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Old Flame – Episode 6

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Episode 6




Roland got up from the waiting room and headed straight to where he had parked his car, he was exhausted, him and Frederick barely slept last night, they were worried sick about Evelyn and Bryan.


When Roland got to his car, he burst into tears,


“Please Lord, Forgive me for coming between Evelyn and her husband, I was so selfish, Please Lord I have never asked you for anything but I want you Lord to heal Evelyn and her son, please Lord” Roland muttered in tears.




He felt more guilty, when he remembered how glad he was when Evelyn told him that she would divorce her husband and how he was desperately waiting for thier divorce to pull through so he could marry Evelyn.


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“I didn’t even think about Bryan and Gianna, her children, what was I thinking, oh Lord God, what have i done” Roland thought, He drove off heading home in tears, He vowed to disappear from Evelyn’s life, if God heals Evelyn and her son.



Few weeks Later, Evelyn was brought before a psychologist and with her weird behavior, it was obvious that she was losing her mind.


“Good morning Mrs Evelyn, How are you today?” The psychologist said and Evelyn was just staring at her.


“Why are you here?” The psychologist added


“I don’t know, please hurry up, I have to go and pick my children from school” Evelyn said and the doctor smiled as she understood what was happening to Evelyn.




“But your children did not go to school today, Bryan is here at the hospital because he had an accident few weeks ago and Gianna is home with your relative” The doctor said and stared at her for a while and continued.


“You have to deal with your present, accept your mistakes and move forward, What happened to your son is completely not your fault, you and Your husband have the responsibility to look out for your children but you were both vengeful towards each other”

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Hot tears rolled down from Evelyn’s eyes. It was obvious that the therapy session was working already on her already.


“how do you know so much about my life, my children are at school and I need to pick them up, My Bryan is fine and healthy, He is at school with his sister, Gianna” Evelyn said in tears




“Evelyn, Face your reality, nothing is impossible when we believe, I want you to believe that your son will be well again, learn from your mistakes and correct your wrongs. Life is offering you a second chance to correct your wrongs, now is the time to tackle your problems, Bryan needs a healthy mother, don’t fail your son again” The doctor said and ended the session.



Evelyn came back for more sessions with the Psycologist and in few weeks she jacked back to reality and accepted what has happened to her son Bryan but she always cried and prayed for Bryan’s speedy recovery.




One of the hardest things about being a doctor is seeing the grief of parents as their child suffers from one ailment or injury,especially a traumatic brain injury (TBI) like in the case of Bryan, The boy had been in the hospital for close to 2 months and the medical bills was one of the least thing that was bothering Frederick and Evelyn.




Frederick and Evelyn had started to treat each other like they were new friends, They had set aside thier differences, Everyday at the hospital, they surfed the internet and they read online all those written articles about childhood brain injuries, they Always got scared each time they read about how such injuries affects a child’s cognitive function, IQ and behavior.


They always prayed for a miracle.




The worst was that the doctor had told them the same thing. Bryan may suffer even more dire consequences to his ability to learn and that may affect how well he achieve throughout his lifetime.


“Lord please heal my son” The estranged couple had prayed ceaselessly for two months.



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Many medical tests were run on Bryan to see the intensity of the injury, he sustained in his brain.


“The main reason for this tests is to know if the injury your son sustained was mild, moderate or severe so we could act fast” The Doctor had told them.


Of course the test was so expensive but the desperate parents doesn’t mind, anything for Bryan at that moment was worth it.




To Be Continued

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