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Old Flame – Episode 8

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Episode 8




After that heart felt reconciliation with Frederick, Evelyn began to feel happy again, the sparkle that has left her face returned, You know that little twinkle that pops when you smile–it’s was gone but after the reconciliation with her husband it returned.


In no time, Bryan began to improve, the young boy was excited within him, each time he sees his parents together.


Little by little, he began to talk, sit and even fed himself.


Frederick and Evelyn were so glad.




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When they visited the hospital for Bryan’s regularly scheduled check up, the Doctor was surprised that Bryan’s recovery was happening too quickly


“Wow, Whatever you guys are doing for Bryan, please keep doing it because it’s working, your son will recover so quickly if you continue like this” The doctor had said in excitement.




One afternoon, Frederick was at work, Gianna was at school and Evelyn was at home with Bryan, she was reading a book to her son, Bryan who was listening attentively.


It was almost 3:00pm and Gianna would be back in few minutes, Mabel had volunteered to help Evelyn with Gianna, Mabel picks up Gianna from school and brings her home to Evelyn every school day.


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Evelyn and Bryan were expecting Them and when the door bell rang, they thought they had arrived.


“Mom…. Gigi and aunt Mabel… Is here” Bryan stammered


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“Yes, let me get the door”Evelyn said as she walked to the door.


When she opened the door, She lost words when she saw who was standing at the door.




She was dumb for few minutes before she got her voice back.


“Roland, why are you here?” She asked. Roland ignored the question and walked into the living room and walked straight to where Bryan was sitting.


“Big boy, how are you feeling” Roland asked Bryan, The young boy reminisced about the first day he had met uncle Roland and how he took them to an eatery and Evelyn his mother had introduced him as her old school mate, Bryan recalled how his father felt the day he mentioned his name in the kitchen, the child thought of how he would visit them at Aunt Mabel’s house when His parents got separated.


“Mom would leave my daddy again, if my mother becomes friends with uncle Roland again, oh God, please don’t let my mom and uncle Roland be friends again, please God” Bryan thought.




“Bryan how are you feeling?” Roland said and Bryan gave him a weird stare.


“Roland what are you doing here?” Evelyn chipped in


“I came to see how you and your son is doing?”Roland said


“We are fine, thank you ” Evelyn responded


“Yes, I can see that, you have even returned to your husband despite everything he did to hurt you, I never knew you could leave me so easily, despite how much we love each other” Roland said calmly and Evelyn stared at him speechlessly.




“I know we all got emotional and we thought only about Bryan, When I saw the awful state you and your son was, I even vowed to disappear from your life when God heals you both but now I understand that I was just being emotional then and I said things that would be impossible for me to do, I can’t leave with out you, I want you back in life, I’m here with a suggestion, if the divorce proceedings pull



through, I will suggest you leave your children with thier father, they are better off with him than you” Roland added, Those words got Evelyn mad and she reacted.


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“all divorce proceedings had been cancelled, Roland I’m not leaving my children or my husband, they are my world and I love them so much, I don’t know what happened to me when you reappeared into my life, I guess it was because I was vulnerable and my marriage was vulnerable too but right now, I know how I’m feeling and I know that I don’t want you anymore, go back to your wife and children. Go and reconcile with them, your spouse and children should be your top priority, I’m sorry I lead you on but I have come to realize that I don’t love you, yes I once did but not anymore, I love my family and I’m never going to leave them ever again” Evelyn said calmly and Roland walked out in tears.




Evelyn and Frederick’s relationship


Was not improving, They kept treating each other so casually, they had forgiven each other but was finding it hard to forget all the wrong they committed against each other. Frederick couldn’t live with the fact that another man had touched Evelyn, his wife.


And Evelyn had not forgotten about Frederick philandering lifestyle and the worst was he lived with his lover for one year in thier matrimonial home.




But in all these, they both felt guilty and they battled with themselves everyday to erase the guilt they felt.


They had sleepless nights trying to find out why they felt guilty until the answer they sought dawned on them. They finally realized how wrong they had been. “two wrongs can’t make a right and the only way their marriage can work is if they avoid throwing blames at each other and forgive each other wholeheartedly.




“i supposed to be your strength when you are weak and also pull you up when you fall. I feel betrayed and hurt by what you did that is going back to your ex, although I pushed you into his arms and I’m sorry, I have come to realize that we are both human and we are bound to make mistakes. It takes two to tangle, so for



this marriage to work again, the both of us would have to want it to work; we have to work like a team, Evelyn, I still love you and would always love you, And I promise I will never be unfaithful to you again, I have learnt my lesson and I will never hurt you ever again” Frederick had told Evelyn one evening after dinner.

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Evelyn couldn’t believe that her husband still loves him after everything that had happened between them. For a moment, she thought it was all a dream and was waiting for someone to wake her up. she never believed her husband, a chronic womanizer would ever promise to change because she saw in his eyes that he meant every word he had said.




To Be Continued

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