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Promise Me – Episode 4

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Episode 4




Beatrice’s Jealousy was borne out of her father’s betrayal and The fact also that her trust was betrayed in her previous relationship with Keith,


“Just because your ex betrayed your love does not mean that I will do the same to you, sometimes you should overlook some certain things like when a girl calls my phone or when I go out without you, I know what I want and you know I love you, your level of insecurities is eating deep into our relationship which will lead to bigger problems, it’s not every girl that calls my phone automatically becomes my girlfriend and i don’t go on a trip to pick up girls but for business , you should learn to trust me, please my love”Jared had pleaded many times.




Beatrice’s Jealousy and her insecurities makes her over possessive and it has a way of indirectly pushing her away from Jared who gets so irritated with her as her insecurities has a way of making her do the unimaginable things like

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going through Jared ‘s phone and whenever Jared was away, she hated it when He doesn’t Reply her texts on time or take her calls, she go crazy when He sees him with any girl.


Beatrice was finding it difficult to take Jared by his words.




Two years into their relationship, One Sunday evening, Jared proposed to her.


“will you marry me? “Jared asked


“Yes, I will… I love you so much” Beatrice entered excitedly


“I love you very much my love, PROMISE ME you will change and that you will learn to trust me and to have faith in our love”Jared said calmly


“I promise, my love” Beatrice promised with pure excitement and happiness written all over her. No doubt she loves Jared more than she had ever loved before.

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She quickly called her friend Rachael that her brother had finally proposed to her.



“I told you that my brother loves you dearly and he won’t break your heart, you should trust him too, please my friend, I’m happy that you would soon become my sister inlaw” Rachael said at the other end of phone excitedly.




With Jared’s marriage proposal and assurance of eternal love, he thought she will change, until some things began to seem worst


As time went on, Beatrice noticed that Jared always took secret trips and he had changed all the passwords for his phones. At first she thought it was normal and nothing to worry about, until it became unbearable for her. Whenever she tried to inquire why he changed his phone’s passwords, Jared would tell her that his phone was his private property and that she had no business going through his phone.




Beatrice concluded that he was cheating on her and that’s why he changed his phone’s passwords and take trips without informing her.


“I can’t afford to be betrayed twice, never! I love him so much and if I find out that he is cheating on me, I will kill him and kill myself, no man would make a fool out of me again, no way! “She thought, she had forgotten all about the promise she made to Jared as she is being controlled by her insecurities and jealousy.


Whenever she visited Jared, she was always nosey, she was so nosey that literally she would stop breathing so she could secretly listen to his private phone conversations.




One Saturday morning, Jared had noticed that his relationship with Beatrice was becoming more cold, “it has been a long time since we went on a date, these days all we do is to argue and fight over trivial things, I need to rekindle our relationship by going on a date with Beatrice tonight” He thought and on other hand Beatrice was also thinking about the same thing, but she was unaware that Jared had planned a date specially for her.




Fortunately for Beatrice, her phone rang at around passed 11am. She hurriedly looked to see who was calling and was happy when she discovered that the caller was no other but her fiance Jared



“Hello my love, good morning” Jared greeted, “Hi sweetie, how are you? And how was your night?” Beatrice asked, “It was good” he replied. “I thought you had went on your usual secret trips to met your babes” Beatrice jokingly added and Jared chuckled, “which babes, tell me which girl would be as beautiful as you are?” he asked and Beatrice laughed. “My love, get ready, I’m taking you out tonight” he added


“Really? Wow, I can’t wait to see you!” Beatrice said excitedly




They were both deeply happy that they would be seeing each other’s lovely face . They fixed the time and place where they would be meeting, and finally Jared ended the call. It was a beautiful day indeed for both of them and they couldn’t stop fantasizing about thier date as if it was their first date together.




The set time for their date came and they both arrived at the venue -A fancy new restaurant. They both had a big smile on thier faces as They held hands and walked towards a chair to sit down. “You look gorgeous” Jared complimented as they both sat down. “Awwn, thank you! My love” Beatrice replied blushing.


When they settled down, a waiter came to take their orders, While they both waited for their drinks and meal to come, they engaged in a conversation. Jared told her sweet words and how he couldn’t wait to be officially married to her.


“I can’t wait to call you my wife” Jared said softly and Beatrice chuckled




The night was going well and in few minutes The food and drinks they ordered was served and they ate happily and talked occasionally.


While they ate, Jared’s phone kept ringing but he was ignoring the calls as usual Beatrice had thought other wise but the caller was no other person than Rachael who wanted to tease his brother over the phone because he told her that he will be having a date with her friend Beatrice.



After eating, Jared cleared the bill and they stood up and left. As they walked to the car, they bumped into a very beautiful lady who recognized Jared immediately she looked at him.


“Jared, is that you? Wow! You look so good” The beautiful lady said Smiling to him


“Wow Tessy, it’s nice to see you” Jared Said calmly and they both hugged each other before they could disengage from the hug, Beatrice hissed so loudly and then she walked out on them, Jared knew that he was in trouble, he quickly dismissed Tessy and ran towards Beatrice who ignored him.






To Be Continued

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