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Queen high school – Episode 12

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Queen high school




School of living hell




Episode 12




Beauty was sleeping peacefully when Derek walked in with a tray of food. He placed it down gently not to wake her up. He was about to go out when beauty turned around and open her eyes.


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“You awake?” Derek asked




Beauty smiled but quickly sat up. “What’s today date?” she asked worriedly




Derek smiled. “We are still on the same day, just that we are in the afternoon”




Her face was relieved. “Okay. Thanks for the other time. I’ll now get on my way” beauty said as she stood up.


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“How about you eat be for you go. The maid just made it now” Derek said




“Nah, I wish too but I did not eat anything in the morning and they may be suspecting me, so I have to eat at home this afternoon. I’m sorry” beauty said




“Why did you not eat in the morning?”




“I just don’t have the appetite” beauty said




“Okay. Let me drop you, then” Derek said




“No. You have done a lot for me already, I’ll go by myself”




“But do you know the way?” Derek asked




“Of course, I know the way. Thank you” Beauty said as she bowed




“Okay, then. Let me walk you to the gate” they both walked out.




Beauty arrived at home and walked inside. She went straight to her room avoiding coral. She open her door gently and closed it behind. She breathe in relieved.




“Where are you coming from?” She jumped as she heard the voice behind her.




she turned and saw coral standing, looking angry. “Yay, you startled me” she waved her hand.




“Where are you coming from?” coral asked again




“I’m coming back from school” beauty lie for the first time.




Coral narrowed her eyes at her. “You’re in love”




Beauty split out the water she was about to drink. “Boo(what)?!..Anni(No)” she said frantically




“Kotume, wae(why are you lying)?”




Boom. She caught her. “Biane, thintia biane(sorry, really sorry)” beauty apologize




“Mareba(tell me) what happened or else I’ll call your parent”




Beauty pulled her own ear. “Jakaman(wait a minute)…..” her voice trailed off




“I was worried about you. Last time, you came home crying. This morning, you did not eat before stepping out of this house and now you’re coming back since you have close around 2. Huh? What’s happening? I don’t want anything bad to happened to you” coral said looking sad.




“Kontuma, gwenchana, anbuta(Don’t worry, it’s alright. It’s nothing)




“Eotteoke(how) huh?” Beauty hugged her.


“Saranghae, hangsang(I love you, always)




Coral smiled and hugged her back. “Naumu, saranghae(Me too, I love you)”




Beauty pulled back. “I’m hungry, can I have some food?”




“Sure, why not. I’m coming” coral walked out.




Beauty breath out. “Eotteoke irheoke (how is it like this)? I don’t know how to tell you this, coral. That I’m no longer a virgin. That I was raped by one of the D4″ she felled on the bed. Where’s my own Daniel? what will I tell him when he come back for me? That I’m no longer how he left me?” tears rolled down her cheek but quickly wipe it off.




The next day at school.




Beauty was sitting with Elena at under the cherry blossom tree.




“What’s really going on in this school?” Elena asked




“What do you mean?” beauty said as her eyes was flipping round her textbook.




“Who is that new girl bearing beauty?”




Beauty smiled. “Do you know my surname?” beauty asked



Elena think for a while. “I think it’s Anderson. So, what’s your surname has to do with what’s is on the ground…” Elena covered her mouth. “Everything…” she said and stood up. “She was bearing your name! That means she’s a fake. How can that possible?” Elena said shouting.




“When I searched for her, she’s nobody. She was just a commoner coming with her father’s friend car who wanted to be having an affair with her, that’s why she was wearing some of the expensive. Or let say, they are already dating themselves. The man was the one giving her money, sending her to this school. So, like I did, when the student are calling her the multi billionaire girl, she use that opportunity to acted like me. The next day, she got home, she searched for me but since my picture is not in the Internet coz I personally asked my dad not to put it there and for security purpose. She knew everything about me except my appearance” beauty explained.




“Wow! Then why did you stop still?” Elena said




Beauty scoffed. “What will I get from exposing her? If I do, it will be like it’s because i want Daniel or what? And beside, she did not terminate my name, she was just bearing it, so I got nothing from it. Leave her alone, one day, the owner of the crown shall wear it” beauty said




Elena shook her head. “You have a pure heart. But what about all those harassment?”




“That can’t happened again unless it come from Daniel” beauty said




“What’s going on between you and Daniel?”



Beauty remember the video on how he harassed her body, sucking her breast, touching every part of her body. Her face welled up with tears. “Daniel…?” she couldn’t talk




Elena face brighten when the realization down on her. “He raped you?!”




Beauty cannot talk. “Tell me he did not” Elena bend down to her since beauty was sitting down.




“Why can’t you tell your dad?”




Beauty smiled. “Tell my dad? How will I say it? I’m scared. My dad will be disappointed in me before taking any action. And I don’t want to lose my daddy trust in me” beauty said




As they are talking, Daniel approached them and pulled beauty hand then began to dragged her away.




“Let go of me, you’re hurting me” beauty cried out.




“Let go of me, papu(idiot)” beauty said




Daniel stopped. “What did you do to my friend, you commoner?” Daniel spatted




“What did I do, you jerk” beauty muttered




“Who are you? How can a commoner like you speak Korea language fluently? What is Derek defending you? TELL ME!”




“And if I choose not?” beauty shrugged




“Remember, I still have that video with me. In the next minute, if you don’t tell me who you are, I’ll post in the school blog. You can dare me” Daniel smirked




“How about I see you try it, but I think you will like to watch this video first”




They both turned and saw Derek holding his own phone walking up to them.




T.B. C


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