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Promise Me – Episode 5

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Episode 5




Jared wasn’t too surprised because he was used to Beatrice’s trust issues and he had already sensed trouble, When he caught up with her, He smiled and looked into her eyes, “my love, why are you always doing this to me? Tessy is just an old school mate, how can you just walked out on me because I greeted someone I know, it’s unfair” he said. Jared held her hands and she quickly took his hands off and said “let me have your phone, let me see if you didn’t give her your phone numbers” Beatrice said at once




“What? Of course we exchanged numbers, I just told you that she is my old school mate ” Jared said angrily, he was getting tired of explaining himself every time, Jared was a man of few words and falling in love with Beatrice was turning him into something else, he would always speak many times to prove himself but still Beatrice would not believe him. Jared became furious and disappointed with Beatrice.



“For your information, Tessy is a married woman with 3 kids, She is also my cousin and my old school mate, so I know her too well, Beatrice, you promised to change but you are getting worst by the day, your love for me is turning into an obsession and I feel so suffocated by being in a relationship with you, you will never change, you need help and you are going crazy, you know what, I’m tired and I can’t continue living my life like this, it’s over between us please I need peace” Jared said angrily, Beatrice tried to hold him but he shifted his body away from her grip and walked away.

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Immediately Jared left, Beatrice burst into tears and she run towards him, when she caught up with him, she tried to give him a hug and she told him how sorry she was but Jared ignored her and drove off without uttering a word .


“it’s all my fault” She said, She burst into tears as she remembered how thier relationship started, Jared was a partner to die for. He called her every now and then and he treated her like a Queen, She remembered that thier relationship began to have issues when she started to keep tabs on his every movement and how she would go crazy whenever his phone was switched off or not reachable.


“When did things get this bad between us? It’s all my fault, I need help, I’m going crazy” She told herself still in tears




And then she recalled the day, she smashed Jared’s phone on the wall because he had refused to give out, the password for his phone .


“That day, Jared was in shock , he couldn’t believe his eyes, I smashed his new expensive phone, I can’t believe I did all these to him” She thought as she sob



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She was crying bitterly as the thought of losing Jared was haunting her, She picked up her phone and dialed Jared’s number but he was not picking up, she tried again for the 8th time and Jared’s phone was turned off, it was obvious that he didn’t want to take her calls. In few minutes, She flagged down a taxi, She cried all through the drive home



It was so hard for her to let go of her past. The worst part of it all was that she made Jared pay for Keith’s betrayal. She felt so bad and cried even more


On the other hand, Jared was broken and wasn’t thinking straight as he drove home. “God knows that I have good intentions for her, I love her so much but She’s so complicated and I feel so suffocated, it’s better this way” he said to himself. He wanted to do so much for her but she wasn’t giving him any chance to prove his intentions for her. He thought about Beatrice all night and couldn’t sleep well. He really loved her but there’s nothing he could do to save thier relationship as he has done enough already.




Beatrice called Rachael and she told her everything and she was also furious with her, “I can’t get involved, it’s between you and him, I thought you would make my brother happy but you became a problem for him, I know that you are my friend and I love you but Jared is my only brother and I don’t think you are the right person for him” Rachael said angrily and then hanged up.


All through the night, Beatrice accepted that she had a problem and she needed to consult a therapist.




Few days Later, Beatrice went to see a therapist for counseling because she was troubled and at the verge of losing her mind “I can’t keep living this way, I feel so sad, devastated and empty” she said to herself on her way to the therapist office. “I love Jared and he’s worth healing for, he had been there for me but all I did was to push him away from me ” she added.




The drive was a long one and she was lost in thoughts all through the journey. The taxi finally arrived at the location, she registered and then she waited at the reception till it was her turn to see the therapist. “Beatrice! Please the doctor would see you now” the receptionist said. She got up and headed to the therapist office. Immediately she stepped inside the office, the therapist said “You are welcome Beatrice”. Beatrice managed to smile and sat down. The couch was very soft and comfortable and the office was in a form of a study room.



“How are you doing today” the lady therapist asked, “I’m losing my mind ” she replied, “Take a deep breath and relax” the lady added.


Beatrice relaxed and before the lady could speak any further, she burst into tears. “Cry it out and let it all out, if you don’t cry freely, you won’t laugh freely” the therapist said, “the first step to healing is first acknowledging the problem and then the second step is to heal all the pain” she added. When Beatrice was done crying, the therapist asked her to narrate her problem and then Beatrice told the therapist everything.




“Why have you decided to make Jared pay for Keith’s betrayal and are you sure you love him?” The therapist asked, “It was never my intention to hurt Jared, I love him so much and I don’t want to lose him like I loosed Keith” she said sobbing, “are you sure that you are not still in love with Keith? ” The therapist asked, “No, I feel nothing but hatred for him” she replied, “Why?” The therapist asked, “He betrayed me and I will never forgive him” she replied.




The therapist paused for a while and said, “There’s a thin line between love and hatred, you would heal faster if you know exactly how you feel for Keith and Jared, because you are still tied up with your past, you need to let go of all these hard feelings and learn to love and trust again” she advised.




The therapy session lasted for a while and it was time for Beatrice to take her leave. “See you on our next session and please relax and let go of the hard feelings” she said and bid Beatrice goodbye.


As she walked out of the therapist Office and headed straight to the reception, he bumped into a man on the exit door, one look at themselves, they recognized each other.


“Keith?” She said in a low tone


“Beatrice, how are you? “Keith asked politely and she hissed at him and then walked out on him without uttering a word


“Please wait, Beatrice, please don’t go! ” Keith said calmly but Beatrice ignored him and walked away.







To Be Continued



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