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Promise Me – Episode 9

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Episode 9 –




Second To Last.




Rachael had told Jared about Keith’s reappearance into Beatrice’s life and how they had sorted thier differences, Jared was happy and at the same time sad and broken, He wouldn’t stop blaming himself for letting Beatrice go.


“Keith is her first love, it’s obvious that Beatrice would go back to his arms” Jared had thought


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He accepted defeat and was ready to leave the country to start a new life.




One morning, Rachael called Beatrice


“Hi babe” Beatrice greeted



“My brother is leaving the country, please Beatrice stop him, I don’t want him to go, please Beatrice, only you can stop him” Rachael said sadly on the phone


“What happened? Jared is leaving the country with out informing me?” Beatrice said in a low tone, the news got her thinking.




Beatrice rushed down to Jared’s house, Jared was so excited to see her but he acted cool

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“How are you Beatrice?” He said calmly


Beatrice was speechless, Her sight wandered to an already packed bag and Jared’s travelling documents on his reading table.


“Are you leaving me? “Beatrice asked, she was in tears


“is your love for me that weak? Can’t you see that I love you so much and I have been waiting patiently for you to make the first move and come back to me?”Beatrice added




Jared was surprised but excited, he never saw that coming, “My love, i’m sorry, I’m so sorry” He said as he hugged Beatrice tightly


“I love you so much” Beatrice entered


“I love you more than you know, I was so scared I thought I had lost you” Jared said softly




One evening, Keith visited Beatrice at home, After a long while of being quiet, he broke the silence. “I’m still in love with you” he confessed, looking into Beatrice’s eyes, “but I don’t love you anymore, I’m in love with someone else, his name is Jared and we are getting married in two months time” Beatrice said and blinked her eyes. At that moment, Keith was in pain and he wished he could turn back the hands of time, he was disappointed as his new friendship with Beatrice had raised his hopes of getting back to her but the news of Beatrice’s wedding shattered all his hopes, “I’m so happy for you, I wish you all the best” Keith managed to say with a faint smile.




Beatrice knew he was heartbroken,


“I know how are you feeling right now because I have went through that road but there’s nothing I can do to help you feel better, I was true to our relationship, I didn’t break all the promises I made to you but you did and it was for the best, but now I want you to Promise me…. “Beatrice said softly and paused for a while.




Keith stared at her confusingly “Tell me what you want! ” Keith said in a low tone


“Promise me you will be happy and love your life, I know you have learnt from your mistakes, promise me you will move on and be happy” Beatrice finally said and Keith smiled


“I promise and this time I going to keep my promise, thank you Beatrice! Thank you for being so kind to me, I don’t deserve such kindness, you are an angel, Jared is a lucky man” Keith said calmly as he smiled




As they were conversing, the door bell rang, Beatrice went to get the door, lo and behold,


“Jared” Beatrice announced


“My love how are you?” Jared said calmly as he walked into the living room, Keith almost dropped dead when he saw Jared,


Indeed, he knew deep down that he had lost Beatrice for good because Jared was really a man to die for, Jared looked perfect.




“Beatrice is the only woman that ever genuinely loved me, I was such a fool to let myself lose her to another man,” Keith thought as he stared at Jared.


For a minute, Keith felt jealous and envious, ” I can’t believe I let a precious jewel like Beatrice slip out of my hands” He thought.




In the other hand, Jared was in a deep thoughts too “Oh I finally meet Keith, I wish I could Thank him in person for not appreciating what he had and for letting



Beatrice go. Because, it was due to all these things he did wrong that I’m able to have Beatrice today. Beatrice is the best thing that has happened to me in a long while and I’m never letting her go again” Jared thought




Beatrice wondered why Jared and Keith were staring at each other without uttering a word, She quickly introduced both of them to each other.


“Keith, met my fiance Jared”


“nice to meet you” Keith said calmly


“same here man” Jared said calmly


And they both exchanged hand shake




The atmosphere was tensed and felt awkward for Keith. Before Beatrice could utter another word, Keith got up to leave, “Beatrice, I will be on my way” he said and he turned to Jared “Please take care of Beatrice, she is a very special person and she deserves to be appreciated” He added and then he left.






To Be Continued

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