the sake of you both love, please” Derek looked pitiful.




Beauty looked at Derek. She sighed. “Okay, I forgive him” Beauty said




Derek smiled. “Thank you so much. So, you guys are now…”?”




Beauty looked away as she blushed. “Yes but tell him that it will required a while before my heart can open to him fully again”




Derek stood up. “Yes, sure. He will understand. Thank you” Derek hugged her and she retaliate.








Beauty was in her room when coral came in.





“Ahgassi, you got a visitor” coral said




Beauty looked confused. “Me? Visitor? Who?…I mean tell the person to stay in the living room, I’m coming” beauty said placing her phone down.




Coral winked at her and went out. “Why is she winking at me?!. Tch!”




Beauty wore her slippers and walked out to the living room. She was shocked to see Daniel looking handsome. What is he doing here?





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