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Promise Me – Episode 7

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Episode 7




Before he finished, Beatrice was already in tears. Keith came closer to wipe her tears “Don’t you dare touch me, Keith what do you take me for? A fool? You think I will run back into your arms because your supposed wedding to Amanda was cancelled? I will never forgive you, you are heartless and wicked, you shattered my heart into tiny pieces, you left me for another girl, You betrayed my love and you



deserve everything that happened to you and more evil will befall you, for turning my life upside down, My God will judge you” Beatrice replied sternly




“Beatrice, You shouldn’t be angry with me anymore cause God had dealt with me, please find a place in your heart to forgive me” he pleaded

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“I will never forgive you, you deserve to die, just stay away from me, I will never forgive you ” she said and she stood up at once, Keith sat helplessly in the reception and watched her pick her bag to leave. He couldn’t control the tears that fell uncontrollably from his eyes, “I deserve it, I destroyed what we had, I left Beatrice for Amanda, just like that, without an apology, I’m so heartless, i deserve to die” he thought as hot tears rolled down from his eyes.




On the other hand, Jared was thinking about Beatrice, he felt extremely bad after she found out that Beatrice was seeing a therapist, he called his sister, Rachael and told her everything.


“I’m so angry with myself, I made Beatrice feel so bad, I made her feel like she was crazy, I remembered that I told her that she needed help, you won’t believe that she is seeing a therapist, I made her feel like she was sick in her head” Jared told his sister.


“it’s not your fault, she needed to heal her self first and I’m glad she took that step, I know that we were so hard on her but I know she would understand, The last time she called me, I was so harsh on her and ever since then I didn’t even call her to know how she was doing” Rachael said calmly.




All through that night, Jared couldn’t sleep well and kept tossing back and forth on his bed. He thought of Beatrice all through and he felt guilty at every thought. He was going crazy and didn’t even know why he broke up with her that night, “I didn’t break up with her when she smashed my phone on the wall and not even when she threatened to kill me and kill herself, if she ever finds out that I was unfaithful to her, What have i done?, I feel like I failed her, how will I set things right?” he wondered as he laid on his bed.



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“How could i let my Beatrice sleep with a heavy heart for 3 weeks ?


How could i sleep when I know that she was sad? In the first part of the story,


I know that she has trust issues and worries,


But then i came suddenly,


Telling her that i love her truly, I made her fall In love with me, I worked hard for her to say yes,


I even made so much promises, i actually sent so much messages, I didn’t forget to use her favorite person, her friend and my sister,


There’s a lot of things we ‘ve planned together, One of those is to marry each other


I promised her that I will stay and I won’t hurt her but I broke all the promises that I have made


I didn’t fulfill the things that i have said” Jared thought, he was already in tears




On the other hand, that same night, Beatrice was also thinking about Jared. She was deep in thought when her phone rang, she picked up her phone to see who it was and it was Rachael


“Hello Beatrice” Rachael greeted


“Hi babe” Beatrice replied with a low tone




“My friend, what happened your voice is so low, I hope you are not angry with me, please I’m sorry for not being there for you when you needed me the most, for judging you and not giving you a chance to explain yourself, please forgive me and Forgive Jared too please, he is so sorry, he broke up with you just like that” Rachael uttered calmly




“I’m not angry with you or with your brother, In fact, I’m the guilty one, I transferred all my anger and grudge I have for Keith to your brother, I’m sorry about everything, I could not fulfill my promise , I couldn’t stop doubting him, I



couldn’t trust him and I was always scared of losing him, he deserves peace And the least I can do for him now is to stay away from him, I’m not the right person for him, Jared deserve someone better not a complicated person like me, it’s better this way, we were better off as friends” She said as tears rolled down from her eyes.




“No don’t say that, no one is perfect not even my brother, please don’t give up on the love you both feel for each other, you mean so much to him, he was just angry and that’s why he reacted the way he did, please my friend” Rachael pleaded




A week later, Beatrice totally avoided the therapy center to avoid bumping into Keith again, her therapist called her one-day, to know why she had missed her three sessions and she told her she was extremely busy with work but she would resume for her sessions as soon as possible.




On the other hand, Keith was always at the therapy center hoping that he would see Beatrice again, after a week of being unable to see Beatrice , Keith started thinking of crazy harmful things to do to himself to end his miserable life. One evening, he drove out of the therapy center in anger because Beatrice did not show up again. That day, He had called Beatrice but she hanged up immediately she heard his voice, Keith was speedily driving his car and was wallowing in confusion and regrets, he reminisced on the good times that he had with Beatrice when they were still together, he didn’t know when he lost control of his car and he was in a terrible accident, he was badly injured and he was unconscious.






To Be Continued

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