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Quarantine Diaries – Episode 8

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*Quarantine Diaries*




*Episode 8*




Bill had been quiet on the issue for almost a week waiting for Bella to come up with an explanation, but she wasn’t coming forth.


Whereas Louis had been begging Mina for the past 7 days trying to explain what caused it.



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Mina has still not recovered from the trauma and anytime she recalls what she saw at the hotel, tears roll down her chicks.




Louis had since rejected Bella’s calls for the past 6 days. But picks on the 7th day.




On phone…




Bella: Hi, u know I’m sorry for all that happened. I’m very sorry for the conduct of my husband, little did I know of the whole scenario.



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Luois: Bella I should be apologizing here. I’ve since rejected ur calls because I can’t stand the shame I’ve caused u and myself. I barely eat these days. My home is disorganized, my wife is yet to recover from the trauma and it has been hell for me. I’ve not eaten since morning. I’ve being begging her all day but all she does is cry.




Bella: Hmmmm, my husband has been quiet and calm as thou nothing happened, but I’m not too bothered about that. I want your home to stabilize so u can be happy with your family once again. I can sort myself out. Don’t think about me that much.




Louis: Are u sure? U mean he has not said a word for the past 6 days? It’s really strange, he might have a plan. I think u should start apologising to him, he might find a reason to forgive u.




Bella: Louis, I told u not to bother about me that much, I can handle it. Let’s see to how u can restore happiness in your home.




Louis : Well, I’ll get back to u soon. Let me see to what Mina will eat.




Bella: OK, just keep showing her love and attention it may work. Find a convincing explanation to tell her. Let’s see what happens kk.




Louis: I’ve been trying, but let’s see what happens. Later then.




*That evening*




Bill: Babe, I’m from the dinning table and there’s no food. Can u serve me pls, I’m hungry.




Bella: I’m sick, and since u have refused to know how I’m faring for the past 6 days how will u know I can’t cook? Well I couldn’t cook and I’m hungry as well. I was waiting on u to come so we think of what to eat.




Bill: For real? Bella, upon all that happened that I’ve kept mute about, u still got the guts to tell me I refused to check up on u?? Should I ask u why u did it before u give me an explanation??




Bella: Bill, what did I do? What did u see me doing? Tell me what explanation u need so I’ll give u.




Bill: Bella, so u saw nothing wrong with what u did?




Bella: Bill, why should u inform my parents u saw me with another man. Should u tell my parents whatever goes on in our home? How did my parent know about this?




Bill: U ignored your mum when she tried talking to u about your actions, u told your dad to excuse you when he tried advising u, how will u know how they got to know about your doings? Is that why u have been unconcerned all this while? That’s what u want to defend yourself with right??




Bella: Among the four of us, who on earth would have informed my parents if not u? Are u telling me u didn’t tell my parents about this, are u saying u are not the one?




Bill: Bella, I didn’t call your parents to report u to ur mum or dad. If u want to know how they knew u should have listened to them.



Bella: Bill, I’m not ready for this right now. I’m not feeling fine and I need some food and rest.




Bill: Well I don’t think we can get food from anywhere by this time. Manage something from the fridge, I’ll sort myself out.




To be continued!

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