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Quarantine Diaries – Episode 4

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*√√ Season 4*




Dad calls Mina.


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Dad: Hi Mina it’s Bill, hope u good?




Mina: I’m fine, your self?




Dad: I’m doing well. Sorry for what happened yesterday anyway. Hope u didn’t show any sign of it when u got home?




Mina: I gave u my words. I didn’t. But he was mad at me for taking the boy out without his notice. But I apologized and cautioned the boy not tell him about what happened. From now I’m gonna keep an eye on his movements.


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Dad: Alright. I have your husband’s Voter’s card with me. How can u trick him to look for it?




Mina: Really? What’s the name on it?




Dad: Louis Adepa. Is that his name?




Mina: of course!!




Wife walks in as Dad makes the call.




Wife : honey, can we have a word?




Dad: Pls let me finish this call.


Wife: Alright




Mina: That’s my rival I guess. Hmmm




Dad: Well, she was the one. So as I was saying, what can u do to make your husband look for his card?




Mina: I really don’t know but I’ll be glad if u can send me your wife’s picture on whatsapp. I wanna see if I know the face.




Dad: Well, I’ll do so. I’ll get back to u shortly OK. Bye.




Dad calls wife.




Wife: Who was on the phone?




Dad: A friend I met on my way to the mall.




Wife: A friend, So u ignored me because u were speaking to a friend? When did u start this honey.




Dad: I’m sorry dear, I didn’t know u needed me so urgent. I’m here for u. Let’s talk.




Wife: OK, I’m cool. I wanna go visit my mum and dad in the village and educate them a little on the pandemic and as well give them some foodstuffs. I think I’ll get some farm produce from my dad’s garden so we preserve as well.


Dad: That’s not a bad idea. When do u intend going?




Wife: My junior brother the soldier said he will bring me a permit to show to the security personnel on my way, so if he brings it today I’ll leave the day after tomorrow.




Dad: Well, u can go if he brings it. Are u going with Tilly?




Wife: Of course granny misses her.




Dad: For that I won’t allow. I think u should go and come since u will return the following day. Just prepare something and keep in the fridge for us, we will stay behind so u go and come.


Just tell ur mum I didn’t allow her to come with u because of the of the pandemic.




Wife: OK, if u say so.




Dad goes through his phone and sends a pic of his wife to Mina.




Mina: Thanks Bill. I don’t think I’ve met this face before.




Dad: OK.




Mina: Anyway my husband told me yesterday that he will be visiting his parents. He said his dad needs him urgently and he wants to take the boy along. But I refused. He hasn’t said anything about that yet. But he said he will leave tomorrow.


Dad: Really, how is he gonna drive through town?




Mina: well, he said he has sorted that already.




Dad: wow. My wife equally said same story but she said she will leave a day after tomorrow.




Mina: For real, where does he parents reside?




Dad: Prampram




Mina: Huh , my husband’s parents are in New Ningo, not far from Prampram.




Dad: Really?!




Mina: Yes.




Dad : well I have plan.




Mina: Tell me!




Dad: U give me ur husband’s car registration number, I have a police friend I’d employ to track him for me.


Which guest house do u think is conducive that he may book?



Mina: GT 501-17 A. He drives a charcoal black ford escape. He only has one guest house he goes, it’s called Micah’s Villa at the outskirts of New Ningo on the Prampram road.




Dad : OK. I’ll give u updates just in case OK. Chat u another time. I still have ur word. Don’t show signs of anything kk.




Mina: Kk Bill. Thanks

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