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Queen high school – Episode 10

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Queen high school




School of a living hell







Episode 10



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Beauty wake up the other day and met herself on the floor. She remember that she slept there after crying herself to the core. she began to hear some banging on the door.




“Ahgassi, open this door” coral said as she was banging the door.




“Open it now or else I’ll call your parent” with that Beauty heart skipped. She stood up slowly and walked to the door. She breathed in before open the door and saw coral and the other maids.




“What?” she said lowly



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“Since yesterday you lock yourself in and you’re asking us what? What wrong?” coral said




“Nothing is wrong. I need to dress for school” Beauty close the door back and headed for the bathroom.




After taken her bath, she wore her school uniform and walked out of the room since her bag is in the school. She went downstairs and saw the table has already been set. She just eyed the food and walked out.




The driver bowed and open the door for her. “Don’t worry, I’ll trek” beauty said sadly




“But…your parent will fired me” The driver said




Beauty gave a small smile. “Don’t worry, they can’t know. Ka(go)” Beauty said and walked away.




it has been more than thirty minutes when one car parked beside her. She stopped and looked at the person, it was Derek.




“Hey, can I give you a lift?” Derek said




“No, thanks” Beauty said and walked away.




The car move close to her. “I mean no harm. Just a lift, please” Derek pleaded.




Beauty looked at his face and saw the sincere. She sighed and open the door then get in.


They began their journey again. “Hey, are you okay?” Derek asked




Beauty did not say anything, she was just looking at the people on the road.




Derek touched her hand. She got startled. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fright you. Sorry” Derek apologize again




“It’s okay…” her voice trailed off.




“Can you share your problem with me?”




“Who are you for me to be sharing my problem with? Beauty glared at him




Derek smiled. “Okay, sorry” Derek said




Beauty felt guilty. “I’m sorry. I’m just not in mood for that” she said




Derek looked at her and smiled. “I understand. And beside, you have every reason to be because of what I did last time. I’m sorry”




Beauty looked at Jim in surprised. “You’re apologizing? D4? is there something you’re trying to do to me?” Beauty asked suspiciously




“Like I said earlier, I mean no harm. I just feel like apologizing to you”




Derek pulled the car over at the parking lot. “Em…can I have…your contact” Derek asked nervously




“Wow! this is fun. D4 is nervous. No, you can’t have my contact and thanks for the ride” Beauty said and get out of the car.




She was about to go when a hand grab her from behind. She turned and saw Elena looked angry and worried. “Why did you not come to school, yesterday? And you did not even take your school bag home” Elena said




“I’m sorry. I have serious stomach pain, so my guard took me home, the idiot forgot to bring my bag along. So I decided to rest yesterday” Beauty lied




Elena breathe in relieved. “Okay. How are you feeling now?”




Beauty smiled. “I’m now feeling good” Beauty said




As they are talking, Daniel car arrived and came out of it was pearl and Daniel. She was smiling brightly. Daniel went closer her and wrapped his hand round her waist then gave her a deep kiss. She kissed back.




The student wow. After a while, they pulled back.




“Baby, since they are curious about you, how about you tell them who you are?” Daniel said




Pearl smiled. “I’m beauty Anderson, the multi billionaire daughter. I was born in Korea. And I came back to my home town to continued my education” Pearl said



Beauty head sparked like a live wire. My name combine with my daddy name. My history. She was faking herself. What? So, she…wow! I can’t believe this. But what is Daniel doing with her? What concern me! But it’s do concern me. If she knew Daniel her before, why will he allow her to be bearing my own name and everything about me? That means…..no…it can’t be. I don’t…know Daniel from any corner. But why is she with the fake me?




Wow, this is so nice


You’re so beautiful


I’m jealous of you


You got the leader of the D4 with only one look




The student are just saying among themselves.




How about you speak to us in Korean?


Yes. We will like to hear you speak with Korean language


I love that idea


I can’t wait




Pearl smiled. “Manasobangawayo(nice to meet you)” pearl said




Wow, it’s so cute




Another one, please





“Otocheginaeseyo?(how are you)” pear said again




Beauty did not know when she laughed. She did not pronounce it well. She was doing at someone who just read it in a book.




Everybody turned to her direction. Pearl was stunned as she saw beauty. Is this a human? How can she be so beautiful like this? Since I was born, I have never seen anybody that’s more beautiful than me but this one beat me pass. Why? Why will she be more beautiful than me? Look at her hair! Oh God! its so long.




pearl stomped her feet on the ground. Daniel walked to Beauty. “Why are you laughing?” Daniel asked




Beauty frowned and looked away. “Can’t you hear me?” Daniel shouted everybody flinched.




“Was I supposed to be crying? or can’t I laughed again or maybe we should be taking the permission from the D4 before laughing” Beauty spatted at him




Everybody gasped. “You know I can make you shed uncontrollably tears right now” Daniel said




Beauty heart skipped a bit. “W-what?”




Daniel smirked. “You know I still have the video with me, I can make you cry if you don’t tell me the reason you’re laughing when my babe speak Korean language” Daniel said




Beauty had no choice that to follow his lead. “Because she pronounce it wrongly” beauty said




Everybody gasped. Daniel was taken aback. Yes, he know that she did not pronounce it well. He was even wonder that how can she be speaking like that? Coz she was born in Korea and even went to school there till she was now a grown lady, then how she be speaking like a person that started learning it? But he thought otherwise.




“And how did you know that she did not pronounce it well?” Daniela asked as he slipped his hand in his pocket.




Boom! What will she said now?




CAN’T YOU HEAR ME?” Daniel shouted at her. “Or you wanted to cry now?” Daniel leaned forward and whispered to her ear.




“BECAUSE I LEAVED THERE” She shouted back




Wow! everybody gasped. Pearl was shaking but she acted up and walked to them. “And how will you leave there when you’re nobody? Can’t you see the way you’re? You’re so ugly” pearl said




Daniel looked at pearl then back at beauty. Baby, she’s more beautiful than you in 100 times. Don’t disgrace yourself. Daniel thought. But…




Beauty scoffed and glared at pearl. Pearl slapped her. “How dare you glared at me?” She said




Beauty hold her cheek. “You dare slapped me? Do you know who I am?” beauty shouted




“Who the hell are you?” Carlene come out of the crowd and stood in front of beauty. “Because, I shown mercy unto you when you mess with me? You would have rot in jail if not because my dad pleaded on your behalf, idiot” Carlene looked around. “Marlene, Marlena and Darlene, let deal with this stupid girl”




They began to throw egg at her and apple. Elena and her friend wanted to defend her but some group of boys hold them down. Her cloth was mess already. Daniel was just laughing and kissing pearl.




“STOP THIS ALREADY!” Someone shouted from behind.




They all turned and saw Derek with an angry face T.B.C

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