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Queen high school – Episode 17

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Queen high school




School of a living hell




Episode 17




They are just looking a themselves. Nobody talked or moved.


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“Hey, kid, any problem?” Beauty mother asked smiling.




“Yes. mother” beauty reply frantically




Daniel quickly stood up. “Don’t worry, we could solve it by ourselves” Daniel grabbed Beauty hand and they both walked to the garden.




Beauty removed her hand from Daniel gripped. “You!!” beauty scoffed


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Daniel was just astonished. “If you’re beauty then who is that girl?” Daniel said




Beauty scoffed again. “That’s pearl, millionaire sex toy” beauty reply




“Then, why can’t you talk that you’re beauty? And how could you forget us so easily?”




“That was because I lost my memory and you did not give me chance to say who am I. You, Daniel!” beauty was just exclaimed. Then the image of Daniel when he was flashed through her brain. Her eyes widened then tears began to rolled down her cheek. She brought out the wrist watch and pulled it up.



Daniel eyes widened. “Y-you still have this! I’m doomed. You’re really my beauty!” Daniel said not believe his eyes.




Daniel saw that she was not smiling, then he remember everything he did to her.


“Beauty..” he wanted to touched her but beauty moved back.




“Don’t you touched me” she said with tears. “I can’t believe that you’re my Daniel” beauty said looking at him disgustful




“Beauty, you know we can solve this among ourselves, right? Please, let act as if nothing happened in front of our parent, please” Daniel pleaded as water welled up his eyes.




“No way. I’ll go in there and ask them to cancel our engagement. I can’t be engage with a monster like you” Beauty said




Tears rolled down Daniel’s face. “Yeah, I know I’m a monster but please do this for the previous Daniel. If you go in there and tell them everything that happened between us in school, that will broke their friendship, you know that. Please, we can solve this at school or we can meet later since they will be allowing us to meet ourselves now, please for the previous Daniel sake” Daniel pleaded.




Beauty looked at his face and saw sincerity. She breath out. “Okay, for previous Daniel sake” she said and wipe her tears then walked away.




Daniel quickly wipe away his own tears and follow her.




They parent smiled when they saw them coming with their hand intertwined.


Beauty was feeling angry while Daniel was feeling sorry but they both acted up.




“I hope everything is fine?” Beauty mother said




Beauty smiled.




“Yes, mother. I don’t know that my friend in school is my own very Daniel” beauty said the last part looking at Daniel with irritation.




“I thought as much that you may have met in school” Daniel father said




“Yes, father” Daniel said looking at beauty with mercy.




Beauty looked away.




“So, since you’re both lover when you’re still small. We now concluded that how about your love upgrade and have a future?” Daniel father said




“Daddy, I love the idea so much” Daniel said smiling




“And beauty since you have gain your memory now, I hope you won’t object to this conversation?” Beauty father said




Beauty looked at her mother, she was smiling. She looked back at Daniel. How can I be engaged to this monster that took my virginity? How can I be with this guy that was harassing me every day at school, huh? But my parent both want this, how can I object?



She gave a smiled. “Yes, mother. I agree to this engagementtttt” she stress the last statement while looking at Daniel.




Daniel mother clapped her hand. “Now, beauty you won’t called me Mrs anymore, what will you be calling now?”




“My mother” beauty reply




“haha..you’re a smart girl” Daniel mother hugged her.




“So, we will decide on your engagement date, then we will get back to you, okay?” Daniel father said




“Okay, sir” they both reply and looked at each other.








The next day at school.




Elena was panting around. She was moving up and down.




“Have you try her number again” sonny said




Elena nodded. “Yes, but she’s not picking up”





“And we have to tell her not come to school today” Miranda said looking sad.




“Yes, but why is she not picking up?” Elena cried and sat down on the grass.




Pearl and Carlene with her gang named, Darlene, Marlene and Marlena walked up to Elena and her friends.




“What are you trying to do?” Carlene asked




Elena frowned and did not talk.




“Can’t you talk?” pearl shouted at her.




Elena did not even flinched.”I’m trying to stop beauty from coming to school so you won’t be disgrace today” Elena said facing pearl. “And you” she turned to Carlene. “So, you won’t be suspended” Elena said with confident.




“Who is bearing beauty?” Darlene asked confused




Elena smiled while pearl flinched. “I told you that you will be disgrace if my friend come to school today” Elena said to pearl




“What do you mean, disgrace and suspend?” Marlene asked looking at her.




Elena scoffed. “Just pray that beauty must not come to school today and stop questioning me. I’m not in the mood for your rubbish”



Carlene raised up her hand to slapped Elena but she hanged it. “Carlene, don’t you even try it. Whether Beauty broke the D4 record or not. This is a school for God sake. More Interesting stories on TOPSTER STORIES APP. Everybody has to show their talent. She is brilliant more than the D4 then how did you expect her to back down because there is law that nobody should break the D4 record. Disgusting” Elena hissed as she dropped Carlene hand and walked away.




“I’m going to disgrace them both today” Carlene said clenched her fist.




Beauty dropped outside the school and walked inside. No bodyguard follow her today. She step in the gate and an apple landed on her head.




She felled down and before she could figure out what’s going on, the student began to throw a lot more at her. She was confused. Elena went to defend her but they are throwing it at them both together. Then Elena friend went and stood in front of beauty. They are receiving all the apple, grape and a lot of fruit.




Beauty phone began to ring. Elena took her phone and ran away then she came back and hugged beauty.




“What’s happening?” she asked confused.




“She must leave the school” the student are saying




“No one has ever break the D4 record. How dare you break it?” they continue throwing at her



Them suddenly four different car drive recklessly inside the compound. Daniel was the first to get down. He began to brat all the boys that are throwing the apple. Then the rest of the D4 also get down and were beating those boys.




Pearl was shocked but still stood intact.




Daniel move closer to beauty. “Biane, jumal Biane” Daniel wipe away her tears.




Beauty looked at her then looked away. Derek move closer to her and carry her up.


Daniel was shocked but quickly shrugged it off.




Pearl walked inside. “Baby, why are you defending that trash?” she said rubbing Daniel chest




Daniel twisted her wrist. “Who are you? Why are you faking yourself?” Daniel asked angrily



The student began to murmuring among themselves.



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