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Queen high school – Episode 15

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Queen high school




School of a living hell




Episode 15




Beauty was rolling on the bed, it’s morning already but was too lazy to stand up.


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She open her eyes and was shocked to see Daniel and the D4. She quickly sat up.




“Happy birthday to you


Happy birthday to you


Happy birthday to you




Happy birthday to you




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Jukanda Amita


Jukanda Amita


Jukanda Amita




Jukanda Amita




The D4 sang for her. Her face brighten




“Kasanmida(Thank you)” She said smiling




Daniel stretched out her hand, beauty stood up and ran up to hugged him. “Happy birthday, sweetie” Daniel said




“Thank you so much” Beauty said




They pulled back. “How did you know that today is my birthday?” Beauty asked surprised




“I just asked your mom yesterday, and she told me that it’s today” Daniel said. Daniel put something in her wrist. It was a wrist watch in a shape of heart and I love you in the band. D&B in the middle of the heart(Daniel love Beauty).




Beauty gasped. “Wow! it’s so beautiful. I love it” beauty hugged him again




“Theses are Our own gift to you” Derek said. They present her a lot of gift. They walked to the living room, there are a lot of gift there.




Her eyed widened. “Who brought all this gift?” she asked



“Your parent business partner brought it. Our own parent gift is there also” Damon said




“How about we go out, only you and me?” Daniel whispered to her ear




“Really? Yes, sure” she said smiling. “Let me quickly go and take a bath” She ran Inside.




“So, you’re going to leave us today?” Derek said




“I’m sorry, but you have to bear it with me. If we go back to America now, we will all be together but her, I don’t think she will come to America for a while. Please” Daniel said




“No problem, guy. We are here for you” Damon said




“Go and enjoy yourself with your newly girlfriend” Dylan said smiling




“Thank you, guys” Daniel said.




An hours later




Beauty and Daniel was in a beach, playing together with their guard not too close to them. They are still small to be allowing wandered around.




They are playing and running all over the beach. Daniel could be so romantic sometimes. They are doing as if they are older than how they are.




After what seem like two hours, Daniel went to get a drink while beauty sat down with her swimming suit, they are now back at the hotel but still alone. One small guy approached beauty.




“Who are you? You’re so beautiful. Can we be friend?” the guy said




Daniel appeared from now her. He twisted the buy wrist. “Get lost, papu(Idiot)” he said angrily




“Aah” the boy cried out and ran away as soon as Daniel leave him.




Beauty glanced at him. “Are you jealous?” she grinned




Daniel blushed




“No,.I’m not. That boy is so annoying” he lied




“I’ll believe you for now” beauty said




“Take” Daniel gave jet a cup of juice




“Thank you” she said as she collected it.




“Beauty?” Daniel called


“Huh?” beauty turned to him




“When are you going back to America?” Daniel asked




Beauty looked thoughtful for a while. “I don’t know” she said




“Well, em…we are going back to America tomorrow” Daniel blow the bomb




Beauty head sparked. “W-what?!” she shuttered




“Yes, we are going back tomorrow morning”




“What about me? Is this where our relationship end?” beauty asked as tears welled up her eyes.




Daniel hold her cheek. “Not at all. Our relationship still continue. I’m going to wait for you, trust me. I love you. Just know that” Daniel assured




“But what if you forget me or see another person that’s more beautiful than me?” tears rolled down her cheek




Daniel wipe away the tears


“Do not cry. You will only be the one in my heart. Even if I turn to a beast, I’ll always give you your own respect because o love you and will continue to do so. Just trust me. I’ll wait for you, okay?”





Beauty nodded. “Okay. I’ll make sure we come to America quickly” beauty said




Daniel smiled. “Good girl. I love you”




“I love you too”




They are both smiling at each other. Daniel eyes landed on her lips. He looked at her smiling face then back to her lips. He move forward then beauty made a move, at last their lips met and intertwined with each other. That’s it, her first kiss was given to the love of her life. Daniel took her first kiss.




The next day




The meeting has over, D4 and their parent has gone back to America while beauty and her own parent was going back to their house since they are living in Korea. But some of her parent rival attacked them on their way. Since she was thinking about Daniel and their kiss when one car suddenly crash with their. Their car somersault and rolled the stopped upsidedown. As the car was rolling, beauty head hit the glass then hit the steering of the car.




An hours later that they are in hospital. More Interesting stories on TOPSTER STORIES APP. parent are not in the car, they are in another car, so they attacker thought that as the car that her parent was in but unknown to them that it was beauty car. Beauty, the driver and two of the bodyguard was in the car. They all survive except for beauty that lost her memory.




Her parent entered her ward. “Who are you? Where am I?” beauty was crying and fighting with the nurse.




Her mother ran up to her with tears. “Beauty, calm down. It’s me your mother”


“No. Who are you? I don’t know you” she was just shouting at her mother.




The mother and the father ran up to the doctor office.




“Doctor, what happened to my daughter? She couldn’t recognize us or who she was. Please, explain to me” the mother was crying profusely




“Madam, please calm down” the doctor said




“Calm down for what? My daughter couldn’t recognize her mother talk less of me, her father and you’re telling us to calm down. Please find something to do about it” the father shouted




“Please, calm down. This is her test that I’m going through. Your daughter is going through Amnesia. It’s likely for her to remember some things or not” the doctor said




“What?!” the mother shouted. “So, what you’re telling me now is that my daughter may not recognize us again?” the mother grabbed the doctor collar




“No. She will remember you since you’re her parent but I fear if she has any friend, she may not recognize them anymore” the doctor said




That’s how beauty lost her memory and forget all her friend, D4 and her first love, Daniel.





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