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Old Flame – Episode 10

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Episode 10




(Final Episode)




One fateful night, Evelyn and Frederick were awake talking about how far they had come and how they were happy for not giving up on their marriage. That night they renewed thier wedding vows and promised to be faithful and loyal to each other.




That night they also reaffirm thier love for each other and also renew thier commitments.


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They promised to love each other without conditions, To be there for one another through thick and thin, Evelyn was overwhelmed with pure joy when Frederick promised to have eyes for only her and no one else and be the best man he can be for her and Evelyn promised to always put her husband first in all that she do and be a good wife to him.


” I love you today and forever” The couple told each other and kissed.




From that day thier marriage took a good direction but Bryan’s abnormalities caused by the brain injury was always present to remind them of thier past wrongs doings.




Marriage is beautiful, but only when protected.




Most marriages failure starts when husband or wife neglects each other. When a man neglects his wife, it is like a farmer who neglects his farming land. Giving room for trespassers and wanderers to cultivate the land and do as they wish. In marriage terms, I will describe this as the husband and wife failure to form a bond.


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The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to be tied in a ‘marriage’, as a stranger to whom they call wife or husband, someone with whom they share no deep connection..Just living with, having sex, making babies, paying bills, being seeing in same outfits, walking together but has no shared deep and rooted emotional and spiritual connections. Women especially are very vulnerable in this situation. Unlike men that may find it easier to have sex outside of their marriage for the fun of it, women are most likely to form bonds and emotional attachment when they sleep with another man other than their lawful husband. Arguably, a woman requires a deeper sense of emotional connection for her submit herself into allowing another man defile her, especially if she already has a formed emotional and spiritual connection with real marriage.




And once that happened, the communication process will be affected… because with love and trust, it’s just impossible to serve another master. And whenever there is a breakdown in communication, the doors of deception will open itself to let in intruders. As you may know, humans are not designed to live in isolation. It is possible for people to live successfully and peacefully together under the same roof without talking to one another, but it’s just not possible for people to remain as one-in-love, as husband and wife who are successfully and peacefully married without communication.




Hence I say, don’t take for granted the love you share with your spouse by undermining your spouse and daring what he/she could do or not do. No human is immune to temptation, what varies is our resistance and what triggers every human to fall differs from time to time.



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The fact that you met your wife as a virgin does not mean she won’t sleep with another man if she feels unwanted by you. The fact that your husband is a fire brand Pastor does not mean he cannot fall as prey to that church sister if he’s denied the respect and attention needed at home. Believers and unbelievers alike, we are all open to temptations.




None of us is strong enough. No! not when we intentionally open our lives to temptations. No goat or dog will break a fence to eat from your farm land if you take the right precaution to deter them. It is true that some people will always be dog regardless of how well they are treated, but at least you’ll be confident you are doing your very best to uphold your covenant, your vow… and come what may, it will always be well with you. Whoever breaks the fence; is who the serpent will bite. Always do your best to ensure your marriage and home stay protected. That’s your calling in marriage, that’s your vow.




Flew from all manner of temptation and stay faithful to your partner.


Being faithful to the person you’re dating or married to isn’t a favor to them, but an integrity to yourself as an individual.


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Why cheat on someone you don’t want to lose with Someone you don’t want.




Being someone’s first love may be great but to be their last is priceless.



Being pretty won’t keep a man, going through his phone won’t keep him either, in fact it will cause more problems, The only thing that will keep a man is a man that wants to be kept.




The End

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