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Promise Me – Episode 8

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Episode 8




People gathered the scene and rushed Keith to the hospital. One of the good people that rescued him, searched for his phone so as to contact his relatives to inform



them about the accident. They dialed the last number on his call log and it was Beatrice




“Keith stop calling me and go away, last week at the therapy center, you promised to leave me alone, if I listen to what you intended to say and I did listened to all you said, why is it always hard for you to keep your word? what do you want from me? Why are you bent on troubling my life ” she said but she was shocked when an unfamiliar voice replied

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“Madam, The person that has this phone just had an accident, we are taking him to the hospital, please come to City hospital now, he is badly injured and unconscious, you are the last person he called that’s why I called” the person said and ended the call.




In great shock, Beatrice screamed “What!”


The news of Keith’s accident came as a big shock to Beatrice. At that moment, every anger and grudge she had been harbouring in her heart for him, died instantly. Her body became cold and was covered with nervousness. It was at that point that she realised how hard she had been on Keith, She was trembling and she prayed God should save Keith or else if anything bad happens to him, she will feel responsible.




She hurriedly dressed up and headed to the hospital where Keith was admitted, she called Rachael and she told her everything, she was shocked but agreed to come over to the hospital.


In no time Rachael joined Beatrice at the hospital. Beatrice requested to see Keith but couldn’t because he was being attended to by the doctors in the emergency ward.



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Few hours later, a nurse informed Beatrice and Rachael that Keith was now conscious. “Who’s Beatrice amongst you?” The nurse asked, “I’m Beatrice” she replied, “The admitted patient has been calling your name ever since he woke up, he kept on saying “Beatrice please forgive me” the nurse said.




That revelation by the nurse, broke Beatrice’s heart into pieces. She felt so bad for being so hard on him even though he deserved it. She didn’t know when tears started falling off her eyes.


“Please can you take me to him?” Beatrice requested and the nurse Thrown in “Are you related to him In anyway, “He is my ex…sorry I mean no but I know him, “She said as Rachael stared at her awkwardly, The nurse directed them to his room.




Immediately Beatrice saw Keith, she walked to his bed and Keith managed to say


“I’m so sorry for dumping you, I’m so sorry; I feel so bad for cutting you off. please forgive me, I’m so sorry” Keith pleaded sobbing.


Keith was severely hurt due to the accident, he was in a great pains.




“I’m so sorry for everything I made you go through, I hate myself everyday for how I treated you when you came to Lagos three years ago, I left you shattered and broken, I couldn’t fulfill all the promises that I made to you, please forgive me” Keith added with tears in his eyes.


“Keith I have forgiven you wholeheartedly and I bear no grudge or hatred for you, let’s put the past behind us” Beatrice said calmly and Rachael watched them as they spoke.




Few days later, Beatrice resumed her session with her therapist, this time she was so determined to heal herself and be happy again. The therapist was so happy on how much she had improved, “I’m glad to know that, you had finally let go of your past negative relationship experience, by forgiving Keith, Your Past experience with him messed up your love life with Jared, Cause each time you Remembered, how Keith, your shady ex made you feel undesired and unappreciated, you transferred all the negative emotions over to your new relationship and that made your insecurities snowball out of control, how do you feel now? ” The therapist asked calmly



“I feel much lighter, it’s feels like an heavy burden was taken off me, I feel great” Beatrice replied as she rolled her eyes



“Forgiveness brings about healing but Forgiveness will not take away your insecurities, now is the time to work on yourself, you have to let go of your pain, now is the time to heal your self completely,


self doubt every now and then in a any relationship is totally normal. But, when it comes to jealousy in relationships, personal insecurities and comparison, it can actually drive a wedge between you and your partner.” Read and digest more sweet stories on Topster stories app. The therapist said and paused for a while and continued




“Insecurity is good to some extent because it makes you work harder in the relationship and value your partner more. If there’s too much insecurity though, it can create a toxic atmosphere in the relationship and can wreak havoc on your confidence. It can even separate partners who love and care for each other like in the case with Jared.


insecurity or jealousy appears harmless and somewhat adorable. But if it sinks its teeth too deep into the relationship, it can make you act out of character and harm the relationship. here’s what you need to do.”




“Firstly, you need to Build your self-esteem


Secondly, Find out the root cause of your insecurity, Dig deep and think back to what is causing you so much grief. In your case it’s not just Keith’s betrayal” The Therapist added




“Yes, it’s true, my father abandoned me and my mother, when i was Ten -years-old, My mom later discovered that he eloped with his lover” Beatrice responded


“you need to let go of that experience too, it will benefit you if you forget about every betrayal you had experienced from the people you love so much. Now is the



time to tackle it head on. Stop over thinking and lastly Channel your anxieties into something productive instead, do what you love like exercising,


Studies show regular exercise can help reduce anxiety, depression, and boost your mood. It can also clear your headspace, giving you time to meditate or just hang back and enjoy the high from your workout, Relax and have faith! With clear mind, you will make the best decisions ” The Therapist advised




Few weeks later, Keith was discharged from the hospital and gradually Beatrice and Keith became friends again. They both completed thier therapy and their life became much better.






To Be Continued

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